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  1. I left 43 points on the bench and I could pull out a win.
  2. Just watching the game cast online, seems like a ridiculous ending. Vwtf was that? Overturned call after overturned call.
  3. Three touchdowns now. Maybe the scrub that is in my lineup will get a catch.
  4. I don't see it. I guess trying to make up for not using a challenge last week.
  5. As expected the guy on my benxh by mistake has two TDs in the first quarter.
  6. Damn it, was not paying attention. Picked up a guy and he ended up by mistake in my starting lineup. Meant to have Marvin Jones playing. This is what happens when you don't pay attention.
  7. There would be conflict of interests if those relations were on the government side with people administering the contract. Biden's position is what makes it a conflict.
  8. Thanks for the mention. That makes you, Tim, and Joe. It is a good post, but what frustrates me is I don't have the solution. I can spot where the downfall is, but I have no idea how to correct it. Pointing it out is just whining. Throwing their tactics back at them is hypocritical. People need to realize those tactics do not lead to positive discussions. But how do you tell people and do most people even really care more about improving the tone of discussions than winning? ETA: I do appreciate Joe for taking a bold stand and trying.
  9. I think having discussions on communism and racism should be taken to a thread about how to be unexcellent to each other.
  10. I am not hopeful from any longterm improvement from many of the responses in this thread. I think Krista and dk are having a productive discussion and I would hope discussions along those lines would continue.
  11. Two parties may have some overlapping interests, but they are never completely the same. Two parties on a contract always have an obvious competing interest.
  12. Most domestic jobs do not present a conflict of interest for a President let alone a VP. A VP generally does nothing substainal. But here, the one time Biden does step in and do something concrete with US policy, it just so happens that it somehow just happens to potentially impact the company his son works for in Ukraine. How often does the US dictate that a prosecutor in some foreign country get fired. It is a bit bizarre how it worked out.
  13. The conflict of interest is the interest she would have in representing the government's best interest vs. the interest she would have in benefiting her sister. It is not really a hypothetical as this situation does occur and the contracting office would not be allowed to perform any work on that contract. If the contracting officer did not disclose such conflict, she would be reprimanded and probably fired regardless if she didn't do anything improper on the contract.
  14. That leaves me to come to realize people do not understand what a conflict of interest is. Say for instance a government contracting officer is working on a contract which includes a company her sister is working on. There IS a conflict of interest. It does not matter if she behaved perfectly ethical and always in the best interest of the government. The conflict of interest existed, not just some appearance.