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  1. Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn 23m Eagles end relationship with a young receiver who just had career season in Chip Kelly offense. Some teammates laud move. It's that bad
  2. They basically put the foot on the brake offensively & went prevent defensively. Which is something ill never understand why teams go to that prevent umbrella type def when up big. Most the time teams end up coming back and making a game out of it
  3. I think because Smith was playing well & then gets benched. Might have pissed some fans off because you were handing the team over to a rookie
  4. You can bet Tebow is freaking pissed at this. I can only imagine what was promised to him and his agent when he signed in how he would be used. Didnt get his first complete series until week 15...all cause they coddle the #### out of Sanchez
  5. Calling it some point Goodell will recommend Kaepernick wearing sleeves to cover up his tattoos or risk a fine or some sort.
  6. No they will win in a blowout and the media will start ripping the fans for suggesting that we even want Reid fired
  7. The first was 100% on Celek. The 2nd was under very heavy pressure 3rd and 20 outside of FG range 30 yards downfield.My mistake. He looks great.No he doesn't...but he looks as good as Vick. And for a rookie in his first start...Eagles fans will take that.No, they are just happy to see a white QB there tbh.
  8. You're right, it doesn't mean much.
  9. Was listening to FF show tonight and they had some "expert" who said Foles graded better than Luck and RG3 in the preseason - and it wasn't close.He was probably the most pro ready QB coming out of the draft.Foles was? No just...STAPHHHH. If anything he was the "developmental player" that Reid was supposed to groom over the next 2 or 3 seasons.
  10. Ill protest in a thong outside the novacare center if Reid is coaching here agian next season
  11. I can tell you how it will start out. The Eagles will go with their more run balanced game plan like that had for a game this season..then slowly creep away from it until you see Foles tossing the ball 30 35 40+ times and mccoy back to 10-15 touches
  12. ^..problem is Reid trying to force him into being a pocket passer. Its the same thing he did with McNabb. His legs were a great weapon because he kept defenses honest. Now when they don't gameplan with that in mind anymore, they have him chuck the ball up 30+ times...that is something Vick wasnt and honestly, you don't need to do that when you have a RB like McCoy..its not like he is some slouch back there. Having a bad offensive line is just making this even worse. <br><br>McCoy had 8 rushing plays in the 1st half...most of them at the start of the 2nd quarter on a TD drive in which the game was close...he ended with 16 with 7 of them being in garbage time in the 4th...who the hell runs the ball that much in the 4th quarter when you are down? He just ran out the clock for the Falcons basically lol.
  13. I can see them going 1-3 in their next 4. Maybe 2-2 with wins vs Dallas & possible Carolina. Hell with that schedule, I can see them with a 6 win season
  14. I don't see any post in this thread that has said Vick is the entire problem.Every where you look, be it on forums, blogs, newspapers, tv..that is the overall consensus. You are seeing stories on ESPN and NFL network labeled " Vick to the bench?'" ...or " Bench Vick?" ...I just made a thread earlier....there QBs in the league doing far worse & not getting the same treatment Vick has been getting. Take Romo for example, the recap of last nights game seemed to blame everyone BUT Romo. Where as with Vick it comes off as blame no one BUT Vick. You got an extremely overrated head coach Reid, a horrible OC in Marty, play calling that seems dyslexic, offensive line with a system that the players can't run, zero depth...a defense that is limited due to the defensive line coach's wide 9 philosophy, CBs that are put on an island because of probably the worst safety tandem in the league & poor drafting the past few years that seemingly set this team back alot. So bench Vick for a QB that was mid round talent at best, projected to be a project type player. Who had an above average PRESEASON. This will def save the season. Oh btw, all of this after the owner said another 8-8 type season won't cut it.