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  1. This lines up with what Thomas Hobbes said many years ago, life for man in a state of nature would be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short."
  2. Step #1, start the repopulation process...
  3. Matching socks and complimentary sandals really pulls it all together.
  4. Pet peeve? It is one of life's simplest, but greatest pleasures. My wife unknowingly enjoys the benefits later. YMMV
  5. Put my vote down for suit. I'm 46 though, so I've been around a lot longer than this new wave of dressing casual in the workplace. I definitely would feel uncomfortable walking into an interview in jeans and/or without a jacket. Now that I've said that, I'm thinking you go with whatever makes you most comfortable, so your attire is not a distraction from your interview performance.
  6. Really? Didn't know that was a rule. Thanks to the strength of the Big10 this year, they have good power rankings. Definitely deserve to be in the NIT, unless they lose out or something ridiculous like that.
  7. I think what brun is saying is that what Army guy told you was probably said in confidence. When you break a confidence like that, even when justified, you owe it to the other person to let them know it was said so they are prepared if it gets back to them.
  8. Couple of crazy back to back games. Heart breaker for MN. Hello NIT.
  9. I'm sorry, you're wrong. The Yankees have no advantages over smaller market teams in teams of being able to spend more money. These two injuries have crushed the Yankees chance to compete, just like it would have any other team. 🙄
  10. That's a super strange conversation to have with IR regardless of the situation. Bring you in to talk about performance problems that aren't real, and then pivot to you aren't friendly enough in the office? That's cray-cray as the kids would say. Being treated with kid gloves after making an admission like that has to be horrible as well, and a constant reminder of their perception of you. I'm sorry for that. Sounds like they need some education on your diagnosis.
  11. Agreed a spreadsheet is overkill for three schools, but also agree the same analysis needs to be done. Choice 2 and 3 are incredibly similar, other than 2 is smaller (his first qualification was a small school) and 3 is cheaper. 1 is still small, but a totally different campus. I know he will have a good college experience no matter where he goes. However, knowing what I know and seeing what my wife did (went to a super expensive school (at the time) for an education degree, and to stay home for many years when the kids were young) I don't want him to make the same mistake of getting an expensive education for a career that won't pay a lot. I don't want to "force" him in to that decision as I know that will mean he will just resist it instead of considering it. His goal is education, with the side benefit/goal of wanting to be a high school basketball coach. He wants to see what he can do to reach out to the basketball coach to see if he can be a manager, or whatever, with the goal of getting some basketball education to further that goal. While that is theoretically an option at each of his choices, the cheap option has another benefit. There is a kid there he played basketball with in high school who is currently the starting point guard. First, he worshiped this kid and I would think that would be a draw. But, 2, he already has an in and referral to get in with the basketball coach. Seems obvious to me but he's not seeing it.
  12. Was there two apologies? This is the apology read in court by his lawyer that I believe has been quoted in this thread at times:
  13. Update, son has been accepted to all of his top three choices now. However, his choice #1 school (where he could play baseball) has since told him they are no longer interested in him for baseball. I assumed that would mean that #1 is off his list as when we did the tour he didn't like the campus (its in the middle of a metro area, so other than the few blocks it takes up, it is surrounded by a metro area). But, he was comparing the out of pocket costs between choice 1 and choice 2. Choice 1 is more expensive, but he's still considering it. I'm lost now as it appears his line of thinking changes daily, and he doesn't communicate when and why he changes his mind. Ugh.
  14. I certainly wouldn't argue there is a universal right answer for whether or not cities should build stadiums. Obviously there are many variables, and individuals in those metro areas are going to have their own opinions. But, I do not think either answer (yes, public funding, or no never publicly funded) is always right.