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  1. You just described my neighbors set up exactly. He hasn't had any problems.
  2. Not a bad idea, but he's over an hour away from me.
  3. Thanks. I guess i need to get a bunch of booze now too.
  4. I'm just north of all of that so far. Nothing yet, but it looks like it's gonna be a wild weekend. Doing generator maintenance this afternoon.
  5. Once you put beans in it, it's no longer chili. It may be delicious, but it's not chili.
  6. Wouldn't they buy more votes offering home mortgage debt forgiveness, or do they think that just college kids turning out will sway this election?
  7. Depends on what it is. Seafood doesn't last as long as a meatloaf will, but I went with more than 3-4 days as kind of an average.