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  1. You can only play the guys on the schedule. Imagine 3 SEC teams in the CFP. You think the riots are bad now?
  2. The fans on the OSU boards are out for blood. I wonder if they're gonna put out new coaches and AP polls after everyone has decided. We all know how important those preseason polls are.
  3. Maybe, but there won't be a spring season. There's no guarantee that anything will improve by then, and the scheduling would be nearly impossible. Television ratings for fall football will be ridiculous.
  4. I've never tried one of those, but it looks like a great idea. It's a little pricey and sold out, but maybe someone here has tried it and can let us know what they think.
  5. So he was just joking? Has he said that anywhere?
  6. I agree on the first point. I was thinking non governmental entities, but you're right. Obviously the founders too if we're going there. We're both aware that Beto has no power now, and i thought it was clear that I was talking about what would happen if the democrats won the election. Am I supposed to dismiss something he clearly said because he hasn't repeated it recently? Again, I'm just going by what they said, not assuming anything.
  7. Surely you've seen that. His complete lack of understanding about anything gun related is not common sense. All guns are designed to kill things with high velocity rounds. An AR-15 is not a military weapon. Anyway, there's Biden's gun Czar saying he wants to take our guns. Guns that are legally owned by American citizens right now. I'm not sure how it's possible to draw a different conclusion. I'm just going by what they say.
  8. I would agree if they were prosecuting individuals, but seeking to dissolve the NRA makes it an seem like an obvious attempt to remove protection for gun rights. I understand if someone were to disagree. I am curious about who you think has done more to protect the 2nd. Either way, I think it's safe to say that the NRA has been a great supporter of gun rights. What about Beto as a gun Czar?
  9. Between trying to dissolve the organization that has done more to protect the 2nd amendment than any other, and then hearing the head of the democratic party pledge to put Beto in charge of his gun control policy I don't think it's a leap to come to the conclusion that democrats want to take your guns.
  10. It's really hard to argue against this being the case now, isn't it?
  11. I've gone in with thousands, but never left with that much.
  12. I spent a fortune on a 2018 Ranger xp 1000. If I could do it over again, I'd either get the Honda or Kawasaki. It's not that I hate it, but some parts of it feel kind of flimsy and little things like changing the oil are a little more difficult than they should be. I went with the Polaris because it's belt driven and in hind sight that should not have been as big of a factor in my decision as it was. I use mine for work and also plenty of midnight rides, so it gets maybe above average abuse. Nothing like rock climbing or taking it to mud parks though.
  13. Yeah, I had some issues with that too. I added a second in line filter and it helped.
  14. My dad had a couple of the 6x4 diesel gators. They were great for the kids because they are not very fast, they're easy to drive and they can haul all kinds of stuff. The tires give you a bunch of surface area so they don't sink very easily, but they don't provide much clearance. If you get high centered in the middle of nowhere, you will find out how heavy those suckers are. Not fun pushing them out of the mud.
  15. I have a 2018 Ranger. I use it all the time for work or just riding. If I could do it over again, I'd get the Honda or Kawasaki. If you saw how most people treat these things at ATV parks or whatever, I don't think you would want a used one.
  16. 1. Beth 2. Rip 3. Lloyd 4. whoever else 5. In a bottom tier all her own, Monica. Drags the show down every time they put her on screen. Just so dull and whiny.
  17. If everyone else is vaccinated, why would they be concerned about being around someone who is infected?
  18. He posts over in the political forum so it's likely he's on a timeout.
  19. They are awesome. In my opinion, burgers are way better when cooked on a griddle especially if you cook the bacon first. You'll be doing hibachi soon. Fried rice is amazing. Hash browns, eggs, etc. It's a great compliment to the egg.