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  1. There are several forces which are the main contributors to police brutality. 1. The large amount of crimes concentrated in the poor inner city neighborhoods. 2. The enormous distrusting attitude exhibited towards police that they are racists. 3. Police covering for their own and not rooting out the bad apples which lead to these few high profile cases. We have spent the last 50 years improving policies. The major problems are not structural. What leads more often than not to police brutality is the hostile attitude displayed towards police and police having to enter into dangerous situations. Of course there are still some officers who are horrible. But until SOME of the focus is put on items 1 and 2, it will remain a problem.
  2. Generally, right wing protests don't involve throwing stuff at police, looting, and vandelism. That could be why police treat them a little better. There is just a level of hostility that is not present.
  3. I appreciate your perspective, but it is a silly characterization. Whiteness or blackness or liberal or conservative is not what determines who has 'all the power' and who has 'no power, no money, no prospects'. We live in a country where millions of poor blacks are able to rise out of poverty and move up into the middle class or even the elite class. There are also millions of poor whites who live in poverty. To make the arguement you did is such a gross distortion of reality. There are tons of poor abused people on both sides. And there are tons of rich elites on both sides. Most of the protedtors on both sides are in the poor under class.
  4. We have had several people quote some police department in the last couple of pages alone saying there is no evidence of involvement from radical left-wing groups.
  5. Right-wing protest.... MSM seeks out the worst elements and magnifies it to cast a bad light on the entire movement. Left-wing protest.... MSM seeks out the best elements to rationalize and downplay all the violence. That is 100 percent what happens. You csn either acknowledge this truth or you can continue your partisan ways.
  6. The world where i see CNN, NBC, and NYT make headlines out of every tweet or arrest that is linked to the right or racists and pretend there is no evidence of left-wing involvement. They don't look for it or it they do see it, they ignore it the best they can.
  7. You excuse it everyday by refusing to admit any fault or inconsistsncy from the left. There is no honesty here. It is all about an agenda.
  8. We had years of alost entirely peaceful protests done by the Tea Party. But those people were ridiculed and endless attacked by the media and this forum. Now we have massive protests from the left leading to massive amounts of violence and the best the media can do is pretend there is no link. Lol. You can't make this stuff up. It is so utterly obscenely slanted and distorted. But yes, the MSM is very reliable in how they distort it.
  9. Lol...just your own eyes. I am not seeing a bunch of white nationalists looting stores. Yes, Baghdad Bob is telling us there is no evidence, and of course we turn off our brain and believe it because it is convenient to our beliefs. There is not one ounce of common sense being used. It is all about blaming the right-wing and excusing the left-wing thugs.
  10. Lol....The MSM looks like Baghdad Bob reporting the story. With images of buildings burning and people looting, the media is telling everyone how peaceful the protesters are. And most posters in here are eating it up the outlandish spin. The MSM ignores/downplays story of dead cops who get shot by looters. The only thing the New York Times and Washpo are reliable in is pushing their narrative. It is even more absurd to be blaming the criminal activities on white fascist groups. The media only reports on stories which can be linked some racist group. There are millions of tweets and tens of thousands of arrests, but the few that the media headlines are those who can be linked to outside groups. It is like people seriously believe that the only reason some radical leftist is torching a building is because of sone fake tweet. What an asine perspective.
  11. Lol...i will take the bet every day of the week on who is mostly behind this.
  12. In some cases it is legitimate news which the nedia chooses to ignore.