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  1. Exhorder's new album came out today. I highly recommend it. Old school New Orleans thrash. 27 years between this and their last album. They still got it. I linked a couple tracks earlier in this thread. Mourn the southern skies.
  2. I'm pretty heavily invested in this Jacksonville offense tonight. Also playing the #1 team. Shocking that I'm 0-2. I look forward to starting 0-3 then going on a blazing playoff run.
  3. Was looking pretty good until My QB and WR decided to leave the game in the first quarter. Also nice to get negative points from my defense. Anyway, feel free to start sending me trade offers for your crappy backup QBs. I'm pretty desperate.
  4. Getting a good grade at Yahoo has to be the kiss of death, right?
  5. Who's the best defense available on the spreadsheet? Haven't kept up much last couple days.
  6. I'm getting on the road. Binky, just text me when I'm getting close, I'll do my best.
  7. Cappy Selects Zay Jones 11.10 I assume without a response that AA wants me to pick for him so 11.11 Deebo Samuel @flapgreen
  8. @Aerial Assault Are you in here, or do you want me to pick for you?