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  1. I am choosing to wait to see how it plays out. It could very well be nothing but Joe has already been caught lying about it so it appears like he is hiding something.
  2. bogus Hunter Biden story . Glad you have all the answers as always. Unfortunately with your track record it means Joe is as good as sacked.
  3. Exactly. Furthermore would the national media refuse to cover this story if this was Don Jr's laptop? The hypocrisy is off the charts. Especially after the lying Adam Schiff Russiagate nonsense.
  4. Please run the clock out Arizona. This is disgusting
  5. Tempted to grab Buffalo for next week but I would have to drop Minshew my back up QB
  6. Loving my backfield of Mattison and Mostert right now.
  7. Mostert TD here please. Reward your workhorse don't try and get cute.
  8. The direct testimony from the whistleblower Vindman was just his biased opinion as we all saw the released transcript which showed nothing was wrong.
  9. Well there was no evidence that Trump did anything wrong with Ukraine but that didn't stop the Democrats from impeaching him. Thanks for answering the question. I appreciate the honesty. I would venture to guess most Democrats would do the same thing. However, It is my opinion Trump is far more competent than Biden and it is very alarming for me to read other people who don't see this as well.
  10. I am very interested if Joe Biden lied to us about his involvement with Burisma when he was Vice President. Are you so against Trump that you would vote for a corrupt politician if it is proven Joe Biden did illegal things?