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  1. I was a bartender at a couple of strip clubs and would never do it again. First one was soul-crushing and the second one made me miss the first one.
  2. You’re obviously not friends with Warhorse like the rest of us.
  3. It feels like this Cole/McAfee angle is a holding pattern for Cole. Moving him up now would be difficult as Cole really needs a crowd to work off.
  4. I’m surprised at the number of people who weren’t aware of/have not used “bubble” until this year.
  5. Great reply for “Best Game Shows. Whatcha Got?” thread.
  6. You should cut that list in half...and half again. /Tanner
  7. I stay in a hotel weekly and have never felt any risk. My complaint is the hotel cut back on their rewards. 😡 I did get upgraded to Super Duper Supreme Aristocracy Elite level for life plus a day as a thank you for being part of essential service so I’m expecting an extra towel one of these visits.
  8. He admitted he has a lot to learn about the issue.