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  1. Not a gotcha. Pushback on sanctimony? Yup. The WHO manages health issues worldwide. They deal with diseases and outbreaks. Their leadership, and Dr Fauci coincidentally (or maybe not), both said what they said on masks in March. Now these worldwide experts apparently have a different opinion. Did academia and science make a mask breakthrough in the past months? Maybe. You seemed very authoritative in your response, maybe you can explain their reversal.
  2. True.
  3. Yes, true. You could also modify slightly and (insert epically bad dem candidate)
  4. If not for Trump it’s 6-3 left with RBG replaced. It’s a multigenerational difference.
  5. If the Lakers win the “NBA finals” but nobody witnesses it, did it really happen?
  6. After 48 years in DC you would think he would know that. Especially when he was on the other side of the issue at least once. He’s either ignorant or intentionally lying. He wouldn’t lie though.
  7. What if everyone in the vehicle had Covid? What if those agents were recovered? What if they volunteered? But by all means let’s see what some political hack/expert thinks that hates the President.
  8. Thank you for posting this. I hadn’t heard these numbers. Amazing results. All boats lifted in a significant way.
  9. It was definitely not a transparent process. Facts, and all.
  10. How do you even say that by accident? 180 years. lol
  11. Pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill? No time to read it? Gymnastics to avoid Scott Brown’s involvement. Off the top of my head.