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  1. They are a pain the the ###. We had one in our old house. When we moved in kids were 15 and 8. They used if for the first 3 or so years alot, then sporadically until we the wife and I split and the new house me and the boys were moving into didn't have a pool. Then they loved it. Don't get me wrong. Great for entertaining, sitting around, etc. Just don't thin that we used it enough to justify the cost. In our area you are looking at 150/month for turn key (cleaning and chems) and about $100 extra in water (texas due to evaporation during the summer), but that does not cover "break / fix", and something is always breaking (polaris, pipes leaking, new diving board, caulking, etc). If you have the disposable income, it is worth it. I loved sitting around the pool watching the game, but at our new house we do the same.........only I look at a rock garden instead of a pool.
  2. 3 hour trip to Houston for baseball (Cowboy game on the way home), on the way down we listened to 16yo's playlist: Typical rap, teenage stuff now.........but he pulls out some of these and I was like 🤗: Dolly Parton - Jolene John Denver - Take Me Home Country Road Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin You Garth Brooks - What's She Doing Now and a lot of others that I didn't even knew he had any idea about. He would ask me if I knew who the artists were, and it got me thinking, which musicians/singers can you immediately identify? With his rappers, I cam up w/ Lil Wayne, Eminem, NWO A few off the top of my head that we both talked about: Guitarists I came up w/ Eddie VH, Slash, Eric Clapton, Tom Morello, and Randy Rhodes. Bass players I Les Claypool, John Taylor, Singers John Lennon, McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Madonna, young Axel, Bon Scott, Ozzy, There are obviously many more. Yours?