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  1. That was built after I left, so I've never been in it. Growing up, most concerts were at Vets (ie Veterans Auditorium).
  2. I'm from Des Moines, but haven't lived there in a long, long time. What buiding/stadium/arena was it in?
  3. I think this is where we disagree. I think people are the most upset with HOW they went about stealing the signs.
  4. I just hope whenever anyone from EoE re-enters the game, the latest it happens is pre-jury formation.
  5. if that's what he meant ... meh it's not like Amber can send things over and over to Rob. For one thing, she has to beat out the folks on EoE to even have the items to try and sell. For another, Rob only has 2 tokens and once those are gone he wouldn't be able to buy anything more (unless someone else gives Rob their tokens, but I would doubt that).
  6. Mine was scarier to me. It kept saying it "couldn't process on this platform" or something like that. I was using Chrome on a browser, so I was freaking out a bit. Then thought ... what if the seats I picked are simply gone. That's when I tried for seats in the upper section, but towards the front. Got the first 2 that I picked.
  7. What are you talking about? There has only been 1 advantage from EoE ... the HII from Natalie to Sandra.
  8. I read an article that Rob and Sandra were both approached while out there for S39. Sandra immediately said "yes" and Rob immediately said "no". He changed his mind at some point (possibly when Probst hinted at EoE being in play -- many of these folks agreed ONLY because there was a 2nd chance element like EoE). So, from Sandra's pov it seems like he did lie to her, but in reality he simply changed his mind.
  9. I had the same thing, but was able to get tickets here. It whittled down rather quickly.
  10. Just bought my tickets for the show here in St Louis. When it was my choice to pick seats, I picked 2 in the middle section (price is same for every seat) but kept getting an error. I think the seats I was picking were sold out. I picked 2 seats in the upper section and got em with no issues.
  11. Ditto. Had a buddy here in St Louis that was trying to talk me into going to El Paso and catch a show before their Coachella dates. Told him that was too far to go. Now, find out they are coming here. Woo hoo.
  12. If you "semi trust" the bottom 2, then you are saying you can see how Jones could have won rd 2 or rd 3. So what makes it so outrageous that a judge gave both to Jones?