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  1. He was slurring his words talking to the “dates” so he very well could have hooked up with his pillow as Howard suggested.
  2. Her story started to unravel. I think she was too under the influence to fully remember what happened. The fact the staffers all believe Brent lies is radio gold.
  3. Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) 10/22/19, 2:23 PM Hillary Clinton just said that President Trump is going to be ‘very hard’ to beat if he’s not impeached. This should tell you everything you need to know about this political hit job.
  4. I don’t want this to be the thread that puts the nails in the coffin of the PSF. TIA.
  5. Tell it to the owner. Personally, I would have killed the PSF long ago.
  6. Plenty of threads specifically created to discuss those “issues.”
  7. Worst OL and LBs in the league so it makes sense This week should be interesting. They have to sell off some parts for picks.
  8. This is the worst Bengals team I can remember and I suffered through the 90’s.
  9. This is supposed to be a discussion board, a forum for ALL ideas. if you want Nightline, watch ABC (is it still on?)
  10. This was truly the Jump the Shark moment for the PSF. If the mob can get away with treating an owner in that manner, then what chance do regular guys have?
  11. Meh. It can be arbitrary. I got three days for a tribbles joke.