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  1. The Landon Collins signing and rumors of trading for a wr make a lot more sense if Danny has input in the personnel moves. My opinion is neither makes much sense.
  2. I am forever the optimist. I believe the Redskins will finish no worse that the 28th worst record in football.
  3. Early results are looking good. The Elias hire has gotten rave reviews. The Orioles are going all in on analytics. They have the best grapefruit league record. They are getting great results from people competing for roster spots, including both rule 5 picks, Richie Martin and Drew Jackson. Of course, everything is spring training has to be caveated due to small sample sizes and at lot of playtime is not against major league players. Let's hope all the young guys keep developing and maybe, the Orioles lose less than 100 games.
  4. I am not sure if this has been discussed. The defense started off really well and then became really bad. It looks a little better now, at least against the Jaguars. One player (I don't remember who) made some reference to changes that were made and they should fix what isn't broken. I read somewhere else that many players did not like the Clinton-Dix trade and thought they should stick with Nicholson. Anybody have any info on why the defense went south so fast?
  5. I think Kaepernick should be considered a fringe starter, someone when starting always has someone battling for his job. Like Tyrod Taylor and Fitzpatrick. If Smith cannot play next year, the Redskins are probably looking at Taylor or Fitzpatrick as their staring QB and drafting a QB in the draft.
  6. It is laughable who the Redskins are bringing in for QB when Kapernick is still out there. They should seriously consider cutting Sanchez and signing Kapernick.
  7. I know there are a lot of injuries, but boy are the Redskins bad.
  8. Infections are scary and dangerous. I hope Smith heals and can lead a normal life. Football is secondary at this point.
  9. I don't have a huge problem with it, but the chances of Foster, but the chances of Foster ever playing for the Redskins is really remote unless they are willing to look the other way on his behavior. There is also a chance Foster stays clean for a while, plays some for the Redskins, and then it all blows up.
  10. The key is to have good drafts, so the key picks don't necessarily have to be in first 2 or 3 rounds. It looks like the past draft may have been a pretty good one. So give Doug Williams a chance to find more players.
  11. Wow, this thread went off the rails. I doubt Peterson gets suspended. But Peterson's results have certainly dipped recently. If Peterson does miss time, his carries would probably go to Marshall or Perine. Perine has been inactive most weeks lately. Bibbs is more like Chris Thompson's backup.
  12. Grant most likely would be a 5th if he had stuck with the Ravens. The biggest factor is the average salary. Grant signed a 4 year, $29M contract, an average of $7.25M. Here is the link I am looking at. I think Over the Cap has the best info on compensation picks.
  13. Just in case anyone is wondering, the Redskins are projected to get 4 compensation picks in 2019: Kirk Cousins - 3rd round Trent Murphy - 5th Ryan Grant - 6th Niles Paul - 7th Will Compton would be a 7th also, but there is a limit of 4. If Breeland's contract with Carolina went through, he would have netted a 4th round pick and we would lose the 7th for Paul.
  14. Does this make getting Ha Ha a no brainer. They give up a mid to low 4th round pick in 2019 and get Ha Ha for half a year and get a 4th or 5th round comp pick in 2020 if he leaves and signs a decent contract. Of course, if the Redskins go a a big free agent spending spree, they won't get the compensation pick.
  15. The Redskins reportedly gave up a 2019 4th round pick. Ha Ha will be a free agent after the season, so he is half season rental. I have no idea if the Redskins could get a compensation pick if Ha Ha signs with another team next year.