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  1. No, both Russia and Ukraine were pure partisan failures by the Dems. Dems got hoodwinked by Adam Schiff and fell flat on their face because of it.
  2. Pelosi chooses to show her horrid partisanship again. Such a horrible person she is in a crisis. Crazy the rhetoric she spews out in the middle of a Pandemic. She is an embarrassment.
  3. If Trump opens everything up on Easter against medical experts advice you have a point. Until then, your post means nothing.
  4. Let us get better prepared and slowed the spread.
  5. 60% of people approve how Trump is handling the coronavirus. You guys are in the minority.
  6. Conspiracies fall squarely on the Dems these days. Russia and Ukraine were big conspiracy theories that blew up in the Dems face. Trump has been outstanding and we are lucky to have him.
  7. Thanks. This has been debated on here quite a bit. Trump did not call the virus a hoax. He called the media politicizing the virus like it was his fault a hoax. Nevertheless, we both want this virus beat and I feel confident with folks like Faucci advising Trump it will be soon.
  8. Thanks Otis. I meant to post those in here. Yes, Trump along with the majority of Americans including me did not foresee this virus as being as serious as it is. However, him blocking travel from China right away was tremendous and prevented this from spreading rapidly in the U.S. and saved lives. He did not call the virus a hoax. Full stop. He called the media politicizing it a hoax. Many of you in here have spoken highly of Dr. Fauchi and Trump has relied on these medical experts. Having daily task force press conferences has been great and show they are on top of it. Being optimistic and saying Easter doesn't mean he will open everything up as normal on Easter. He will rely on medical experts. We can't continue this path of shutting down the economy for very long or it will cause more death than the virus. I don't envy the decisions Trump will have to make going forward but he has a track record of great decisions and policies so I place full trust in him. He has been an outstanding President.
  9. It looks like the quick action by Trump of social distancing is working. Let's hope warmer weather slows this virus and we quickly find a vaccine or way to treat it.
  10. Guessing he is on timeout. He is very condescending and causes a lot of unnecessary trouble.