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  1. Plus, it's kind of wrong. Last real action movie with a female lead I saw was Atomic Blonde, and I thought it was pretty good. Made 100 mil at the box office, not huge but not embarrassing either.
  2. I don't understand how this movie is supposed to be losing $100 million. How on earth do you figure that? Only looking at the domestic gross?
  3. I laughed at the guy that picked the Patriot's D in the 8th round in a 10 team league.
  4. Now imagine someone said that to you about the Yankees in 2003.
  5. They knocked it out of the park with this Joker/Sesame street parody.
  6. PC police? I don't get it. I don't think you said anything different than I did. I agree about the boy respecting the girl 100% (everything consentual). Although it didn't come across in my post, it isn't sexist if you teach your sons and daughters the same thing. Moral values are different depending on religion, culture, etc, but taught equally to boys and girls is great. This discussion I think is more toward the overbearing dad who high fives his son for bagging the cheerleader while threatening the boys to stay away from his daughter. That being said, I think telling either a teenage boy or teenage girl to keep it in their pants is an entirely pointless tradition we somehow manage to pass down from generation to generation. It works once in a great while, but hormones and the natural predisposition for teenagers to rebel are far stronger than anything we can do as parents. Our best bet is to teach them how to do it safely.
  7. I think it can be sexist but doesn't have to be. Men never (or at least very, very rarely) have to think of altering their behavior to avoid being raped. Women do, all the time. It is natural to be more protective of a child that had a higher predisposition of being assaulted. The schtick about the dad with the shotgun is sexist, though. Tell the boyfriend that anything that happens between them needs to be consentual, sure. But trying to be the gatekeeper of her sex life is super sexist.
  8. Not if he has no personality. Part of streaming is being good at the game, part is being interesting enough to want to watch.
  9. Oldest guy to qualify was 24. It's a young man's game.
  10. I don't get why anyone would say it's a Fortnite killer. I don't play either of them (I'm more of a Civ guy) but I pay attention to gaming news, and Fortnite hit a new concurrent user high yesterday. The market really isn't saturated yet. I do love how Twitch viewing is now a gaming benchmark, something Penny Arcade noticed as well. People watching Twitch aren't actually playing the game, so it's more of a marketing metric than anything. Mason
  11. Sexuality is different. Nothing wrong with waiting and rolling with that. Gender identity isn't necessarily related to sexual preferences.
  12. Like just about anything else related to raising children, I think it depends on the kid. If it is doing emotional damage to them to try to be a gender they don't identify with, I say start the process whenever it makes sense. Also, and this is just my opinion, if I was sure my son wanted to be a woman, I would try and make sure the surgery happens before puberty. No need for a flood of testosterone to irrevocably change their body/face to something they hate.