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  1. Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn 23m Eagles end relationship with a young receiver who just had career season in Chip Kelly offense. Some teammates laud move. It's that bad
  2. They basically put the foot on the brake offensively & went prevent defensively. Which is something ill never understand why teams go to that prevent umbrella type def when up big. Most the time teams end up coming back and making a game out of it
  3. I think because Smith was playing well & then gets benched. Might have pissed some fans off because you were handing the team over to a rookie
  4. You can bet Tebow is freaking pissed at this. I can only imagine what was promised to him and his agent when he signed in how he would be used. Didnt get his first complete series until week 15...all cause they coddle the #### out of Sanchez
  5. What did I say...Reid will run the ball like he did for two games then slowly revert back to that pass happy inconsistent running play calling and thats what happened...last 2 games they have shyed away from the run game badl. I actually thought they would use him to protect foles but nope, Reid is going to Reid. Bench the guy from now on if you happen to still be in it
  6. Like i said before, it was only a matter of time until Reid went back to his pass freaking happy no run game offense...Foles had 57 pass attempts today vs 12 rushes ( poorly called plays for that matter too )
  7. Tampa is only #1 in rush defense (yards allowed) because they are dead last in pass defense. Don't know why people look at ranks without actually reading into them. TB is also 17th in fantasy points given up to RBs, and have allowed 9 rushing TDs this season.Ok. Any reason to think Andy Reid won't let his young QB try and feast on a weak passing defense?Cause Andy has been known to be smarter then everyone else on the field and try to throw a curve ball. That whole bet you didnt see this coming! thing he does alot.
  8. What we are seeing is not out the norm for Reid. He has done this in the past when his QB & RB go down. He changes to a more consistent & balanced gameplan. One that alot of people have been calling for a long time from him. The bad part is after a few games, he will revert back to his pass heavy inconsistent play calling. Brown is someone to hold onto though if you have him in a league. Whatever coach is here next season is more then likely going to use the ground game more then Reid has. You SHOULD see both McCoy ( starter ) and Brown getting almost an equal amount of carries/touches a game. Thing is this hsould be the focus of the offense. Let these two dictate the offense while Foles plays more of the game manager type QB. Where you won't need him to throw 30-40 times a game. Let the RBs be the 30-40 times a game side of things. I liked what I seen out of Brown most the season, what surprised me the past two games is really how freaking fast this guy was. I didn't think he had that speed to hit the outside like McCoy has. Boy I was wrong lol. He reminds me of a fast Eddie George. Maybe even a Bo Jackson type player ( not comparing him to Bo but using his running style as an example ). This is probably one of the best steals of the drafts in a long time, especially for the Eagles. If he gets his fumbling corrected, he could start on for at least 25 teams in this league For the rest of the season though, ride out Brown. The Eagles have no choice, he is one of the main reasons they were even in the past 2 games. 43 carries 347 yards, 4 TDs, 8.1ypc, 8 receptions 25 yards 2 freaking games ps - there is no upside to bringing McCoy back this season. He is a young guy, you don't want to rush him back from a concussion in a losing season. Disclaimer: not a FF player anymore
  9. Dont worry, they wont run him like this all year...earlier this season they ran the ball alot for 2 games and then it was right back to the pass heavy bs
  10. Calling it some point Goodell will recommend Kaepernick wearing sleeves to cover up his tattoos or risk a fine or some sort.
  11. yet it all comes down to him being on the Eagles right its coin flip to start him.
  12. Well for one he is an Eagle so that is a downside right there since they don't know how to run the ball period. Another downside is they don't know how to play a player to his strength. Brown is a decent RB though. He seems like a between the tackles back, not much of a hit the corner and burn back. Basically he is the perfect compliment to McCoy... Then again this is Reid we are talking about. Dude made his rookie QB chuck the ball 50 times in his first start & had McCoy running and trying to win the game down 25 with 2 minutes left in the game, Yet was subbing him & Brown constantly in the 1st 3 quarters... Good luck lol
  13. No they will win in a blowout and the media will start ripping the fans for suggesting that we even want Reid fired
  14. The first was 100% on Celek. The 2nd was under very heavy pressure 3rd and 20 outside of FG range 30 yards downfield.My mistake. He looks great.No he doesn't...but he looks as good as Vick. And for a rookie in his first start...Eagles fans will take that.No, they are just happy to see a white QB there tbh.