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  1. We need to stay vigilant my brothers The left playbook is exposed
  2. I can ask the same of you. Please distinguish between BLM speakers calling for the death of all white men to Germany in the 1930’s.
  3. Funny. if state and local law enforcement weren’t being held back by complicit politicians trying to create a civil war, we would not be at this point. I’m on the right side of history on this issue.
  4. Maybe they are partnering with another agency? Doesn’t matter to me. I’m not the one that gets jollies performing mayhem and destruction on federal property and agents. It’s sad there is so much Antifa support on these boards.
  5. You forgot about the skateboarders and hacky sack guys just looking to let off some steam?
  6. To quell an insurrection that poses a risk to federal interests. Yes.
  7. Portland is a couple hours from international waters? They have an airport?
  8. You KNOW the “mainstream” liberal media is not reporting on that as it will hinder their ability to damage Trump. The Federal Building in Portland apparently damaged itself.
  9. One man’s “protest” is another man’s riot/insurrection.
  10. Knowledge Dropper is my name, keeping the PSF fair and balanced is my game.
  11. I’m sure people thought like you did in the 1930’s. Just a harmless nut job.
  12. Well at least their intentions are out in the open:
  13. Listen, my brother. You will only find unchecked hate, ridicule, censorship, and ultimately banishment in this thread. There is a bright shining city in this Forum. Head to the Trump 2020 - The Great Place thread.