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  1. I love Reagor and I’d probably still draft Young here. Based on team makeup and the fact you need to start 3.
  2. Good QB combo if they start; could be a zero. Not sure Carson starts the year, and think ADP may not get a chair, so RB could be tough to start. Like the upside at WR. TE is OK; should get good scores from K and DEF. Need the WRs to carry until Carson is full health and the QBs to start; if that happens, this is probably top 5-8; don't see enough upside to avoid late elimination.
  3. I like this team generally, other than the RB2, unless Brady goes back to NE. Should be strong enough in the other slots though to help out. CMC injury/late bye is likely the only thing holding this back from top 5 or so.
  4. 12 team ppr 2.03, 2.05, 3.03 for 2021 1 and 3 (likely top 4-6)
  5. Agreed, though I will generally use it as a tie breaker (early rounds for higher floor, middle for higher ceiling); last spot or two for the RBs and WRs tends to be whichever side I haven't favored with the earlier picks.
  6. This is a team that is could make a deep run. Like the mix of upside and stability factors. Assuming Jamies gets/keeps a starting spot, and Kamara/Fournette stay healthy, this team will be dangerous. Biggest issue I have is I don't personally like most of the late picks, but you did a great job grabbing value across the board.
  7. I like this team a lot, but agree there's a lot of risk here (less so than some like mine IMO). Weak spot is RB2 unless Jones "keeps" the job. WR is stable but not a fan of the later picks. Love the Fant/Hock TE combo. I think you'll hang longer than you think, but not enough stability to survive once the weaker teams are out.
  8. I think this is an OK safe, fairly stable team. Actually decent to survive for a while unless bye week hell hits, but not the upside to win it. Need Rodgers to stop the fade and Ekeler to maintain his role from last year (or at least not fade out). LAR finally figured out how to use Higbee so I agree here.