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  1. Wow. I'm sitting in the hospital now looking at what's probably gonna be a colectomy/j pouch. I was diagnosed with UC about three weeks ago. I started Remicade, but before it could do anything I developed something called Toxic Megacolon (dibs on the band name) . It's all happened so fast, I don't know what to think. I'm kind of glad that they might just remove it instead of having to take lifelong meds and being on a bunch of dietary restrictions. Maybe I'm crazy for that, but what do you think?
  2. Where did you find this? I have been stuck on the Cochon Butcher Cuban, but I'm always on the lookout for something new.
  3. It's working. They'll be dangerous if they ever get a coach.
  4. Makes me sick. I refuse to even go to a wedding in a catholic church. I'll never understand anyone actually contributing to the child rape and cover up fund.
  5. Ok, good to know. When I was looking at the restaurant online, it did seem a little pricey. I'll explore my options. Thanks!
  6. Good to know. How long did it take to ride the golf cart to San Pedro?
  7. X'Tan Ha, about 7 miles north of town. We might spend one day in San Pedro, so I don't mind taking a water taxi for that if we do
  8. Wanted to bump this thread in case anyone has been recently. I just booked a place a few miles north of San Pedro. Mostly want to relax and get drunk, but intend to do some snorkeling and maybe some fishing. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  9. I can't stand it, and I hate it more every year. I hate people giving me stuff, hate people telling me happy birthday, hate that GD song. I don't need an excuse to drink or see friends or any of that. I'm not sure why anyone does. It's the epitome of "look at me" and it makes my skin crawl. That being said, if you want people to acknowledge you on that particular day, knock yourself out. I probably won't unless you're under 16. I don't mind little kids that get into it. I loved it when I was a kid.
  10. Ya'll are nuts. I love boiled peanuts. I boil a 30 lb sack every year and freeze them. For the purposes of this thread though, I went dry roasted. It was a close call though.
  11. So Burrow can't read defenses, and Jamar Chase is just a guy. Y'all working together? Great shtick either way.
  12. I was glad that they rejected him when they did, because I wanted him to come here at the time. All I said was that Scott Frost should be kicking himself today. He should be, because hindsight is indeed 20/20. Everyone here is reading my statement wrong. I am not saying Nebraska would have won a title if he had gone there, just that they made a bad eval at the time and it almost certainly cost them some wins. Why is this so controversial? *In before the very next post says that Burrow would not have been the same at Nebraska.
  13. He's one of the most talented and competitive QBs I've ever seen. Very few teams, if any, would not have been better with him at the helm. Certainly not Nebraska. They were dumb to reject him. I don't think that can be argued.