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  1. Aren't you the mountain man? I'm expecting you to bust out some crazy 1000 ft. drop course that you livestream.
  2. I was looking at the spreadsheet yesterday, and it sort of feels like the opposite of the 10k - it's definitely not over and I expect our speedsters to crush it, but a lot of things need to break Team Juxt's way from here to make this close. Very impressive start from the Grues.
  3. If it lasts until the fall/winter you could have some culture shock amusement. A few years back I had to go to the Ventura area monthly and the looks you get running in shorts and a tee shirt when it's 55 degrees out are pretty hilarious.
  4. I am not a lawyer so I'm sure there are repercussions that I'm not considering, but the way qualified immunity is applied in some instances is appalling. Government official does something outrageous, taxpayers end up paying millions in legal fees and fines, and the official gets put on administrative leave and given their job back when it's all over. Reason mag does a good job of cataloging some of the more egregious cases.
  5. I think I know where juxt coming from, though. Skipping runs or cutting them short pretty much never happens for me, but when it comes to stretching, rolling, and rehab stuff I am the absolute worst.
  6. What puzzles and saddens me is that in contrast to, for example, the Trayvon Martin case, there don't even appear to be two sides opposing each other on the issue. I haven't heard anyone actually defend the cops in the initial incident. It seems everyone is on more or less the same page, and yet somehow it has led to mayhem? I get that there's a whole history and we need to think of it in light of that, but it all seems so senseless and counterproductive.
  7. Thanks. Too bad you're 1000+ miles away, as I would love to see what a talented runner like yourself would do on a course this favorable vs. the bridge course that you had to use.
  8. Yeah, the experience was more of a test of leg strength and coordination than anything. Honestly, I think for my running style probably more around 300 would be a sweet spot - I felt like I couldn't completely open up my stride because I was worried about getting over my skis. On fresher legs and with a more aggressive approach I could probably shave a bit off (stark contrast to yesterday, where I maybe left two or three seconds out there).
  9. So I did phase 2 of the mile today : Operation Downhill. As I mentioned before, I had some decent downhill mile options within running distance of my house, but when I saw what some of the others were doing I knew I needed to bring in the big guns. I scouted out a nice hilly road near the track I used for the 5K and did the recon last Saturday. Almost dead steady grade, minimal traffic, and while there was no paved shoulder it had a grass shoulder throughout so I could jump into the grass if I had to due to traffic - definitely a winner. Had the family drop me off at near the top and warmed up for about 10 minutes to get the legs loose. I was confident the grade would allow me to beat yesterday's time but really didn't have a goal - the plan was to run controlled and smooth and just let gravity do most of the work. Fired up Swamp Song again (hopefully finish before it's done this time) with the volume way down to hear traffic, took off at a firm pace. Saw I was around 5:10-5:15 and it felt sustainable with the hill, let's go with that. Bit of the suck around 1/4 mile, but nothing like yesterday's effort. Had to jump into the grass twice as cars approached and avoid a cyclist trying to slowly climb the hill, but all in all uneventful. Definitely good course selection - I think Bass would definitely approve. Strava gives splits of 2:36 and 2:38 for 5:14.
  10. Ha - good question. Actually the timing was pretty much perfect - I was just making the final turn as the song ended. Trying to recreate my oxygen-deprived stream of consciousness after that point, it was something like "Hey there's the finish line - push to that! Man I could go for a gianmarco at that finish line. Eh, maybe not - probably unnecessary. Hey it's the lady on the bike from before, hope she knows I wasn't peeing... Don't stop the watch early or you'll get DQ'd, but not too late or they'll make you count the extra seconds... and done"
  11. FBG 1M attempt #3 #1 Race Report Pre-Race So, as I mentioned I wanted to do both a "real" mile and a mile that would maximally help the team. I wanted to do the real one first, because like probably a lot of you, I have some number goals that I want to hit during my running career. Sub 20 5K was my focus a few years back, and I hope to hit sub 1:30 for the half in the next two years. Sub 6:00 for the mile is also on the list, although I was assuming it would happen naturally and have not focused on it. I have tried a few impromptu time trials during regular runs over the years and had come as close as 6:03. I did a hard mile right when the one mile window opened and the wind was favorable, but the course not really and legs weren't fully recovered from the 10K and came in at 6:06. I did another hard mile on the track last Saturday (6:10), but that was after 7 miles that included running up a hill I am considering for my "schticky" route. I decided today to make an effort in earnest at a path that I run fairly frequently. The wind would be neutral to favorable, elevation is favorable, but close enough to flat that I would have no qualms about counting it as a legit PR. The biggest things I like about this route are that it is asphalt in excellent shape, no one else seems to use it, and it doesn't cross any roads at all. So, no worries about people or traffic or where my feet will land - just give it hell. Slept in per my usual Saturday routine, ate breakfast. While digesting I needed to decide on music. I have never raced with music but given the solitude and the course it felt like the right call. I wanted something angry with a climax and around 5:45. Settled on Swamp Song - 5:31 so a little short, but nice driving beat, angry finish, and being repeatedly called a "dumb ***" seemed like the right mood for the race. Had two espressos which should put me at about 250mg. Took care of an unexpected bear visit, waited a few minutes then jogged towards the course with a few strides mixed in. Ran the course in reverse so I would know where things were, ended up with a start at a different spot than I was anticipating - oops. Decided since my warmup was almost 4 miles and it's fairly warm that I would walk in the shade for 5-10 minutes before starting. Adjusted my belt to make sure things wouldn't flop around during the race, then a woman on a bike came by just as I was finishing fiddling with my shirt and waistline - I'm sure she thought I had been urinating in the trees Race Started out hard with the downhill - in the 5:35 range. A little bit in, legs felt drained of all blood, felt a little weak - had my one thought of bailing. Looked down and saw 0.28 and thought okay, more than a quarter done, jshare said it sucked here and gutted it out, I should emulate jshare. Approached the halfway point, definitely thinking about the other guys killing it in here as I tried to keep my legs turning. Passed halfway at 2:50, wind is now a crosswind and it's a slight uphill - thinking just hold 6:00 pace until you get to the slight downhill. Managed to hold it, but didn't really speed up at all when the uphill turned to downhill. Feel like my mental game is a little weak at the last .1 of any races. Unless there's someone trying to run me down I have a hard time spurring myself to that last burst. Need to get better at that, but I at least held the 6:00 even pace. Garmin/Strava differ by a few seconds, but Strava says mile PR of 5:50 and that seems like the official FBG metric so we'll go with that. Glad to get the sub-6:00 checked off, and a decent enough time that I feel like I'm contributing to team beanpole juxt. Hope to take some time off before the end of the window on a more favorable route, but this is the one I'll consider my true PR for now. And now it is hammock time.
  12. Yeah a lot of times these questions are hard to parse. I went 1/3 and 1/2, respectively, because in the first case I think it is the same as asking what percentage of families with at least 1 girl have 2 girls. Whereas by specifying a gender-specific name you are basically asking what percentage of the girls have a sister. If you allowed the sisters to have the same names, I believe the second answer would be slightly above 1/2, depending on the popularity of Karen as a girl's name.
  13. Best of luck Gian and Alex. Our son's doctor was concerned that he had a leaky valve at one of his checkups, which from what I read is not uncommon during puberty. He had some tests a few months ago and they now say he has an "innocent" heart murmur which hopefully means everything is in the clear. Heart stuff is always scary and as a parent you feel so helpless wondering if something is wrong with your kids.