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  1. I was sucked into years of watching Lost. What’s the premise?
  2. The first wasn’t great, but it’s one of those movies I always seem to be watching parts of on HBO or Showtime at night. I will do the same with the sequel.
  3. Please provide a link to where you got this from Trump or the GOP’s platform.
  4. Tweet your question to Ronnie The Limo Driver.
  5. I was hoping the book Georgie gave The Hilltop was going to be “To Serve Man.”
  6. Went through the same with my black lab about 4 years ago. Opted for surgery but when they opened him up they found it was aggressive and recommended I put him down. He was 9. English Black Lab. Great dog. Enjoy the time you have. The three months extra might just cause him more suffering but just down the road. Sorry you have to go through this it’s awful.
  8. 1624 pages of nothingburger. Imagine if you guys used that time on something productive.
  9. @Opie Thank you for your military service and your Echo Chamber service.
  10. Isn’t he supposed to be a teacher?
  11. What if they just found out Gordon failed a drug test?
  12. Approximately how much money does CSTU owe?
  13. Ronnie, Sal and Richard have saved that show the past few years. Fred is gold anytime Ronnie comes on.
  14. I felt the same way when he was on Bubba. He’s a showkiller for me.
  15. Looks like Time’s Up for her.