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  1. Unfortunately for him you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  2. 1) Pick a safe candidate Biden agreeing to one term with a succession plan to a VP like Mayor Pete that needs experience 2) Pelosi needs to reign in the Squad They are giving Trump and talk radio daily fodder 3) Avoid all Trump’s bait Laugh it off and don’t try to show him up 4) Speak to moderates about unification. 5) Don't touch controversial topics like reparations and healthcare for illegals
  3. Why engage. I put that poster on ignore the minute he came in with maggots and traitors.
  4. I missed the hubbub last night. Did it all get deleted?
  5. Not being a tool, but Obama did not want their help was the way I saw it.
  6. Because people that would eventually have abortions are never born?
  7. His dad died 20 years ago and he was 93 then. Nice try.
  8. I think Trump tells any pale skin critic with a foreign accent to go back to his or her country.
  9. Their idea of a mess is the polar opposite of Trump’s idea.
  10. Depends who wins. Biden can beat him by making a small dent in the over 55 white voter category that the others will not. My reaction will be you win some and you lose some. I won’t be yelling “not my president” at clouds or protesting. Hopefully, Biden would be able to unify. I don’t think any others in the Democrat Party final four have that quality. All the rest are too angry and punitive.
  11. Many Politicians on bofff sidzzz are divas. That’s why we shouldn’t get so over-zealous fighting each other about them.