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  1. My wife called me last week, Draft Kings is at 25, buy me some. I was like wtf, were did you get on to that from? FBG stock thread. She also followed you all on JPM earlier this week. I haven't had much time to spend here but she's been stalking this thread. Hi Honey.
  2. You were mucking up the thread and I was just fn around half serious. But doesn't matter. You are you.
  3. Nader attacked again by speaking.
  4. I got to get my rig up. Seriously we have numbers?
  5. So everyone owns the crypto I recover, if it's ever comes back plus 1000 cydy less taxes. I will be happy to sell the cydy only for btc. About .30 btc
  6. I pulled up a nano that was is storage for 3 years. Took 12 hours to update and get it where I could use it.
  7. Be aware, the target is moving on forgiveness. I would like to tell you how but constantly changing.