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  1. I am surprised there is no analysis of last Sunday's game. So my quick analysis: Wow, the Cowboys are bad.
  2. In the NFL, trading players usually gets you very little. They may get a 5th round pick for each of them. If they leave via free agency, you may get a 4th round compensation pick a year later. Of course if you sign free agents, it can cancel out and you don't get the comp pick.
  3. I read that Haskins practice habits plunged after he won the starting job. If I am the coach and they both suck, I am always playing the guy that works hard and is hungry.
  4. Could this be the new team name: The Washinigton sh!tsh0w.
  5. My quick thoughts: 1. Benching Haskins is a win now move. I have heard they could challenge for the playoffs, or better qb play helps evaluate other players and change the culture. 2. Plain and simple, Haskins' growing pains are no longer worth the upside of his development. I think Rivera has determined Haskins in not the QB of the future. 3. It is amazing the Redskins continually invest in a new QB that the coaches don't want. Haskins was in a no-win situation last year. The lack of training camp probably really hurt him this year.
  6. I am hoping this is the last year. I did read that Davis is likely to be in training camp next year. The shortened season this year provided some salary relief for the Orioles. So if next year is shortened, they could get some extra salary relief.
  7. Wow. It has been over year since the last post. The Orioles finally have something to be excited about. They have called up three of their rookies. Montcastle is hitting over his first 15 games. His bat looks legit. Of course, that is a really small sample size. Keegan Akin has made two start and has looked good. Dean Kremer started Sunday and looked good. Akin and Kremer are not even the top of the line prospects. If they can stick in the rotation for a while, things will look a bit better.
  8. We finally closed today. They delivered the rates and credit as promised. They were very disorganized getting closing documents to the settlement company, so we had to reschedule the closing multiple times and extended the rate lock twice. I was concerned the wouldn't since rates apparently have gone up.
  9. Boswell always writes how good everything is. It is a surprising piece from him.
  10. How long does it take from closing to delivering the mortgage the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? I am closing next week on my refinance. It sucks that the mortgage lenders are expected to eat the costs for all the loans they locked but cannot deliver before September 1.
  11. I just read about Guice. It sounds really bad for him. I always hope they can get their life together.
  12. The lack of infrastructure shows the owner does not care about HR issues, including sexual harassment, EEOC, standard policies, benefits, etc. One part time person cannot do all that for a largish organization. Presence of infrastructure can help, but no guarantee that all the HR issues will be addressed adequately. Plus there are always people who can work around the policies. I am sure sexual harassers do it all the time even in large companies with robust HR departments.
  13. One quick thought: Mrs. Marvelous thinks sexual harassment happens all the time. She is surprised how much press the story is getting. She thinks the NFL is using this to tell all the other owners to clean up their organizations.
  14. I once heard the Redskins compared to a reverse car wash: People come in clean, and leave really dirty.
  15. It is very clear Snyder will not be forced to sell. They apparently knew about this article for a while. The results: 1. Minority owners want out. If sale was imminent, they would not need to do that. 2. Michael, Santos, and Mann are gone. And replacements for Santos and Mann were immediately announced. That shows these were not abrupt firings. The insiders know where this is heading. And all signs point to Snyder remaining the owner.