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  1. Already mentioned that I'll agree with: Weber Grill - went through a few 2-300 "disposable" grills before i finally decided to get one. Paint brushes - a quality brush like Purdy makes the job easier. I'll add: Tools - Power tools (I prefer Milwaukee) and hand tools. Having the right tools makes home projects so much easier and enjoyable. Underwear - Exofficio >>> Hanes
  2. Should have PBS on YouTubeTV within a month. Looking forward to it myself.
  3. Not sure if mentioned yet, but PBS stations coming to YoutubeTV later this year.
  4. She could dive bomb one of them, but would be vulnerable to all the others while doing it.
  5. Remodeling basement into Home Theater/Family/Game room. 11' x 38' room. It was just block foundation that the previous owner painted white. It will include a theater area, dart board, game table, and library corner. So far I have: Moved city water meter with PEX into adjacent unfinished room. Applied water proofing paint to all exterior walls. Installed 2" R10 Owens Corning Foamular XPS Insulation to all exterior walls and exterior joist cavities. Framed up 2x4 walls. Wired outlets throughout the room. Sheetrock, mud & tape, and painted all walls. (left ceiling unfinished for now to finish up electrical improvements to other parts of the house.) Added heat duct and air returns to the room. Currently working on installing 18 recessed lighting fixtures. Still to do: Apply adhesive along all subfloor/joist intersections while the ceiling is still open to minimize floor squeaks from above. Install soundproofing insulation to joist bays. Frame out alcove into adjacent room that will hold 70" TV and front speakers. (This may someday house a drop down projection theater screen as well) Run wire for surround and atmos speakers and possible future projector. Add shelving to wall nook for Audio/Video components Sheetrock and finish ceiling Floor covering Trim
  6. I am almost all in on Google - Google Home and Chromecast devices, WiFi router, Docs, Chromebook, Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Music and the list goes on EXCEPT for two things. I have an iPhone (with almost every app Google makes) and an Apple TV4K. I am sure that I could find an Android phone that I would be happy with, but I have never really tried because I have always been very satisfied with my iPhone. While I am almost completely a Google app/software user, I continue to believe that Apple makes some of the best hardware out there, and I am occasionally willing to pay the premium for Apple products that regularly work smoothly and last longer than competitors. My last iPhone lasted me close to four years, while many of my friends with Android devices seem to replace them regularly at 2 years or less. If money weren’t a barrier, I would most likely own a MacBook as well. i do use a PC at work, but still access numerous Google products with it.
  7. I just bought that same TV from Costco on Friday for $730. Only a couple days in, but so far great for the money.
  8. I retired about 10 years ago after winning the Super Bowl. I am the John Elway of the league. I enjoy my weekends and watching football much more now than when I played fantasy. I doubt I will ever be lured out of retirement.
  9. #1 - Oscillating fan People give me crap when they see it, but when it's 90 degrees they come sit by my fan with me and when the bugs start to come out, everyone wishes they had a fan. #2 - Cornhole (Bean Bag) game and KUBB game
  10. Finished up Lonesome Dove a couple weeks ago. Almost through The Count of Monte Cristo. Both excellent, not sure how I have reached the age of 44 without having read either of them. Ready Player One is up next.
  11. I have had YouTube TV for 2 or 3 months now and really like it. They continue to make improvements on a regular basis - just recently a number of channels have been upgraded to 60FPS. Adding Scripps channels is still the one big thing that I am hoping for.
  12. And if you put down a crabgrass preventer, don't put any in this area.