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  1. Obviously from the article Merkel has an issue with male authoritative figures- especially AMERICAN male authoritative figures. We elected (in an electoral landslide) the ultimate alpha. He’s not going to bow to her nonsense. It’s great.
  2. Haven’t seen this mentioned but this move by Trump was
  3. Don’t be a disrespectful jerk. That’s why so few choose to engage in this echo chamber.
  4. Algae Blooms have been a huge issue in Western Lake Erie for last few years. Toledo water was undrinkable a couple of summers ago...before Trump.
  5. And many are struggling to find a way to replace “gas” tax revenue. It was easy to tax at the pump or distributor. Now they have to start looking at reporting of mileage driven or something of that nature. It’s a big paradigm change.
  6. Ageism and Racism in the same thread!!!! This is like a double word score in trolling scrabble.
  7. My team, the Cincinnati Reds, already shutdown baseball operations for the summer.
  8. So it’s now okay to be abusive to certain women?
  9. Does anyone have a scorecard of posters on Timeour to new aliases? It’s hard to keep track after all the non-excellence generated in here.
  10. So you don’t. Thanks.
  11. His post seemed reasonable and not hate filled. Maybe that’s the issue? Needs more troll and Nazi references I guess.
  12. Do you know the difference between policy and practice? It’s an important concept here.
  13. Careful, they may quote snopes or Twitter and call you racist. Judiciary, Is that owned by Briebart?
  14. I don’t think anyone is saying this. I think the point many are missing in their blind hate for Trump is how awful our immigration policies and procedures have been for decades.
  15. #6