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  1. I can’t find the article. I believe it was a radio show. The left is very paranoid about it.
  2. Hopefully, the rumor that Trump will issue an Executive Order requiring voter ID is true. It would be great to see this a fair election, no shenanigans and no excuses.
  3. Her campaign is running out of cash She had to make her stand Wednesday It looks like Bloomberg’s spend them off the campaign trail strategy is working
  4. We have Freedom of Speech, not Freedom of Slander. Hopefully, they clean up their act.
  5. He works for free. Anyone that finds themselves in Trump’s Twitter crosshairs normally did something to put themselves in that position.
  6. If I had a Gatorade jug of likes, I would dump it on this post. MAGA!!!!!!!!
  7. For the record, my like was based on the fact @tonydead had, in fact, pulled a biblical example that refuted the poster’s argument. Believe it or not, I am teaching PSR (Catholic Sunday School). My like in no way reflects my personal opinion on homosexual relationships. Carry on.
  8. I’ll get my information from the White House Council of Economic Advisors and you continue to get yours from Twitter.
  9. Associated Press picked up on it. Take your issue on the article up with them. They are about the most nonpartisan media source we have.
  10. Tough time to be a Trump hater. Empirical proof about Trump riding an Obama economy now proven to be a blatant falsehood:
  11. Most of us hate the bait, troll, report game that many performing their drive by posts use try to nail pro-Trump posters. I’m glad the mods finally popped Sho and he doesn’t do that in here anymore. Squis seems to be gunning for more pelts lately.
  12. Actions speak louder than words. Where’s Dodds? Where’s Noonan or Bluto? There is ONE pro-Trump thread in this forum. The mods come in here and round up a couple of the few remaining pro-Trump posters every couple of days but let guys troll in here constantly.