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  1. Only downside really is if few defenses go in between. Agree that later drafts are better for this strategy as more unknown are covered. IMO a better strategy along these lines would be to get the kicker run going; the top 10-15 are pretty stable but anything past that has a lot of unknowns. Might have to try that if no more go before I pick...
  2. Stafford/Roeth Bell/Swift MT/JuJu/Metcalf/Jeudy/Ruggs Ebron/Dissly WR should provide a lot of stability plus upside. Risk at QB but 2 top 10 guys potentially if health is there. Need Ebron to go somewhere to be a key cog (and IMO Olsen is more Dissly insurance policy than "replacement"). Will need to add a couple more RB's for sure. This looks like a lot of my WSL teams (emphasis on injured/rookies that will see big jumps) which tend to either do really well or tank hard. Missed out on several targets a pick or two before (TE's mostly, plus a couple RB's) which drove a couple of the recent picks like Ebron which cost DJ.
  3. sorry - was already in the midst of picking before I saw your note
  4. Thanks for sniping the end of my predraft. Bell/Swift - hopefully Swift gets a bell cow role MT/JuJu/DK - MT allows for some chances here on upside. @bicycle_seat_snifferup
  5. Fairly tight draft so far. Unfortunate to see pretty much all of my 3rd round targets go right after my 2nd. KA was one I hesitate with, but could go either way (good relief valve for a rookie too). I agree with Mr. I about the 25-40 range, though more that there are plenty I like, just all equivalent. The bigger drop-off is coming in about 10 picks or so, then it's pick your poison. Maggot Brain needs a makeup pick still.
  6. Must have been when the pick got added in or something. I had a predraft for 7.09 of either NO D or NE D that I had to clear.
  7. @Stinkin Ref needs a replacement pick unless he really wants to keep Burkhead...
  8. I know, but I suspect they will be better/as good as what I can get by waiting until the end anyway.
  9. I do not. Should have David Moore instead of Jared Cook.
  10. Let's see... my awesome keeper options since my top 7 are all out... My 8th pick in SEA WR3 My 9th pick in a K that has never attempted a field goal My 10th pick in the HOU TE Keep Fells and Moore.
  11. Fun getting .15 from your QB. At least the Hawks won. Only 3 I can choose from to keep are my last 3 picks.
  12. Crippler still needs a makeup pick.