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  1. Night King seems to have backed off by now. Usually he would have at least one snide comment from their CC. Haven't heard a peep.
  2. The interviewer should be put out to pasture for opening up with that garbage. I think that one even surprised Nader, he didn't have an answer teed up. Think he did fine given that oddball intro.
  3. Hahaha, I thought for sure you were making this up so had to watch. I can't believe this is a real exchange. Thought I was pretty up to date on this company but learn something new every day, had no idea it originated from a mouse.
  4. The news was pretty much what I was expecting. Trial continues to completion. As far as what else was good or bad, kind of debatable. The things that I'm concerned with I'm still concerned with. Would like to see some government backing, would like to know if another country is seriously interested and I don't really have answers to those questions. No imminent timeline for the HIV BLA so no idea when that completes. Not sure how quickly they can fill the phase 3 trial for Covid so we could be well into 2021 before we have it complete. Uplisting to Nasdaq I didn't hear about but pretty sure nothing anytime soon. On the plus note, Doctors are starting to get published although unclear if peer reviewed (i don't think so). They will have another review before the trial completes. They didn't halt the trial so Leronlimab is obviously doing enough of merit to warrant finishing. It's probably not a home run but it may still be helpful IMO
  5. Doesn't sound like there was a pause so this isn't right. They are just slowly enrolling right now.
  6. Feel like we are going to be in a holding pattern of .10 to .60 increases and decreases in the stock price for a while. That's my prediction, I've been wrong before. Not sure what next big catalyst is and could be a while before trial completes. Meanwhile others may get approval before hand so that may not be good. No updates about the 11 BP companies they were talking to, really not much advancing anything in other countries (im personally not taking this Phillipines thing that seriously). Feel like the drug has some benefit but its not a home run or we would be advancing already. Is it better than Remdesivir, jury is out.
  7. There are like 20 people who post regularly on that board. It ranges from insane pumpers to equally insane shorts. I hate them all. There are a couple of people who find some nuggets once in a while but for the most part its useless info to absorb.
  8. Nothing from the Night King yet, usually he would have found something to lay into by now. The BLA for HIV timeline still seems vague to me even though NP keeps saying 100% they will be approved. Odd behavior. Overall this seems like a decent day for CYDY though. Just on time for me to reevaluate if I want to buy back some of what i sold. Im going to be patient.
  9. I've got the Conference Call going at full volume, my wife who could care less about this stuff, just looked up from her laptop and asks me "why is he so defensive" (NP in answer questions mode)
  10. They only need to be approved by the Editor
  11. The Phillipines is yet another diversion if I had to guess. Sounds promising on paper but if it ever gets approved there, your guess is as good as mine. Nader seems to like to trumpet other countries when he is need of some good news, seen this one before, haven't really seen the interest come through from the country in the end. Maybe this is different. I sold a little more today. I haven't completely given up but am discouraged. Completing the BLA for HIV is super important, not sure what the hold up there is but they really struggle to complete anything. Nader has to go but we all know that. Better leadership would improve confidence all around and may help get more traction both with the FDA and also in the media. Lastly, why hasn't Patterson or any other Doctor been published? Would like validation for this. Edit i see Dr Yang got printed today in Oxford Academic. Definitely a step in the right direction but I believe it is the Editor who does the review not any outside doctors.
  12. If NP comes through tomorrow it would be a shocker. He won't have set a trap for shorts, he will have set one for longs.
  13. I think they will need to change their endpoint if the trial continues, this may be part of the "path forward" Im really not expecting EUA anytime soon or approval in any other country anytime soon. I'm not sure what countries are even seriously interested. If the UK was so interested, you would think they would ramp up trials.
  14. I'm freerolling too, just a matter of how much you want to lock in gains and how much you want to continue to gamble. I've bought and sold this thing too many times to count. Definitely not saying it will be my last transaction but I'm at the lowest point of invested shares since I've ever been in this.
  15. So helpful. Well you don't have to put any effort into this if you don't want to. We will never know what your decision or reasoning is because you haven't said anything.