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  1. He’s gathering a looooong list of names he is going to put on blast for obstruction of his presidency and possibly treason. He will be expecting these 2.5 years back. If this is indeed a nothingburger, then his fake news campaign will go into overdrive. He will crush the Democratic Party and never-Trumpers for this nonsense. Trump unchained is what we will see.
  2. Look at the bright side of the religious affiliation question. The Rapture will have very little impact on PSF traffic.
  3. So what’s the difference between the two 2020 threads?
  4. The “would you like some fries with that burger” job market Trump inherited? Trump is hitting on all cylinders. Look at the manufacturing jobs.
  5. It’s almost like they don’t care about legal citizens over 18 outside of New York and California.
  6. Not afraid of anything other than someone coming along and ruining this era of prosperity, peace and pride ignited by our current President.
  7. Given the abysmal alternatives, I like his chances.
  9. If you can’t win on issues, then of course you want to change the rules of the game.
  10. I actually saw a # QANON Billboard on I-75 heading home from Florida last week. I think it was in north Georgia.