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  1. They are awesome. In my opinion, burgers are way better when cooked on a griddle especially if you cook the bacon first. You'll be doing hibachi soon. Fried rice is amazing. Hash browns, eggs, etc. It's a great compliment to the egg.
  2. I was definitely planning to buy a bunch of ribs.
  3. Plenty of room for another BBQ joint on the Northshore.
  4. Done. I just spent the last month at Ochsner. I'm more than happy to chip in to feed those guys. It's getting bad over there, so anyone still hanging in there is deserving of whatever kindness they can get. Thanks for doing it Tipsy.
  5. I called my grandmother Nonny. Apparently she was a tough, difficult person to deal with and maybe even outright mean to some, but I would have never known it. She was sweet to her grandchildren and spoiled us rotten. Always made cookies, including bird's nest cookies that I have not seen since she died many years ago. So, to Nonnies!
  6. Maybe you can set up a little tip jar here. People on this board have enjoyed you taking us on this ride with you. It seems that every time it comes up, people are eager to help out. Set up a place/account for us to tip your staff. I know I'd be glad to help and you never know, it might go a long way to helping them through it. Might even help you with some of the burden you're about to deal with.
  7. Oh good. Was hoping I had just missed it. Nice job.
  8. No Eddie and Alex mentioned yet? Crazy. Hope I just missed it.
  9. Same here. I've never watched much basketball. I've been to a hand full of Hornets/Pelicans games and had a great time, but I never really followed or cared much about them. I especially hate that every time we get a star player, we know he's gonna bolt as soon as he can for a bigger market. With Zion here, I'm actually checking the schedule, trying to watch the games when I can. I'm hoping to become more of an NBA fan going forward, and its 100% because of Zion.
  10. Yes. It started last night and the second one airs tonight.
  11. Wow. I'm sitting in the hospital now looking at what's probably gonna be a colectomy/j pouch. I was diagnosed with UC about three weeks ago. I started Remicade, but before it could do anything I developed something called Toxic Megacolon (dibs on the band name) . It's all happened so fast, I don't know what to think. I'm kind of glad that they might just remove it instead of having to take lifelong meds and being on a bunch of dietary restrictions. Maybe I'm crazy for that, but what do you think?