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  1. My dynasty team has been absolutely butt ####ed this week. And he was still nowhere near consideration. I'd rather have left the spot empty.
  2. Bucs fan acquiring Evans and a Seahawks fan acquiring Wilson. They were both delighted.
  3. Allen Robinson for JK Dobbins. Stafford for Devonta Freeman. Freeman, Singletary, Thielen for Mike Evans, Goff, Green Bay D Mike Evans, Goff for Wilson, Amari Cooper. All in the same league this week.
  4. Murderers row start for the Giants with Steelers, Bears and 49ers. Thereafter it softens up. Freeman is worth a punt for sure, especially as he's a solid pass catcher.
  5. I'm confident I can still pick up W's without him, but I'm still offering him out there for basically any top 10 running back. I suspect universal rejections however.
  6. There is indeed. But my stable doesn't look any less formidable without him and needed the WR depth. My plan when I drafted him was always to flip him for a receiver which I was unable to obtain earlier on in the draft due to loading up on runners. I personally think that backfield remains murky all season without an injury. Frustrating having to gamble on it being 'your guys' week. Much better for an Ingram owner to have Dobbins and start them both.
  7. He was the perfect trade candidate this week to the Ingram owner who wants to lock up that backfield. I sent him for Allen Robinson. In 14-16 team leagues it's probably fine to roster both and potentially start both as well I reckon. But he was an easy sell high for me. The optics of his fantasy score don't quite tell the story.
  8. Can't really blame the guy. Uncertainty is not the vibe. Defo frustrating though.
  9. The line looked crap. As an offense they only really looked decent near the end of the 4th quarter when they went hurry up.