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  1. There is probably a big issue with the Redskins medical staff. But the numbers will be inflated because they have Jordan Reed and in the past, Shawn Lauvao on the team.
  2. The Peterson situation is showing a division between Gruden and the front office. If you think about it, Peterson really isn't a good fit for Gruden's offense. Whether you think that is legit or a short coming of Gruden to not be able to work with Peterson's strengths are up for debate. But Peterson does not fit what Gruden wants to do. But Peterson was given a two year contract for coming and salvaging the Redskin's running game last year despite the fact that he does not fit the offense well.
  3. Going into the season, I thought the Redskins are a 6-10 team. The only real surprise to me is that the passing game sometimes looks ok, especially with McLaurin. The defense has been worse than expected, with all the miscommunication. So, maybe I was optimistic, and they are more like a 5-11 team. That's not a big difference. Gruden cannot hire a decent defensive coordinator because no one will take the job, fearing Gruden will be gone next year. The Redskins should ride out this season with no drastic changes. And then we will see if they make any changes this off season. If not, rinse and repeat.
  4. It is nice when players do this for the new players. But it is also the job of the coaches. I would not keep a player around solely for mentoring others. They need to be able to play too.
  5. I thought the last I heard was leg soreness? Has McCoy done anything? Is he a candidate for the PUP? Gruden has frequently only kept 2 QBs. McCoy is not performing and is unlikely to be picked up by someone else. Could he be cut? The flip side is McCoy is a Gruden favorite.
  6. My daughter played a lot of travel softball. I know it is a different sport, but many of the rules are the same. I once saw a play where the base runner was going home, slide, and missed home plate. The catcher got the ball, but never tagged the runner. They continue play. The scoring is the run counted. I think I saw this in high school softball too. Based on this, the extra runner should count as a run. He was never called out by the umpire.
  7. The Orioles really have a scrap heap of a team while having most of their prospects playing in the minors. Most aren't even in triple A yet. Dwight Smith has been a pleasant surprise. Villar is doing well. Nunez is hitting, which is good for the DH. Davis is starting to hit. Mancini is hitting really well. The whole pitch staff is pretty bad. Cobb can stay off the IL. The team is decent defensively, but lacks major league bats at many positions, including C, 3B, SS, CF. Most of the players on the team are place holders until the Orioles can get more talent and develop them in the minors.
  8. Chris Davis career ERA is 3.00. Better than anyone else on the Oriole's pitching staff.
  9. Looks like the Redskins got picks 112 and 131, the 10th and 29th picks in the 4th round. They traded pick 97, so they moved back 15 spots and picked up a late 4th rounder. Note that this is the compensation pick for Kirk Cousins.
  10. The Landon Collins signing and rumors of trading for a wr make a lot more sense if Danny has input in the personnel moves. My opinion is neither makes much sense.
  11. I am forever the optimist. I believe the Redskins will finish no worse that the 28th worst record in football.
  12. Early results are looking good. The Elias hire has gotten rave reviews. The Orioles are going all in on analytics. They have the best grapefruit league record. They are getting great results from people competing for roster spots, including both rule 5 picks, Richie Martin and Drew Jackson. Of course, everything is spring training has to be caveated due to small sample sizes and at lot of playtime is not against major league players. Let's hope all the young guys keep developing and maybe, the Orioles lose less than 100 games.
  13. I am not sure if this has been discussed. The defense started off really well and then became really bad. It looks a little better now, at least against the Jaguars. One player (I don't remember who) made some reference to changes that were made and they should fix what isn't broken. I read somewhere else that many players did not like the Clinton-Dix trade and thought they should stick with Nicholson. Anybody have any info on why the defense went south so fast?
  14. I think Kaepernick should be considered a fringe starter, someone when starting always has someone battling for his job. Like Tyrod Taylor and Fitzpatrick. If Smith cannot play next year, the Redskins are probably looking at Taylor or Fitzpatrick as their staring QB and drafting a QB in the draft.
  15. It is laughable who the Redskins are bringing in for QB when Kapernick is still out there. They should seriously consider cutting Sanchez and signing Kapernick.