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  1. knowledge dropper

    The migrant caravan

    Religious or Political affiliated groups?
  2. knowledge dropper

    The migrant caravan

    How does a migrant caravan start? Honest question.
  3. Saw it on Twitter, but the e-mail came fast. FBG did a good job.
  4. knowledge dropper

    Dynasty & Redraft: RB Dalvin Cook, Vikings

    Not looking good. Andrew Krammer (@Andrew_Krammer) 10/19/18, 12:15 PM Dalvin Cook warmed up but left the practice field again, like he did yesterday and was listed DNP. #Vikings
  5. I went with Denver after seeing Von Miller’s quotes. Miller played like Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High after Spicoli trashed his Trans Am.
  6. knowledge dropper

    Dynasty & Redraft: RB Dalvin Cook, Vikings

    Sounds like another setback today?
  7. knowledge dropper

    What will current Trump supporters think about him in 20 years?

    This all depends on how the story ends. Too early to tell. I speak his name proudly now but things can change. My favorite baseball player as a kid was Steve Garvey.
  8. knowledge dropper

    I’m with Pelosi

    Isn’t it a foregone conclusion Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) is going take over?
  9. knowledge dropper

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    There are a lot of dopes in our country that love any excuse they can contrive so they can create mayhem. I proudly denounce all troublemakers.
  10. knowledge dropper

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    I just don’t analyze every Trump comment at a macro level. Many people don’t see it that way and I don’t think Trump does.
  11. knowledge dropper

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    It was a response to a post where fellow Americans was used.
  12. knowledge dropper

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Here is where a big difference in opinions lie. I believe he is referring to that “victim” and not all victims. IMO the Ford/Kavanaugh situation was highly politicized and there were very few facts. Does that mean all sexual assualt should be disregarded? Do perverts and mashers now have free reign. Of course not. There is a whole thread on that and don’t want to rehash it here. Many Americans didn’t buy Ford’s memory lapses, that doesn’t make us pro-rape. The economy and getting people jobs so they can get off the cycle of drugs and violence is real. A perceived new world order of pro-sexual assault is not.
  13. knowledge dropper

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    I voted for Kasich in the primaries. I don’t agree with all his tweets. However, people that are in the game and have disparaged him are fair game IMO. I don’t get bent out of shape over bad hombres or s hole countries. That’s the way he talks. I know he’s referring to terrorists and troublemakers and not Everyone. His King Solomon approach to immigration isn’t perfect but status quo isn’t either. In his own bull in a China shop style he’s getting things done.
  14. knowledge dropper

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    We can agree to disagree since I wasn’t lying. The topic of the day was his Stormy Daniels tweets. Rickles was an insult comic famous for off color one liners earlier in his career. That was my point that was misconstrued My point is people were sick of PC milquetoast politicians. That’s why he beat a dozen other Republicans in the primary. Trump shouldn’t have won, but putting up that many candidates dilutes the field. Trump stood out because people like his insults, combative nature and one liners. I honestly respect your takes because you and HF are two of the few on the other side that can blend humor, irony, intelligence, and information. Many are too combative and condescending. I will try to do better as well.