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  1. I was looking at the past drafts here: The last 3 do look solid. I stated this before: I don't think the Redskins talent level is that bad. But you need a QB to compete in today's NFL. If Haskins develops this coming year and/or next, the Redskins turnaround could be pretty quick. If Haskins does not develop, they will be a bottom 5 team for a while. Note: I think a quick turn around means returning to around 0.500. Don't buy those playoff tickets yet.
  2. Quality Control coaches are the low man on the totem pole. They do lots of grunt work and they are learning how to be coaches. Cooley has a radio personality and as a coach are really two different things. Of course, the Redskins announced their full coaching staff yesterday and Cooley was not on it.
  3. One note: From the Washington Post, Rogers reports to Rivera. I thought there was another front office hire that also reports to Rivera. Rivera really is running everything.
  4. I was thinking about that. I think an OC would like to hire some of the coaches on his staff. So Turner makes a lot more sense since he has already worked with a number of these coaches.
  5. I saw an article with another possibility. O'Connell could be checking out other possibilities, especially if McDaniels leaves NE.
  6. At this point, it is unlikely the Kevin O'Connell will be the OC since the Redskins have talked to Scott Turner and now Pat Shumur. If O'Connell was the guy, they probably would have made it official by now. Turner could still be the QB coach.
  7. Here is a link with a projection on compensation picks for the 2020 draft: The Redskins are likely to get a 4th round pick for Jamison Crowder. They would have gotten a 3rd round pick for Preston Smith, but lost it when they signed Landon Collins. So you can look at it as the Redskins traded a 3rd round draft pick for Landon Collins. They also would have gotten a 6th round pick for Ty Nysekhe and a 7th rounder for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, both lost those when they signed Erick Flowers and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. I originally thought trading for Clinton-Dix was a good move since they would get a comp pick if he left. But in retrospect, the Redskins did not get one.
  8. From the article: O'Connell "was calling plays for interim head coach Bill Callahan, and while O'Connell never outright said he felt his hands were tied by the type of offense Callahan wanted to see, it was clear that the old-school run-first approach of Callahan and O'Connell's vision for play action and pre-snap motion didn't always mesh." I noticed that as the season progressed, the Redskins moved away from the run all the time mentality that Callahan had when he first became interim head coach.
  9. Rivera looks like a strong hire. But what bothers me: Snyder is the acting GM right now, firing front office personnel and training staff. It is not clear if he plans to hire a GM or keep running the team himself. All bad teams have one goal at the end of the season: sell hope to the fans. The Redskins have gone through the cycle many times. It usually starts off ok, and at some point, mysterious forces unravels it all. We can call it corporate culture. The key question: can Snyder hire the right people and stay out of their way so they can change the culture at Redskin Park?
  10. It is definitely backwards. Hire the HC, then the HC has input on the front office configuration and hires. They also draft the QB, gets 1 year with old coach, then next coach inherits the QB. That happened with RGIII too. With Zorn, hired him as OC, then no one would accept HC job with OC already hired.
  11. There was a 3rd down play where Sims caught the ball. At the end, the announcers thought he could have dove forward for the first down. Instead he ran back and was tackled a yard short. Redskins kicked a field goal. That was a pretty egregious bonehead play.
  12. One question I have has to do with timing and firing a GM. I think it makes more sense to fire the GM early, and try to get a new one in place early in the off season. Then he can hire the new coach. No credible coach will come to the Redskins if they don't know who the GM will be. So Snyder would need to throw a ton of money at 2nd tier coaches. Hiring the GM first makes a lot more sense.
  13. Some quick thoughts: 1. I always thought cap hits is a terrible way to evaluate roster moves. The dead money mostly represents money you already paid that has not hit the cap yet. It is a sunk cost. Players should be evaluated based on their current salary (the non-guaranteed part) vs. their performance. For instance, Josh Norman's 2019 salary is $10.8M. If they did not think he is worth $10.8M last off season, they should have traded or cut him. 2. Vernon Davis has been out almost all year with a concussion. We frequently say that Jordan Reed should retire due to concussions. Davis is really in the same category. Of course, he is much older, and probably retiring soon anyway. 3. There was some talk that the Redskins received a trade offer for Peterson at the trade deadline. I can't imagine any offer that is not worth considering. 4. Per SportTrac, Alex Smith's 2020 salary ($16M) is guaranteed for injury. If so, there is no need to cut him. 5. I never liked the Paul Richardson signing. It was a lot of money for a player who never had a 1000 yard receiving season. He now has 1800 yards receiving and 12 TDs in 5 1/2 seasons.
  14. Does anyone know if subway has the deal where, after a Redskins win, you buy a drink and chips and get a free 6" sub? They have done this in past years. Of course, this weeks game is a toss up at best.