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  1. Keep in mind Pinky that if you do what Fanatic said here (which is great to hold it), your skin will NOT remain crispy. Just an fyi.
  2. Cop fits with "Land" as well (the Stallone movie)
  3. Gameday was pretty damn cool. Thought Beale would be packed the whole day, but when it ended at 11am CT, most of the folks scattered.
  4. This was exactly what I saw. Frustrating. He did seem better in the 2nd half on a few passes that led JuJu perfectly.
  5. ok, I think I change my mind. I disagree that it was the throw that ultimately caused this problem and that it still would not have been catchable had Turner been running in the correct lane. But, with the contact occurring and where Turner was running, it "forced" the umpire to make the interference call.