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  1. Holy chit....7 hours between posts in the virus thread. Looking like people have FINALLY accepted it as a way of life.
  2. Just had my 2nd Covid test in the past month. Anxious to see if am positive and get to wear my Covid Badge.
  3. Read your 5 word post? Yeah, it went into detail. 😉 Only in America.
  4. Hmmmm.....only the headline said its because of COVID. Drama is fun though.
  5. Except it's in Berlin, Germany. But I see you managed to ge at least one poster to fall for it. 🤣
  6. Yes....when I was at a semi-packed bar 3 weeks ago. Spent quite a few hours there with no masks worn by anyone. On a side note, had to take a trip to the gas station/convenience store about 30 minutes ago and 1 out of 9 people were wearing a mask (neither of the employees). Governor Evers mask mandate for Wisconsin has fell on deaf ears. That's what happens when you push against everything gathering of people except the DNC and BLM protests. 🤷‍♂️
  7. The governor's are allowing protests. Common sense stopped applying decades ago.
  8. I think the OP wants to hike it, not fly it.
  9. They've always been disposable. Unless its HUGE, they fit nicely in your normal trash bag at the curb on garbage day
  10. Early run to the store this morning on Day 1 of the Wisconsin mask mandate. No change since it won't be monitored by law enforcement. 👍 God I love this country.
  11. Some good stuff in here through his first 2 seasons. Jeremy convinced owners that he was a BEAST and bostonfred tried to keep there expectations in check.
  12. 12 team keeper league and we are full steam ahead until we have a reason not to be. Offline draft scheduled for Labor Day weekend as has been the case for 26 years.
  13. Multiple county law enforcement offices now saying they will not enforce the mandate. Good.....they have more important things to be concerned with than mask enforcement.
  14. And at least one county Sheriff Department has announced they won't enforce it. YEAH BABY!!!