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  1. It wasn't an overnight change. Maybe she matured. I don't know. I also had to change to actually not care, as I used to care about being on time for EVERYTHING (crazy I know).
  2. Yep, could be as you detailed here. It's definitely fishy....see what I did there?
  3. That's certainly possibly, but poorly delivered sarcasm in the context of that entire tweet. Of course that is the problem of twitter, where nuance is almost impossible.
  4. Obviously the players talent level factors in. Some players get second chances based on ability (Vick, Gordon, AP), but if those same players made their same mistakes when it looks like they had nothing left in the tank, they wouldn't have gotten those second chances. If AP had no issues until this year, and then news came out he heat his kid with switches and was up on charges, he would be done. But, he got his second chance and people forget. If Kaep kneeled the first game out after his SB appearance the following year, and SF cut him. He would have gotten a second chance eventually. But, it appeared he was declining, and has now been out several years. Different situation.
  5. I find this whole situation (recent development wise at least) very strange. First, the insiders reporting that this was thrust upon Kaep and not necessarily him being part of the decision or the timing. He claims he's been training all this time and is ready, so that doesn't matter. But it is just strange the NFL would take the lead. There has to be a story somewhere, but it really makes no sense. Then Kaep's response that he's "looking forward to seeing all the GM's and head coaches." On a Saturday? He knows that can't be the case in the middle of a season. So why does he say it? Is he positioning himself to have another reason why there is a conspiracy against him if no HCs show up? I don't get the response if he is being serious about getting back in the NFL, unless he knows the NFL isn't serious about this actually being an audition.
  6. I hate those multi lane drivethroughs to the point that I won't go to one unless it is a dead time. I always see that DB in the beater car that wants to play chicken and hugs the bumper of the car in front of him daring you to take your rightful place in line. My wife is the worst at this. I tell her what time we need to leave, she'll take her shower and sit in a robe until 5 minutes before we need to leave, then she'll start to get ready. Then when she's not ready, I stand behind her in the bathroom as she's doing hair and makeup and whatever, explaining that if she had done this right after her shower, she could have sat on the couch looking at Facebook until it was time to leave. It took almost 20 years, but she has started to figure it out. The other thing that helped her? I stopped caring about being on time to do stuff I didn't care about (meeting her parents, going to church, etc). Without me managing her time, she had to start dealing with the consequences of being late for stuff that mattered to her. Changed her ways.
  7. In a similar boat. I haven't seen the last two Avengers movies, so I'll watch those. Unless the Mandalorian is so good I want to have it constantly available, I'm not sure there is much to keep me around.
  8. You want to put some of that in spoiler tags? Some of us are waiting to watch this with their kids when we are all available. M'kay? thx.
  9. Agree with this. There are about to be a lot of players. I can see some mergers, but there is enough space for there to be several options. Original content is going to be the key. Those that produce the best original content will lead the pack.
  10. Obviously the younger generations are better at using technology. However, what I've noticed is that it appears to be at the expense of the ability to think critically and solve problems that technology cannot solve for them. Those are skills I see lacking in "kids these days." Oh, and get off my lawn.
  11. 4 wheel drive - for years I drove cars because I didn't think the extra expense and gas was worth dealing with snow through the winter. Definitely a game changer and will never go back to 2 wheel drive for a daily driver.
  12. Totally depends on one's situation. If you're making Dan Patrick money and money doesn't matter, absolutely. If you're like most people who struggle to save enough for rainy day issues, learning how to do stuff for yourself saves a lot of money over the course of your lifetime. Not to mention, those few times I have done something for myself that actually worked, the feeling of accomplishment is considerable. Old misers who won't let a penny go without a fight, and waste their weekends on something that would cost an hours worth of wages is a very different story.
  13. Shoes - I have cheap shoes and nice shoes, the cheap ones really stand out when I still throw those on. Game Tickets - 99% of the time I'd rather watch a game on TV, but if I do go see one in person, spending more for good seats is almost always worth it. Clothes - I don't buy new clothes much anymore, but if I do add something, it is going to be of quality and last. The comfort, fit, and durability of a nice piece of clothing pays for itself (talk work clothes, or going out clothes, not workout clothes, lounge clothes, or yardwork stuff). Tools - I'm not very handy, but it sure makes a job more enjoyable if you don't have to fight with your tools to get something done.