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  1. Just this morning I came downstairs and my wife had her talk radio on. She obviously was listening, but I wasn't as I was making coffee and whatnot. Out of the blue she says something to me that is a comment about what they are talking about on the radio. I responded "I wasn't listening to what they are talking about, so I don't really know what you are talking about, but I can tell you I know that I don't care." That didn't stop her from getting me up to speed so I could do nothing more than nod in acknowledgement to her comment as there really was no way to engage in a conversation about the GoT finale since neither of us watch it.
  2. Since we are apparently married to women who were separated at birth, tell me if this happens to you. My wife has a neverending amount of words to use in a day. Innevitably, she will try to get a head start by using as many as she can in the morning. I am not a morning person, and the perfect day is when we don't get up at the same time and I can get out of the house without a word said to anyone. Anyway, she will want to start a story about something rediculous that does not matter, and she very well knows I don't care about, and her favorite time is when I'm actually about to head out the door. She start telling me something about what she heard on her talk radio station (celebrity stuff) as I'm putting on my shoes. I litterally cannot stop her from talking unless i "rudely" interupt her to tell her I have to leave for work. I try to use body language to convey that I have to exit the conversation. Standing up after my shoes are on. Wait a few moments and put on my coat. Wait a few moments and grab my keys and briefcase. Wait a few moments and walk towards the door. All the while she's still rambling about what college Aunt Becky's daughter wants to go to now. I've opened the door and instead of getting the message she will say "just wait a second, my story's almost over." EDIT YOURSELF WOMAN!
  3. No, but if you read closely, the Easter egg I put in there was that she never got to what actually happened on the TV show.
  4. Reminds me of another pet peeve, that I'm sure most guys have about the lovely ladies in their life. Why so many words? If you're going to tell me a story about something that happened on a TV show you watch, you do not need to start the story about what you had for lunch, just because you happened to hear about this show from the coworker you had lunch with, and they watched the show because some guy they went to high school with works as a gaffer on a set of a different show where he met the producer for this show. But that guy was a jerk to her in high school mainly because he was friends with the guy she was dating and she thought he was a nice guy because he was friends with her boyfriend so she set him up with her girlfriend. The first time they went out it was a double date and everything went well but then this guy and her friend went out for a second date and he was a complete jerk to her and then her friend was upset about it so much that she cancelled plans they had one weekend which normally wasn't a big deal but they were going to go to the mall that weekend to see Tiffany do a concert and that ended up being the one they filmed one of her videos and they could have been seen in the video if this guy wouldn't have been such a jerk.
  5. I also read that suits used to be common in the early days until more managers were former, and more importantly recently former (and current) players, so they kept wearing the uniform. Makes more sense for them to wear something than a uniform so the third base coach can't do the sprint to home fake to make the outfielder think a runner is heading home.
  6. Tom Landry wore a suit too, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't find it strange to see Belichick roaming the sideline in a three piece.
  7. Haven't had this happen to me with DirecTV yet, but I had it happen to me with Xfinity three times. The firs two times, I got a bill for triple my monthly bill. Looked at the detail and home phone had been added and a couple hundred dollars of international calling had been done without my knowledge. Both times I called and said this wasn't me and I didn't add it and they took it off. The third time I spent over an hour talking to managers about how this could have been added without my consent and basically accused them of scamming me. Got a fat discount for a extended period of time. I'm guessing this is a widespread scam either with the providers knowledge, or tacit consent by not really caring how it is happening.
  8. There is a level of political discussion that could be credited as "making the world a better place" but it is a level far above the abilities of ESPN to provide. It takes people familiar with the issues at hand, ability to understand different view points, and the intelligence to debate topics, not just shout over the top of each other. ESPN has proven it is not capable of that level of dialogue with their current roster of talent.
  9. Agreed, but the thought of a guy sitting in a dugout wearing a suit seems extremely odd.
  10. I think they are the epitome of the sum being greater than the total, but if you are going to pick one individual to be the key, its Curry.
  11. Not buying the argument that talking sports on ESPN makes the world a better place.
  12. I think Curry is far more important to the Warriors than Green.
  13. So you like road uni's? Nevermind, I guess this isn't as universal as it used to be.
  14. Agreed. This is why Curry is my favorite player, even if he's not the best. Watching him and Klay run around off screens, or run an actual pick and roll (vs just screening to force a switch into ISO ball) is such great basketball to watch.