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  1. I drafted: - L. Bell - D. Cook - L. McCoy and picked up off waivers: - J. Conner - L. Fournette - N. Chubb Is there a RB bust that I somehow missed?
  2. madoka

    Vick Indicted ! ?

    Yeah, way to "man" up when you're wrong. And banning yourself from a forum is SO hard anyways - so why bother having an sense of honor or even a spine if that means you can participate in an anonyomous internet forum.
  3. madoka

    Vick Indicted ! ?

    Yeah, it's pathetic how this guy goes from telling people to be "man" enough to admit they were wrong and then claim that what he wrote was "tongue in cheek."Here are my favorites from iluvbeer99 (and these are all from only ONE thread!): And my personal favorite: We are halfway there!
  4. madoka

    Vick Indicted ! ?

    Yeah, I'm kinda surprised at all the outrage people show Vick compared to other stuff that goes in the world. For example, recently there was the absolute, worst nightmare of a gang rape that occured in Florida: The perps poured various household cleansers into their eyes afterwards. Yet not much press about it. Perhaps because they are poor. Perhaps because it was so disturbing. Yet people get much more outraged over animals. BTW, I think child molestation is as bad as it gets and animal cruelty is no where near as bad.
  5. madoka

    Vick Indicted ! ?

    Wow. This is the biggest load of chickenpoop I've read in a long while. For dozens of posts you defended Vick causing major flame wars and personally forcing threads to be locked. Now you're claiming that you were just kidding?!?!?!Were you also kidding about banning yourself from FBG if you were wrong, because I was looking forward to that.