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  1. I'll assume the pick is traded to KC, unless someone corrects me. Adjusting the picks for the 3rd round comp picks.... Pick 4.24 (#124 overall) Kansas City "Chefs" M.J. Stewart, CB, Maryland
  2. I'll pick for Washington just because I'm bored and online..... Pick 4.13 (#113) Washington Redskins Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana
  3. I'll pick another player soon. ETA... Pick 105 Denver Broncos Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State
  4. Tampa is picking next and then Denver again at 105. If I’m not around, pick for Denver in this order: Anthony Johnson, WR, Buffalo Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest
  5. As posted earlier... Pick 103 New York Jets Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
  6. Sorry this was late... Pick 102 Denver Broncos Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama
  7. Back home now. Give me a little while to get things together and I'll post the Denver pick. Unless someone has already done so and I haven't seen it yet. Be back soon.
  8. ESPN has Mike McCray (Ohio U.) as the next ILB on their list. They also still list about 20 players who went back to school, so.....