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  1. Looking to fill some teams in a unique 64 team redraft league set up like the March Madness Tournament that is entering our 5th year. Overview posted below. The current open teams and link to the league is below that. If you want to join go to the MFL page and on the message board you will find a link to leaguesafe as well as a list of open teams. Once you pay email me with your top 2 or 3 teams you’d like and I will get you set up. Team names, divisions, graphics are set. Owners are not permitted to change them. $1k Football Madness League League Overview: •The idea behind the league is to have a March madness type tournament at the end of the regular season where the Champ will win over $1,000 dollars with just a small entry fee. In order to achieve that, the tournament will have to start in week 11. Since the NFL has used BYE weeks into weeks 11, and sometimes 12 that has to be taken into account when putting together a team. •League Fee will be $65 (includes fee) •The league will consist of 64 owners. •League will consist of 4 divisions. XFL / Arena League / XFL, NFC, AFC, USFL. • Championship Bracket (all 64 teams will compete) • Consolation Bracket (32 teams that lose in the first week of the Championship bracket complete) •100% of league money is paid out minus MFL fee. •All money will be held and paid out by •Player Universe - All NFL Players – Each division will have their own player universe. •Scoring Type - PPR (Point per receptions) and performance based decimal scoring. •Standings – Winning percentage Payouts: •$65 X 64 = $4160 minus $140 MFL fee (early bird price) •1st - $1000 •2nd - $600 •3rd - $350 • #1 seeds (4) - $100 •Sweet Sixteen (16) - $25 •Elite 8 teams (8) - $65 •Final Four teams (4) - $100 •Consolation bracket winner - $100 •Team that scores the most regular season points - $100 •Season pick em winner - $75 – Runs NFL weeks 1-17 •Season survivor winner - $75- Runs until one is left including NFL playoffs. •ALL MONEY WILL BE PAID OUT AFTER THE CHAMPION IS CROWNED. OPEN teams: AFL-XFL Portland Steel Cleveland Gladiators Philadelphia Soul Birmingham Bolts LA Xtreme Tampa Bay Storm NFC LA Rams Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Detroit Lions Seattle Seahawks AFC Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans Cleveland Browns Houston Texans Indy Colts Miami Dolphins NY Jets Oakland Raiders USFL Oklahoma Outlaws Denver Gold LA Express Memphis Showboats Michigan Panthers NJ Generals Orlando Renegades Philly Stars