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  1. That video had 67 down votes. There are some really miserable pricks out there.
  2. It was just a matter of time. Waiting for the Imperial Session IPA.
  3. Huh. I thought only funny people did that. *the stand up part, not the gun thing.
  4. He could give parking tickets telepathically to someone who parked next to a fake fire hydrant?
  5. First big show I ever saw was the Girls Girls Girls tour in New Orleans. Blew my mind. They were chugging bottles of Jack right before Tommy's upside down spinning drum solo. That #### changed my life.
  6. Potato salad is a great substitute for the rice. Many around here only eat it that way.
  7. We won a gumbo cookoff with a microwave roux. Works great.
  8. Of course not. Get him a boa constrictor first. If he can handle that, get him a turtle.
  9. They don't call it VD for nothing. It's emotional extortion. Worse than birthdays.