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  1. I agree with your two choices. I listed my entire bench for context. It is hard to drop Williams when an injury could make him a top 10 rb in a high powered offense. That and Scott had an audition last week as RB1 and didn't show much.
  2. I am in a 12 team PPR league. I have to drop one of the following players:. Goedert (I have Kittle), Boston Scott, Darrel Williams, CeeDee Lamb, James White, Anthony Miller, or Benny Snell. These are all bench players or possible Flex so I am trying to keep high upside players. Who should I dump?
  3. Thanks. This is the 18th year for this league and we've never had a keeper length restriction....but someone is putting it to vote this year. The proposal is 3 years for each keeper.
  4. I have to set my Keepers today. Looking at the most likely keepers for every team, I should have the following choices for my 1st and 2nd round picks (12th and 13th picks):. Golladay, A. Robinson, C. Ridley, R. Woods, C. Carson, A. Cooper so I could get a couple top-15 wr if I choose to go with Kittle.
  5. I am in a 12-team PPR super flex league where we start 2 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te and 1 flex. We are allowed to have three keepers with no restrictions or draft pick requirements. I have Mahomes, McCaffrey, Julio Jones and Kittle. I am thinking of taking Mahomes, McCaffrey and Kittle although all rankings have Julio higher. I feel like having all elite TE gives you an advantage over all other teams except for the Kelce Owner. Thoughts....