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  1. @ryheaps I gave you McManus but renfrow was already picked. Need another.
  2. I’m on a couple of flights today. I’ll be predrafting a couple of rounds ahead but if we make it through 3+ to get back to my next set, you can skip me after about 30 minutes on the clock and I will catch up later.
  3. And what if some of us in the middle wanted Thompson? j/k I’m fine with continuing on
  4. Cue the Monty Python I’m not dead I feel happy... Thought about Andrews versus Hill as I tend to favor the TEs early (discussion above is correct) but couldn’t pass on a top 2 WR in this format. Pretty sure he hurt his hammy about 10 minutes later. So we’ll see what I can pull out in the next couple of picks...
  5. Smaller leagues mean top line studs matter more. I would be looking for sure at 1-2 of the top TEs To corner the market and maybe Lamar/Mahomes if they work out. Start with RBs. Wait on WR. Definitely play the WW for DST and K.
  6. Out of these I’m taking Hill solely for the reason that I like 3 RBs fairly equally in Chubb, Jacobs and Miles Sanders, and I’ll get one of those with my next pick. Julio would be the only other consideration but not enough to want to go WR-WR here.
  7. Good options here but I’m taking MT. I think there’s enough of a gap between the top 4 RBs and the next level with Cook, and a similar gap from MT to the next level of WRs. Kelce gets some boost for the 1.5 PPR but not enough to move this high. Cook would be my 1.06 in this format, Kelce would be late 1 depending on what RBs are left at the pick.
  8. I’m taking Saquon here as getting a top RB in non PPR is critical and even with superflex there won’t be much left as top line on the next turn. That said, I’d say this is one where you need to know your league. If everyone is going to go massively crazy for QB (i.e. 6-8 gone before next pick) then taking a QB is the best move.
  9. Of these I’m taking Golladay pretty easily. He and DJ Moore and ARob are about even but I’d give Golladay the advantage due to known QB situation. CEH might have the best upside as a season changer late, but with no training camp I think he will be too far behind the learning curve to have value until late (he would be a good trade target early to mid season). Additionally having CMC helps to wait on RB and see what comes back at the next turn. Gurley wouldn’t be a consideration here but would be at the next set if he makes it back.
  10. Kittle should be the pick here. I agree that Golladay and Evans have some value but likely one of them or ARob drops to the 3.03, and I hold all of them at similar value. Getting the advantage at TE is huge here.
  11. Close between Julio and Kelce for me. Top TE provides a pretty good positional advantage especially in standard so I’d lean Kelce here. PPR I probably go Julio.
  12. These are the three I would be looking at here. I slightly lean Adams here as there isn’t much else in the GB receiving corps for competition (Hill has others to fight) and PPR favors the WR a bit. Standard I’d probably go Mixon and see what came back, but in PPR a decent RB should come back at 2.05.
  13. In this scenario, I take Mixon. He has the best shot at a top 5 season of the three, as Chubb has Hunt taking some away and Jones won’t repeat his TD numbers from last year. That said, I would have taken a Mixon/Chubb combo at the turn instead of Jacobs as I don’t see the upside in the Las Vegas offense to get Jacobs to the elite level numbers.