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  1. This is another confusing angle of this story to me. The guy does have some respect in the industry so he does have to be concerned about reputation, but I agree, I know he has lied too and he's put it all on the line to go after them.
  2. The echo chamber is the yahoo board. This board discusses everything, including every red flag out there.
  3. There is always some doubt but I'm on an accumulating kick right now and was contemplating adding more tomorrow. I'm not panicking by any stretch and really only wanted to see what others are thinking on these lines. Feel like its good to ask questions. I know we dont have all the answers but just trying to unpack things a bit more.
  4. Well you got an absolute terrible read on my post because I'm fully leaving the door open that they might be credible. Im not a big tin foil hat guy, I generally trust the media. I find it odd that they are going after this company so hard if they didn't have something so Im wondering exactly what they have.
  5. That's fine but there was a major part of that article that just resurrected all the dirt on NP. The selling of indian artifacts, the stock sale, etc
  6. They took some pretty pointed shots at Nader, just like Feuerstein has been doing. They spent a good portion of that article focused on NP and none of it was positive.
  7. Seems far fetched to me but who knows. This has gone on for a while and we are at the point of seeing data. At this point, the data will speak for itself, not sure how much you have to gain by going after them now
  8. This is one of the WSJ writers, been there since '96. Credentials look fine to me.
  9. Actually I don't see this as an unlikely motivation with a reputable media source. I'm not sure that Feuerstein is reputable though.
  10. You think its just that they short the stock? The media if they cover Cytodyn at all seems to have an axe to grind. Why is the Wall Street Journal taking a shot at them a couple of weeks before results are out? They must feel pretty confident that this company is a sham.
  11. Really want to know the answer to this. You wouldn't think a company in trials with the FDA trying to solve a crisis would be under such attack. What is the motivation, what do they know?