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  1. I would not recommend betting through RB if you're interested in getting paid.
  2. I logged in here to check on this. I was owed from Aug. Never got a note. Then I reached out. New guy said he forgot, and would send ASAP. Still waiting, and now it’s halfway through Sep. Anybody else?
  3. Heard John Candido (does fight metrics statistics) say that Ortiz wa a great bet. He's a +220 at my book. I know nothing about MMA-anybody have thoughts on this?
  4. Racing fans-where is the best racebook to spend the afternoon Saturday in Vegas for the Belmont? Don't need anything fancy, just a good sized place where the drinks flow freely.
  5. This place is crazy Double . WE had a group of about 20 in that tiny place last year. My first round cost something like 12,000 yen! Great times, love Tokyo!
  6. My results (just did test 2 today): Switch Kicks - 96/98 Power Jacks - 46/50 Power Knees - 89/99 Power Jumps - 30/36 Globe Jumps - 7/10 Suicide Jumps - 11/18 Push up Jacks - 20/24 Low Plank Oblique - 35/44
  7. My suggestion is to get a partner and have the workouts somewhere where you have to meet (not at your house). I tried waking up for about 2 weeks and I'd never do it. But then I talked a buddy into doing this with me and we're on week 3 of getting up early. The accountability of knowing someone is getting up and going to be waiting for you is very compelling.
  8. Hell no. Those holds are brutal. The hardest part for me is the Level 1 drills/ski abs/in n out abs guantlet on cardio recovery. My abs and stamina are fine but my shoulders completely give out. I end up not being able to do much on the ski abs and in n out abs. I've had shoulder problems in the past. Not sure what I can do to ease the pressure on my shoulders...
  9. Yup. Make sure you keep it simmering and keep the cover off. It will thicken up very nicely for you.Thanks buddy. Smells fantastic!
  10. Making this today. About 30 minutes into the simmer portion. It's pretty runny now, will it thicken significantly?
  11. Are you presuming that the failure rate drops when you have to go for 2 later in the game? Because if you aren't, I don't see how this makes sense.In fact, the only objective reason for waiting to go for 2 would be if it could be proven that your conversion chances are higher by going for 2 later in the game. Otherwise the reasoning is based on subjective speculation of the emotional state of the teams involved.
  12. Exactly as I see it too.But the opponent changes its strategy accordingly. the difference between 1 score and 2 scores is huge mentally and physically. I would bet anyone saying go for 2 has played too much Madden and not enough real sports.I love this argument. "I don't have anything intelligent to say so I'll just pretend like I'm an ex-jock and claim that anyone who thinks differently hasn't played sports in their life." It's flawless really because you're on the internet and nobody can refute it behind a computer screen.
  13. This is something that I think coaches get wrong more often than not. I think you go for 2 right away. If you don't get it, then you know you have to score twice more and can adjust your strategy accordingly.
  14. I think I have to give Woodford another shot. Last time I tried it had a vanilla taste that I couldn't get over. Did I just have a bad bottle? It's been a while and I've heard nothing but good things so I think this is worth another round. For my money, I like 1) Bookers 2) Bakers 3) Eagle Rare 4) Maker's Mark 5) Woodford Reserve Again, I think I may be wrong on WR. Only one way to find out...
  15. I visited Vicksburg in 2007. It's pretty impressive to see that the zigzag trenchlines the north built are still there to this day albeit not nearly as deep.