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  1. Decided to drop in here and give my opinion on Harris. Huge mistake by Biden. I was going to vote for Biden if he chose Rice but now I am going to support Trump. As a black man, I have been disgusted that Biden has been so disrespectful to blacks lately with his comments. You have to earn people's vote and not just expect it.
  2. Interesting looking back at this thread in late February/early March. I will be the first to admit I was wrong about the coronavirus leading us into a recession. Shutting down the economy will do that and I didn't see that coming. However, The S&P 500 is now flat for the year so my prediction that 2020 will be positive is still looking good.
  3. Well, I am not in the base and I am disgusted in Antifa and the fuel they have given these riots. I fully support the protest and like everyone was disgusted by the death of Floyd. As an African American we need better training for the police as this happens far too often. I was leaning towards voting for Biden but the politicization by the left has switched my vote to Trump. I believe he is our best bet for an economic recovery and the jobs number today only reinforces my view.
  4. I agree with some of what you are saying but Fantasycurse from what I recall has a history of poo pooing others ideas so it was ironic to see him call out Warrior.
  5. To be fair, it isn't very hard to find posts in the stock thread that Fantasycurse was wrong about. He was horribly early on his recession calls on a recession that was self induced due to a pandemic.
  6. As a black guy I concur. I was considering voting for Biden but no chance now. Trump 2020.
  7. extra cool? Haven't been around here lately but has it gotten worse recently?
  8. No. Not all will be ready on May 1st. I think all will be ready for start of phase 1 by end of May.
  9. Looking forward to phase 1 and the start to getting the economy opened up again. Very encouraging numbers lately here in the United States leads me to believe all 50 states will at least be in phase 1 in May.
  10. I can't imagine anything more anti-American than not wanting to open up the economy against the leading medical experts advice. Social distancing will continue for sure but we will beat this virus.
  11. Saving lives is a horrible human being? Weird way of looking at things.
  12. Nope that was me. I just wanted to be clear on what I should do if I see anti-Trump posts in the virus FFA thread. If I rebutted them it seems I will get suspended, I guess reporting them is correct if you guys are in fact suspending them as well. Thanks.
  13. It certainly appears that way to me. I pointed out some anti-Trump political posts in the virus FFA after I got back from suspension and as far as I can tell he ignored me and didn't suspend the anti-Trump posters. This is crazy. At least be honest about it and say no pro Trump posts in FFA allowed. Don't say no political posts allowed if you never punish the anti-Trump posters.
  14. This Squistion guy is allowed to troll the Trump thread non stop looking for reactions with no ban yet I got banned for a week for one post in the Virus FFA thread showing support of Trump. Mind you, the hundreds of people who attacked Trump in the FFA thread just got a warning, some guy named Clayton Gray decided my post was over the line and that we "had been warned."