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  1. Here is my “Don’t Pass” line take. Taken at face value the drug is curing cancer with no side effects. Yeah this is kind of a big deal. So what are we missing? As I shared earlier Merck is spending billions on 1000+ clinical trials and printing $ as a result. If this is a cant miss type of deal, there is no reason to be farting around with their small scale trial. CYDY would have plenty of money at their disposal and they could hit this hard (with top talent) and not leave billions on the table.
  2. CYDY is going to move on news specific to PRO140, positive or negative. The thing is CYDY doesn’t share negative news so the only way for the stock to go is up!!
  3. To think that a virtual company like CYDY can compete with Gilead and J&J seems far fetched. Big pharma can put 100s of people on these projects. For CYDY to win their drug would need to be vastly superior in efficacy.
  4. Oh man, what did I get myself into sharing my opinion on this stock? I’m basically playing the “Don’t Pass” line on the craps table, being that $#@&-head!! Chet there is logic behind this reasoning. What I would say to this is all the drugs which fail in the clinic have a very good to great story behind them, you just don’t hear about them. There is already an approved CCR5 drug on the market, Maraviroc, any idea if this drug is being considered for corona virus? Maraviroc Is a small molecule drug , I’d need to investigate if this makes a difference. But basically we can tell ourselves the same story about Maraviroc. Seems to be the current front runner, Gilead market cap was up $4 billion today in the way down market. I’ve read theIr clinical trial in progress includes hundreds of patients. There are practical considerations as well. Could CYDY even meet the demand for the drug? No way they could charge what they are planning for HIV.
  5. I had corrected my post to indicate that PRO140 would not be commercialized for cancer in 2020, in opposition to the 30 days mentioned in that PR article. The bar for getting cancer drugs approved used to be quite low, but still much higher than the few data points provided by CYDY. As there are currently more options available for cancer, the bar is for approval is rising. I’m not an expert in this area, but I don’t believe the CYCY basket trial will lead to approval of the drug for any indication either, only potential identify future targets.
  6. Great reference here. So my assumption is that combination therapy mean the majority or all of current HAART drugs are continued along with PRO140. Do you have a different understanding? In that case I wouldn’t expect any side effect advantage. The extra cost and addition of of the weekly shot will be barriers to more widespread adoption of PRO140. Monotherapy is a different story, but I haven’t seen a plan for commercializatio from CYDY. If I understand correctly, mono therapy has only been trialed in patients who already have a low viral load from HAART.
  7. Yeah, I get it, my last paragraph is vague. I’m treading lightly. I’ve mentioned my work experience
  8. So here is my understanding of the situation: HAART is the standard of care, and is recognized as safe. As you indicate we are discussing the drug’s use for combination therapy. The drug’s trial was specifically geared towards patients with resistances, limiting the number of potential patients, CYDY has acknowledged this. CYDY expects to charge a significant premium for their drug, so payers are not going to be excited to switch patients to this drug unless there are no other options. It’s worth noting that a typical HIV patient isn’t able to pull out their credit card to pay their copay, they are taking what the Medicaid formulary calls for. Your points may be all true, but PRO140 is not expected to take a large portion of the market for combination therapy. I’m told new therapies must be be both cost competitive and incorporate PREP to change the market. I’m aware of two phase III trials for this type of therapy, but I’d rather not get into details.
  9. I find the CYDY story and it’s drug intriguing. It is true there are near term catalysts to cause the stock to rise. It will be interesting to follow this over the next few months. Longer term, I would caution that even an efficacious drug can struggle with FDA approval and significant sales are not guaranteed. New treatments for HIV and PREP are under development, and cost competitiveness is a factor.
  10. I edited my post above regarding approval of cancer indications and sales.
  11. Yes. I’ve mentioned this before, I’ve been a subscriber to this site for some time. Lurking on this thread, I investigated CYDY with interest to invest like I’m sure others have and came to a different conclusion. I’ve worked for big Pharma drug development for 25+ years and thought I would share my insights. So my “axe” is to have an interesting discussion and put my thoughts on the record, just like everyone else who contributes. Also, I find the discussion here more nuanced than a typical stock board. I’ve been around the ffa long enough to know about a guy who disappeared after a bet on the 2016 election.
  12. Ok. I think it’s important to note the article linked by Chet was paid for by CytoDyn. Here is medicalnews1 pricing CytoDyn has several of these arrangements, clearly promoting the stock is important to their business model. Regarding cancer, note all the excitement is over a few early results, which Culper covers well in their report. Here is the competition : Note this was success for mTBC, with 800+ patient enrollment. Also note the 1000+ ongoing clinical trial for Keytruda, vs CytoDyn’s single trial. The statement in the article that cancer treatment is changing in 30 day is 100% ridiculous. While I don’t think CytoDyn will sell any product at all in 2020, there is virtually zero chance they will commercialize for cancer in 2020. The Coronavirus indication is a complete non starter. A quick google anyone can see many realistic candidates being investigated/trialed, none are cytodyn’s option. Viewing the CytoDyn video attached to this page, I noticed the CEO mentioned HIV was the top indication for the drug. He is right. I think the upside is detailed in the Culper report. I have some insight on the upcoming competition in this market. Fire away with comments, questions, and criticism.
  13. Good luck to the CYDY longs. While I have no position in the stock, I remain highly skeptical of the company’s long term outlook. I’ll share some of my reasons if there is interest.
  14. So much news/drama for this tiny company in a single day. I’m really interested to see how this plays out.