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  1. This is a good post and I generally agree and share your experience. I had racism in my household growing up (my parents moved out of my childhood home when the neighborhood became more diversified). I moved back into my neighborhood specifically for that reason, so my kids could go get a multicultural experience and education in high school. It has been great for them. But the bolded is what I struggle with as well. I don't subscribe to slactivism and agree it can prevent people from doing more, thinking they are doing something by posting on social media. That doesn't help, but I don't know what to that can make a difference.
  2. I bought one two summers ago that has a "no oil change lifetime guarantee." I know nothing of engines, so this was music to my ears. Started on the second pull the first time out of the shed, and the first pull every time since. The only thing I would do different next time is get a more powerful self propelled version. The style I got was something called "you own pace" or something like that with a subtle propel assist, not full self propelled. It really does nothing.
  3. Same here...except for the dramatic weight loss. Tracking calories starting this week. Working out. Hoping to turn the tide.
  4. Starting to track calories as of today. Over the course of three weeks of exercising but not tracking what I ate, I gained about six pounds. So, tracking calories via Myfitnesspal as of today.
  5. Thanks, but for the record it is one of my favorites. That's the great thing about PJ's catalogue. Ask three different fans for their top ten songs, and you might get thirty unique songs listed. They have so much variety people can like them for different styles.
  6. My mutt is a "submissive pee'er." That means she will pee for a multitude of reasons. Someone comes to the house she knows (my stepdaughter stops by the visit, my son's girlfriend), she pees. She thinks someone is mad at her, she pees. Bites me on accident when we are playing, she pees. I'm able to manage it most of the time, and it really is only a problem on the carpet, but it sure is annoying.
  7. That lead to something totally awesome. We watched The Last Dance as a family (me, wife, 16yo and 18yo boys). The next day, my 16 year old casually says, "are all of Pearl Jams songs like 8 minutes long?" I told him no, but some of the older stuff was like that. I then ask why, and he tells me he liked Present Tense, so he looked up some of their popular songs on Spotify. I was beaming with pride. I asked him what he liked about it, and he admitted it was probably just good music for that point in the documentary, and that it captured the mood. But, he said, he liked the guitar and that he likes guitar in songs (not much guitar in pop music these days). He liked that it was mellow, he thought all Pearl Jam stuff was rockers. So, I made him a Spotify playlist with all their mellow stuff. At the end of it, I threw in Superblood Wolfmoon, because we randomly talked about a Superblood Wolfmoon a couple of weeks ago. He said he liked most of the songs, though they did all sound similar after a while (I warned him of that having a bunch of songs of such similarity). And the best thing was he did like Superblood Wolfmoon too, so I added some others to his list and let him know a Pearl Jam concert would be a great first concert for him. I don't think he bought that though.
  8. Rookies. I cannot count how many times my boys have watched it (18 & 16). The 16 year old cannot go an entire meal without slipping in an Office quote relating to something someone just said. We got on him for a while about how annoying it was, but he just upped his schtick. After his quote, he now gives the season and episode name of the quote.
  9. Tried a couple before the pandemic and was not impressed by the service. Was over an hour between order time, and food to my door time. Just not worth it. We do take out a lot, and order when we start to get hungry. Needing to plan in a massive lead time for your meal doesn't work for me. I've stopped going to places (both local and chains) that can't figure out how to serve take out only during the pandemic. I'm not going to support a business that can't get the stuff to my door quickly either.
  10. Rental places recently opened up for curbside pickup, so my procrastination saved me a purchase. I think I need to till and fertilize it because that's what the websites say are the best steps to take to lay sod. I want to do everything I can, since several years ago, the area behind this used to be overgrown. I had it cleared and sod laid by a small landscaping company. It is now more weeds than grass. I want to give this new section the best start I can, since it butts up against the weedy area I am battling.
  11. Will jump in when I start tracking. I'm starting with exercise as the only change for now so I can get in that habit without being preoccupied with results. The first week of exercise, I gained 3.5 pounds. Likely due to the additional calories of actually eating breakfast daily to fuel the morning workout, protein shakes, creatine, my birthday, mothers day, etc etc. I'm going to weight in again Friday and see where I am. If I'm flat or losing, I probably won't start tracking yet, but if I'm still gaining weight, I'll definitely start tracking and jump in to that thread.
  12. Dipping my toe back in the water here. I ballooned up to what is a bad weight for me (pants, other than sweat pants don't fit anymore). I want to lose some weight, but not for vanity this time. I simply want to be healthy, and want to get my heart back into shape. I feel it has been neglected for too long. Being in my late 40s now, I am hearing far to many stories of people my age having heart attacks, cancer, etc. Need to change so I can be around for a while. While I know eating is more important than exercise in weight loss, exercise has always been the challenge for me. Not surprisingly, I have always had the best results when combining the two. But, I get out of the exercise habit first, when then slows the progress, and I lose focus on the diet. Instead of changing my world overnight, I am instead this time getting slowly back into it. Working at home has given me extra time in the day. I have started to work out in the morning before logging on to work. I want to get this habit established first, and then start working on the diet. I want to try to establish each separate from each other, so when one goes off the rails, they both don't. We'll see if that is successful. Lifting and doing cardio on alternating days, with one or two days of rest on the weekend. My cardio was subpar the first week or two, so I'm adding in some Beachbody programs as cardio. I'm reminded of how tough Insanity is, when I can't get through the "warm up" portion keeping up with the video. I'm out of shape, and my legs are killing me.
  13. Six. One in the living room. One on our four season porch. One in our bedroom. Three in our "family room" ie, mancave. Three TVs, three leather recliners, three XB1s, one PS4, one PS3.
  14. Funny, I loved the show as well and when I finished S2 I decided it was almost as good as S1. However, the psychiastrist bothered me. He had a couple of lines that made me laugh, but overall I thought they drove that one trick pony joke into the ground.