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  1. I would say the general acceptance (by the masses and Webster) that "literally" means both literally and figuratively happened a lot quicker than since 1987. For the record I say a hard G out of habit more than a hard stance than it is right.
  2. Finished 99% of my shed this weekend. What a PITA. I worked on the foundation and pre-construction totally in an effort to ensure the shed was square, on a square foundation to ensure proper assembly, and to make sure the doors opened correctly and all that. With a plastic shed, that is all for naught. Once it is all together, it is a pretty decent shed, but the assembly process leaves a lot to be desired. the injection molded plastic pieces aren't exactly...exact in the way they fit together. The corners were an issue getting everything lined up, and getting slot a to fit into hole b correctly and all that. (at one point, a piece of the wall was supposed to slid down into a slot in the floor. Both my 17 year old son and I are litterally hanging from the top of the wall section giving all the force we can create to get it to "snap" into the slot to no avail). I knew we were slightly off in various places and it made two impacts. The roof sections didn't line up exactly, so I had to use some longer than provided screws to get them together. We'll see how much of an issue this turns out to be. But the bigger issue is the door. It still shuts and all, but there are two deadbolt pieces that are supposed to line up to be able to lock the left hand door (double door opening) allowing the shed to be locked with a deadbolt. Since the doors don't line up well, you essentially have to close them together, which means you can't have both deadbolts in place. I won't be keeping my gold supply here, so I don't think it matters too much, but annoying. Forget pictures of the completed shed, but have a few of my progress. Will post once completed. The guy removing my inground pool is slated to start the week of Labor Day, though that has been kicked back twice now. Hopefully he starts and I can get working on that section of the back yard while I can still plant seed or sod.
  3. Day 1 - 195 Week 6 - 181 Week 7 - 179.5 Week 8 - 181 Week 9 - 178.5 Week 10 - 180 Weekly Loss - 1.5 Gain Loss to Date - 15 Last Four Week Trend - 1 lb loss My goal has been a four week trend measurement. 1 pound lost for the month, so just barely. I did have a couple of cheat this past week, and I also started lifting three days a week. I'm sure that resulted in a little bit of water weight gain. I'm using the scale as a long term measuring stick, not an instant gratification tool, so I'm ok with this plateau. I'm more concerned with the mirror. Will try to clean stuff up this week and see if I drop some more next week. The reality is though I'm enjoying eating this way still and it would be inconceivable to creep back up to 200 while sticking to the plan.
  4. My kids play online leagues with a group of friends. They start with a fantasy draft. The older one waited on QB and ended up with Trace McSorely as his QB. No worries, they are four season in and McSorely owns every single game and season long passing record, as well as four straight MVPs.
  5. I guess I'm not advocating for going by yourself. I'd agree going alone is sad (no offense @Vanilla Guerrilla), but going in a group is weird for different reasons. To be clear, I don't go at all (been twice for bachelor parties, never going back).
  6. This is one of the strange parts to me. If I'm looking at that, I don't want my friends hanging around with me. I don't get the "comradarie" aspect of the activity.
  7. Interesting. I didn't think this existing. My youngest must be a supertaster because we make fun of how picky he eats. No dressing on his salad. The only condiment he will eat is ketchup. He's trying to gain weight, so we experimented with a whole bunch of protein shakes and he can't drink any of them (except for a couple of the $5 per 12 oz bottle pre made deals). His favorite food is plain white rice. Maybe I'll start calling him supertaster.
  8. Wait, I didn't have to do the scores myself?
  9. The good old days when instant gratification was the exception, not the rule.
  10. I wish our commish mailed standings. We started in 90 as seniors in high school We'd sit in study hall with the newspaper on a daily basis and had a weekly routine. Monday was doing the majority of the box scores. Tuesday was finishing the box scores and figuring out the standings. Wednesday was looking at the league leaders posted in the papers and doing our pickups and drops. Thursday and Friday were for smack talk. Good times...good times...
  11. Wathcing NFL Primetime on Sunday, hoping to see your guy make the 300 yards passing, or 100 yards rushing/receiving lists, because if you didn't see them make that milestone you wouldn't know how they did until the paper came out the next day was peak fantasy football in my book.
  12. Hopefully these are better than the cbssportsline AI generated recaps of our weekly fantasy football games. They read like a poorly designed computer writing Mad Libs recaps.