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  1. Why isn't the NBA racially balanced? Is that proof the NBA has systemic racism towards white guys?
  2. The person they killed was on the warrant.
  3. i am sorry. This thread had reach the point of just being silly.
  4. That is the beauty if such as BS accusation. You guys throw it around like candy with no proof or logic.
  5. More like it shows how clueless the next generation is and the chaos their tantrums will cause down the road.
  6. Sure it is a joke. It is over-reaction and mischaracterization from sketchy information from some unanimous souce.
  7. First shot fired hit a police officer. By what logic is returning fire not justified? Other neighbors heard the police knock and announce themselves. It was tragic but justified. Zero evidence of bias or systemic racism.
  8. You mean over 150 years ago? The increasing the court size is a far-left tantrum that has no support from the more mature and rationale side of the party.
  9. It is amazing how many of these Boogaloo boys end up being black. It is also amazing how 100 percent of these narratives spun up around the shootings by police officers end up getting critical details wrong. Big Lies Matter.
  10. 9 p.m. - LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Two police officers were wounded in a shooting Wednesday in downtown Louisville. A spokesperson for the Louisville Metro Police Department confirmed the shooting Wednesday evening.
  11. Lol. Restoring balance. How ignorant. As soon as the GOP wins back the White House there will be 15 seats. So much short-sideness.