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  1. I believe we’re going to see an epic route, from the top down.
  2. I hear a lot of youth don’t want to anchor themselves to a party. And I believe you are correct, that these same people HATE Trump.
  3. Add in the fact that Fred Rogers is absolutely revered in PA makes this even more stupid.
  4. Trump Advisor Own Goal After Comparing Biden Town Hall to Watching Mr Rogers She posts this and gets absolutely ratioed. The replies are gold.
  5. For the sake of the country, I hope the investigations are in the backfground. Less to “get” people and more to make sure a future administration cant #### on the other branches of government and rule of law again.
  6. We were at Disney Springs today, and it was absolutely fantastic. They have screeners at all entrances checking temperatures and the whole pace enforces masks. Not one person was mask-less anywhere. Not many people there either. Just about everything was open which was nice. We’ve got tickets to Magic Kingdom tomorrow and we’re pretty stoked about that me, wife, 3 kids).
  7. The GOP did this to garner favor from the electorate. It worked in the short term. This play just before the election literally is a vote grab attempt by the GOP. If they actually had any concern for average Americans, they would have negotiated with the House this spring.
  8. No. Wait until November 4th and we’ll see how the GOP approaches any kind of stimulus. If it’s anything other than the GOP saying “screw you people, no stimulus at all” I will eat my hat.
  9. Even Montana is in play? Dayummmmmm
  10. One party crafted a second stimulus before summer, while the other laughed and threw it on the pile. Now the GOP magically cares about the citizenry, mere weeks before the upcoming pummeling on November 3rd. It’s ridiculously obvious.
  11. Most Americans see right through Trump and McConnell’s bull####. They know the senate has been sitting on (nearly 200?) house bills for years now. And Americans are going to punish the GOP at the ballot box this year.
  12. Any and all commercials for Senators should absolutely paint the Republican candidate as a Proxy for Trump himself.
  13. Investors hate uncertainty. With Trump, you literally never know what that dude is gonna pull each and every day.
  14. This is absolutely heartbreaking. The poor kid. Damn.