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  1. No, but members have to assume someone holding himself out as an “FBG Apps Beta Tester” is living up to the standards and beliefs of FBG Management and Ownership whenever he or she posts. Continually mistreating and trolling members can’t be a good look.
  2. As a representative of the owners of the website perhaps you should be more excellent to paying customers?
  3. She puts “stakeholders” in her bill in addition to having corporations get federal charters. Historically, it has been at the state level that they get their charter. It’s putting a lot of federal control over corporations and probably a lot of red tape. Many think she is off the reservation with this one and it would be a big overreach by the federal government.
  4. This would never have happened to the Clintons. A distraught Omorosa would have died tragically not long after being fired.
  5. Associated Press or Reuters work for me.
  6. The general public just needs to be smarter. The Weekly World News published for years and everyone knew it was junk. You just have to find credible unbiased news.
  7. Admit yelled choo choo at the end.
  8. Not my point. He bashed Brennan while getting in the book plug. He is an artist.
  9. This is a Trump Hall of Fame tweet.
  10. Yep. Stupid idea.
  11. Didn’t the Democrats have a majority? Maybe if they directed more of the money to infrastructure projects rather than union kickbacks, payoffs and cronyism we would be in better shape.
  12. Or if there had not been so much waste the in the ARRA