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  1. Because Zeke is flat out better in a better offense with no split backfield This isn’t close
  2. F*** Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan for denying him and Matt Ryan their ring and 100% locking their places in the hall of fame That Julio catch should have sealed it
  3. I am aware of dominator rating and know Harry has a great analytic profile: 18 year old breakout, junior declare, high end dominator, target share, etc One of the big reasons Aiyuk is DND to me is the fact he couldn't do s*** until he was a 21 year old senior--thus not passing the analytic requirement But I can't just look at analytics, and Harry passes that part while failing miserably in the film department with how he wore defenders like a t-shirt, like Reagor for me in this class (though he fails the film test for different reasons) Nothing he did as a rookie changed my mind and I like the landing spot even less now than I did a year ago
  4. To be clear his efficiency (and Tannehill's) does have some regression coming. But the Titans defense got weaker with Casey being dealt and Pees retiring--meaning more even game scripts and less playing from ahead like against NE and BAL in the playoffs. And considering he got 1000 yards even with trash at QB for 6 games I see the additional volume and full year of good QB play more than making up for a dip in efficiency And even if not I sure as hell wouldn't trade him for Corey Davis lol
  5. AJB's 16 game pace with Tannehill: 61 receptions, 1244 yards, 8 TDs But yeah I'm sure Corey Davis is better and AJ Brown must be bad because DGB couldn't lay off the weed
  6. Treadwell’s combine was worse—no debating that But his overall trajectory is quite similar: broke out early in a stronger conference and was considered a top 15 pick and dynasty 1.1 a year before the draft, wasn’t the first WR drafted before slipping to what many considered a top notch landing spot that propped him up to 1.2 ahead of the WR taken above them but with concerns being his inability to separate and the trickiness of winning 50/50 balls (especially for Harry who couldn’t separate from Pac 12 linebackers let alone SEC corners) His production being more doesn’t mean to me though considering the strength of conferences, the fact that Harry was the only WR ASU had and thus force fed and Treadwell’s gruesome leg injury in 2014
  7. What do a bunch of busts have to do with a player who has shown more than all those guys combined?
  9. You’re right Laquon Treadwell is a better comp
  10. I am of the belief that any NFL WR can put up yardage numbers if force fed targets--and that's exactly what KB was a case of on a Panthers team with no WRs Even his good seasons hovered around a 50% catch rate, 7.something yards per target and overall awful efficiency They don't have to be Tyreek Hill but they have to be able to run routes properly
  11. You realize that’s not a good thing right?
  12. I'll admit I was never a fan of the prospect and was doubting myself a bit after his rookie year but I am back to square 1 now He is still overrated for a guy who had OBJ, Landry, Chubb and Hunt and still posted a borderline bottom 5 QB season and couldn't beat Duck Hodges and the 2-14 Bengals Daniel Jones nearly broke Baker's rookie TD record with a 5th round rookie as his WR1, Wayne Gallman as his RB and Kaden Smith as his TE Josh Allen still has a lot of work to do but led an offense just about equal to the Browns' throwing to WRs worse than Baker's number 2 with the corpse of Frank Gore and a 3rd round rookie as his RBs—all while nearly toppling the Patriots for the division title Kyler with a turnstile OL, 40 year old Fitz+washed DJ and Drake as his weapons and a ####ty Vance Joseph coached D earned a better record in a tougher division Baker...did more commercials I know Kitchens was bad but it's put up or shut up this season after a year of "doing less with more" better than anyone
  13. Fair enough I don’t believe either Desean or Brees meant malice just that sharing a quote isn’t really that different from quoting and that Brees’ job after was to apologize and do some good PR Jackson needed a bit more PR and some team involvement and looks like he got it Like you said his #### up was harder to defend but better for him to be educated than cancelled and it looks like he has