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  1. Don’t let the Antifa Insurrection distract you from the fact the good guys continue to pursue the truth
  2. This simply isn’t true. You WERE on here yesterday pushing the tear gas falsehood.
  3. That you continue to talk about tear gas? Stop it.
  4. First of all, it was an opinion article. You are not the arbiter of what people can and cannot post. You are trying to use some perceived bully pulpit to silence others. Please stop. Secondly,, I am not going to dig through your 500+ posts each day to grab this specific falsehood. Be better Have a good day.
  5. This coming from a poster that is still posting the lie that tear gas was get Trump to the church across from the White House.
  6. More African Americans have been killed as a result of these riots. That’s not important?
  7. Very interesting article.
  8. Smoke canisters. Trump walking through that smoke was a great visual. Maybe it was tear gas and Trump just brushed it aside.
  9. His fake news war room set up has to be a sight to behold.
  10. Biden also had to have known the tear gas story was a lie this morning when he did his press conference. However , he still pushed this blatant falsehood to the people. Odds he apologizes?
  11. The truth eventually comes out. Shame on those pushing such a false story.
  12. Imagine what Biden could have done if they used DOJ resources on this instead of spying and plotting against Trump.