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  1. It is somewhat fascinating. I saw he had a roundtable last week with scientists, but it looked like they were all scientists who were supporters of the Sweden approach. So, it seems like he has gone all-in the idea that letting it spread with the younger, healthier crowd is better in the long run. It's going to make him either a villain or a hero, or I guess more likely, a villain to some and a hero to others.
  2. Ran my 5K this morning. Wanted to do this, but wanted to do it for "real" rather than just checking the box and making it a training run. Between schedule and niggles, was concerned, but blah blah stop making excuses. Treated it as a real race where I could pick the course and wear headphones. Went decent - weather was meh, 60s and drizzle, which turned into a semi-downpour for the last 1/2 mile, but I gave it what I had. Stopped watch at 20:15, though if you look at the 3.11 point it was 20:12. Would have liked to be under 20, but for a race with no spectators or competitors, and not having done any speedwork since the FBG mile, I suppose I need to be realistic.
  3. I guess the shark move would be to do the gian/grue thing, where you lead me to a PR while attempting to murder me via asphyxiation.
  4. I second at least a little bit of flexibility. I am probably driving out to MAC-land to pick up the daughter from college that weekend, so timing could be dicey for me.
  5. Right, and I thought the prediction idea might be a fun way for those who can't or would rather not run 13.1 miles to participate. Maybe it doesn't fit into wraith5's training schedule, but he would like to follow along. So, he sees Zasada is participating, and has to make a prediction. Well, Zasada runs a lot of miles, so no issues there. But, he's treating it as a training run, so knowing him he might spend 6 hours the previous day climbing mountains, so that would so slow him down some. But on the other hand, maybe he can't resist the urge to push a bit and treat it more as a tempo. But, 13 miles is a long time to sustain an effort with no crowd or other racers. What to do, what time to predict... It all comes down to how well you.............Know Your BMF (working title)
  6. Have a proposal for the @ChiefD virtual half marathon - a competition where no one has to root against a fellow runner: Know Your BMF (working title): For those interested, you send via PM your best guess for the finishing time of each individual running the 13.1. We'll leave predictions open for a designated 24-48 hour window, and then put them all in a spreadsheet once the window closes, so it will be like a blind bid. For each runner that finishes, those whose guesses are closest to their finishing time get points. Most points wins.
  7. I don't necessarily disagree with the logic of what you rolled out here in that we may be at a tipping point. That being said, a decent chunk on the left has been declaring a similar sentiment for every seat that comes up during a Republican administration, so there are definitely people that are jaded by the overwrought language of the past. Also, speaking of overwrought, was informed that one of our neighbor's college kids wants to get an IUD now since birth control will be illegal when RBG gets replaced. I mean, how do you respond to such insanity?
  8. I had the same limit I may hold longer as I'm trying to limit taxable gains this year, but if it goes nuts I'll probably take the profits.
  9. Same thing happened to me - missed the dip due to work. I now have a limit order in, but it doesn't look like it will hit as it's been drifting up for the last hour.
  10. Right. Up until the last decade or so. But it's become less true with every election as the Democrats have focused on it as a way to guarantee voters actually vote. We have multiple registrations in my house and the amount of literature we get from the D side on absentee voting is insane.
  11. I agree. My point was I don't believe that this is a new development. I agree it will probably be more pronounced this year due to Covid-19.
  12. Are you sure about this Tim? I think this was only true back when you had to specify a reason to have an absentee ballot. In 2016, there was talk of the Hillary campaign being really confident in NC and FL because they were vastly exceeding their targets for Democrat absentee ballots that had been sent in before the election, but then Trump won the in-person vote by a large amount in those states. Edit, maybe I'm conflating early with absentee, but the point is the mail votes and the election day votes may be from different demographics. There were lots of stories like this one four years ago
  13. Interesting article, although I find it odd that he spends so much time talking about the rural aspect, when the whole thing can be explained by ranking the states by partisanship as he does later in the article. It does show that given the geographic breakdown, the Democrats have actually performed quite well in the Senate over the last few decades. They've done a better job of holding on to seats in opposite party states than the Republicans have. The fact that they have held on to Manchin's seat is astounding. The weird thing about the Senate makeup is that the 3 groups of rotating seats have been out of balance for a while. The Dems have overperformed in seats coming up in 2024, as 2006, 2012, and 2018 all were excellent years for them. The 2022 group is kind of the Republican analog, although not as strong (2010 and 2016 being good Republican years). This year's group is the most balanced of the three. Given this, you'd expect that even if the Republicans hold the Senate this year, they'll probably lose it in 2022 (especially if Trump is reelected), but will most likely take it back in 2024.
  14. From my vantage point, this has been the overwhelming theme on the right for the last 4+ years. It's hard to overstate how much disdain there is towards the Republican leadership by a large portion of their base. It seems to me they feel betrayed and feel like their leaders have been running a con game on them, where they give lip service to the base's concerns but make no effort to deliver once in office. I think this more than anything else is the reason that they rallied to Trump. It is also the reason that, contrary to what some people might expect, defection from Trump by people like Romney, Bush, and McCain, rather than make them reconsider their support of Trump, further enrages them and drives them closer to Trump. In their minds, they held their noses and supported milquetoast conservatives year after year, and the minute someone came into office whom the base picked rather than the leadership, the leadership took their ball and went home. That said, the two issues I see where the base and leadership are almost totally aligned are tax cuts and judges, so it seems odd for someone like Schlichter to expect a defection on judges.