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  1. Most want to say this because they have a very good reason to do so. That offense was stuck in the past and was going nowhere. It had been an utter failure for ages and the drastic changes and far better results under the new regime with similar personnel demonstrated just how bad the previous offense was. Woods played very well having escaped Buffalo to a far better passing offense. Marquise Goodwin also escaped that offense and had a good year as well despite having mediocre QB play for much of the year. He's not an elite WR but plenty of teams win tons of games without an elite WR and they definitely could add to his weapons in the draft. They have an elite defense that is going to give them short fields and the two best opposing defenses in their division have entered rebuild mode. KC will face elite pass rushes in Denver and the Bolts and their own defense has lost some key contributors. Nobody is saying you should sit around and see how it shakes out. You are, however, haphazardly discounting any evidence for the opposing viewpoint and not really providing any in support of your own viewpoint. The fact remains that more first time starters that we haven't seen before flame out than end up having a floor of 3800 yds and 28 TD's. The fact remains that while Goff's year was a huge leap, it was not so good that it is unlikely for him to be able to exceed it and he has the pedigree and the opportunity to continue to develop in a strong offensive system. It isn't like he was some journeyman QB who exploded for a huge year.
  2. Not to mention the fact that the offense was in its first year for everybody, including Goff. The fact that they will have had a full season in that offense now should be reason for progression, not regression. Cupp is a year further in as are his young TE's. It certainly wouldn't be the first time someone regressed after having a breakout season but I certainly see more reasons to think he'll play better this year than that he's reached his ceiling. If banking everything on Mahomes in his first year as a starter be sure to nab Josh Allen as his backup given the amount of arm talent he's got and all.
  3. Nice call. Glad I took a cheap flyer on him after your recommendation.
  4. I'm actually home that weekend, which seems to be a rarity these days. Luckily you've given me plenty of time to plan a trip out of town.
  5. 45 TD's to only 6 INT's are not lofty numbers?
  6. Kelly gets mention here because Waldman's report was very high on him and he was known to be a non-contributor for 2017 coming of injuries. If he is as good as Waldman says he is on the team with the crappiest QB situation short of Cleveland or the Jets and will get opportunities.
  7. I hope someone in the top 5 takes him as I have the 1.06.
  8. Isn't Love going back to school as well?
  9. He faced the Jaguars and Rams the last two weeks. He's a short yardage and redzone target and they were constantly facing third and long, particularly in the Rams game where they only went over to the Rams side of the field a couple of times all game. In the Jaguars game they were getting curbstomped as well and the final score was only close because of a 61 yard and 74 yard bomb in garbage time. Their closest TD game from 26 yards out so it wasn't a style of play the suited him. Will they get back on track against Dallas? Don't know as they are better with Lee back but they certainly aren't in close to the same league as JAX or RAM defenses, particularly with the pass rush.
  10. If you are dropping someone substantial to pick them up then you are obviously not using your head. However, if you are dropping your healthy RB's handcuff, a backup QB your opponent wouldn't start, etc. then picking up some FA's that could potentially fill in for an injured player like Brown, Wentz, etc. then it is sound strategy.
  11. Stop that video at 0:58. Head is to the left, shoulder is about to contact chest. JuJu's helmet is not in line with Burficts. If he hit the chin it was inadvertent. There was absolutely no way you can look at that frame and say he was aimed at his head. As for intent, he blocked the guy most likely to tackle his RB, there isn't time in that situation to analyze who the player is and decide how you are going to block him. It's a BAM! BAM! reaction and you see a guy and you block them. As an offensive player who doesn't get many opportunities to really level someone it isn't uncommon to get a bit excited about that and take whatever opportunity you get to decleat someone. It wasn't some sort of payback for 2015, Juju was worried about Stanford and UCLA and Oregon at that time.
  12. Rogers had an injury to his throwing arm, one that prevented him from throwing for a long time. There's no way he isn't going to be rusty and out of sync with his receivers in that first game back. Starting a QB in his first start back from that sort of injury is an act of desperation for if you don't have any other solid options. Road game at Carolina followed by game against Minnesota is not a schedule to shake off the rust with.
  13. I actually got him last year based on last year's version of this thread. Didn't have to play him other than a couple of bye weeks, one of which was his 12 tackle 2 sack game, fortunately for me.
  14. Last year at this time there was a great topic on pickups for next year of understudies who would possibly have opportunity for increased playing time next year. Name like Vince Williams, Cory James, etc. were listed and have been useful for deep dynasty leagues. It was great to be able to get a few of these before the rush comes along. This is more of a placeholder for me at this time as I haven't looked at upcoming FA's yet but wanted to get people thinking about this topic.
  15. He's completing only 52% of his passes and has a 4-12 TD-INT ratio. He's lost and wasn't ready to start and is only doing so because they have no better options. He could be getting Julio Jones and Antonio Brown, playing SF every week, and he still wouldn't be a starter unless it was a 32 team league.