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  1. I think it’s incompetence. Developing a drug and navigating the approval process is very hard. The CEO has never done this and instead is a “salesman”. This is pretty telling in my opinion.
  2. Porges wrote, “It is likely that the treatment benefit from remdesivir will increase in the real world once the lessons of this trial and other studies are incorporated into routine treatment practices.”
  3. I posted this yesterday, I guess you didn’t open the link? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Because retrospective trials have indicated efficacy. It’s being used off label for months. and the U.K. government has decided it was worth studying are 3 reasons
  5. 800 patients enrolled phase 3, UK government sponsored trial
  6. While I’m optimistic on Tocilizumab’s as a Covid treatment, I’m pretty sure when Dr Fauci speaks of them he is referring to novel Anti-Viral Antibodies, such as those under development by Regeneron.
  7. Forgot to address the whyatt/Chet connection. This is actually very awesome and I remember the movie “Weird Science”. Sadly its not the source but I could appropriate it. In reality, I’m a Jet fan. The Wyatt story came out not long before I created the username. Seemed like a reasonable option. Wyatt was taken though, so I added the H.
  8. This is interesting, thanks. I’ll see what I can find out on this
  9. Approved CCR5 drug Maraviroc not studied for Covid Dr. Patterson’s “Rantes” paper getting no traction CEO stock sale plus Moving the goalposts on phase 2b/3 severe interim Analysis No government funding No big pharma partner Underwhelming distribution deal Previous track record of missing Deadlines - BLA submission Over the top stock promotion and shady Connections
  10. Hundreds of patients getting steroids and Tocilizumab outside of a clinical trial. Looks like it worked pretty well in this study.
  11. Good question. The PDUFA date will be somewhat informative. FDA doesn’t really care about commercial success, what they care about is in this link. cytodyn likely petitioned the FDA on this dimension: evidence of safety and effectiveness in a new subpopulation.
  12. Right now mono therapy isn’t even a consideration, only the combo therapy. So no advantage there. I’ve mentioned this before new therapies are coming. They are a functional cure. These will be pushed to eliminate HIV.
  13. I subscribe to football guys, for years. Pretty good site. Never made a posting account. I enjoyed the welching thread from the trump election. For some reason I thought I could add to the discussion here about CYDY. It was an interesting tip here, then I did my own DD. I thought I could add to the discussion. My posts are all available to read. As it ended up I don’t think I convinced anyone and instead have a following of hate. Oops.
  14. I’ve mentioned I support drug development, supply chain, tech transfer for a competitor in the HIV space. I need to leave it at that, sorry about that.
  15. I’m not up on these contracts, but the deal appears underwhelming to me, and doesn’t match the billions of sales that were previously suggested. HIV - very negative. cancer - long road needs help at one time I thought Covid could be a thing for CYDY, but the red flags kept flying.