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  1. We’ve suffered through 16 years of stupid penalties, wasted timeouts, no halftime adjustments, and terrible replay challenges. Mike Sherman passing his son in law a phone number is no sweat. This team has had enough talent over the 16 years to have won at least one Lombardi trophy. Zero playoff wins? Terrible.
  2. I think Callahan will be a name on the staff. I have also seen rumors of John Pagano being plucked off Texans staff for DC.
  3. I’ll be rooting for the Saints this week so Taylor can start working full time on the transition. Mike Sherman is his father-in-law. That might help with some assistant coach contacts and hires.
  4. knowledge dropper

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Typical. And that was not the purpose of the post. It was to illustrate what Trump was pointing out to the people in his speech. It was not one of the 100’s personal insults thrown out at Trump supporters in this forum. None of which they can respond to in kind without the trigger happy reporters and their faux outrage trying to take them out. The PF is a rigged game. It’s like the games nobody with any sense will play when they walk down the midway at the amusement park.
  5. Bevell for OC. Hue was officially let go yesterday.
  6. knowledge dropper

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Why bother?
  7. knowledge dropper

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    This is a vile statement by a poster that has a long record of derogatory comments towards Trump supporters. Letting stuff like this ride is a big reason many don’t frequent this forum.
  8. knowledge dropper

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    $14.5 billion in the rainy day fund? I guess It never does rain in Southern California.
  9. knowledge dropper

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    Yes. It’s based on property value. Normally values assessed by state or local government based on many factors. Problem is many of these urban areas don’t have new development and property values don’t increase as quickly and as much as other areas. New development tends to get temporary tax abatements so they can be exempt from property taxes for years. Rural districts have similar issues when trying to value and fund agricultural property to finance those schools.
  10. knowledge dropper

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    School facilities play a part in this as well. You can only add so many temporary trailers on school lots. Modernizing/Expanding schools has been on the backburner for decades all over the country. Infrastructure in inner city and rural schools in many areas is shoddy at best.
  11. knowledge dropper

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    Wow. I’m pretty sure if we sat down and discussed we would be on the same side of this argument. A lot of my family were inner city school educators. I also have a school finance background. The number (26) has a lot of variables and factors behind it (e.g. % with special needs). It was the 50 kids per class that was astounding to me and those districts had not been an issue.
  12. knowledge dropper

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    Interesting On class size, Los Angeles Unified has an average of 26 students per class. Of the 10 largest school districts in California, only one has a smaller average class size than Los Angeles. i would be more concerned about the districts pushing 50 kids/class as mentioned in the article. Anything over 35 used to be the limit in my area.
  13. If you hold yourself out there as an FBG Beta Tester a reasonable person has to assume he or she is a representative or agent of the company. In private industry many businesses are concerned about the image their representatives put forth on social media and message boards as well as the way their customers are treated. It appears to not be the case here, so I will let it go.
  14. I miss a lot of sho’s baiting as I put him on ignore since he won’t back up his claims with facts like he demands of others The point from this mainstream article about 21 murders about 150 miles from the BORDER illustrated how dangerous it is as Trump mentioned in his speech. These drug gangs are not just stopping at the border. These are turf wars to get access to the market. There are many solutions needed, and one needs to include fortification and barriers. There are people seeking a better life in America. EVERYONE understands that. We have legal ways to get them in. However, there are also many mayhem making opportunists also getting across. That element is being minimized by the other side.
  15. i know. It’s frustrating and makes this place awful. Endless name calling, trolling, personal attacks by the regulars and nothing. Joe says someone calls AOC an “idiot” and gets reported six times but wonders why numbers are down?