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  1. Today is nacho 545 day Its been 545 days that Hillary is nacho President
  2. There is a concept album called White Mansions that tells the story of the civil war from the southern point of view. Clapton,Jessi Colter,Waylon Jennings,Steve Cash,and John Dillon the later two from the Ozark Moutain Daredevils performed on it. If you can get past it being about the South ( some folks can't ) it is a very good album. I know ths is a little off topic sorry.
  3. Robbie Robertson does not get the credit he deserves as a song writer in my opinion. He never seems to be mentioned with the greats as he should. He wrote the song and I think they did the best version. It may have not had the commercial success as Baez version did,but I don't think it ever bothered him.
  4. Yes I really love the Bands version. If you have never seen The Last Waltz you should really give it a watch. Full of stars in their prime. Muddy Waters doing Mannish Boy, Clapton, and probably my favorite Emmy Lou doing Evangiline. Just a fantastic movie.
  5. To be fair in the 70s there were quite a few rock artists and country artists that used the Confederate battle flag in their shows. Then it was more of a Southern symbol than anything else. I don't think many of the artists or people who attended the concerts had any notion that it could symbolize racism at that time. But as people became more culturally aware you saw less and less of it.
  6. Wouldn't they be doing the polka to Waltzing Matilda instead of sauntering?
  7. Not a Trump basher,but this is funny at least I got a chuckle.
  8. Being able to kneel during the anthem is a right you have as an American as a form of protest. As I have stated before I would never do it,but it is their right so have at it. As a southerner I have great pride in the South. In our culture and the people who live here. I really hate it when people stereotype the whole South. On the other hand of course there are parts of our history that I wish never had happened. I would never fly or publicly display the Confederate battle flag because of the intense feelings it brings out in people. Like it or not it is now a symbol of racism and intolerance. Whether it was caused by groups such as the KKK or not is beside the point. It is considered a racist symbol. If you want to show Southern pride or heritage then maybe display one of the first reiterations of the Confederate flag instead of the battle flag. No one would probably recognize any of those flags.
  9. Adonis post is why I come into this sub forum. Very interesting and insightful.
  10. Well at least I changed my punctuation. I leave two spaces now.
  11. My grand daughter came over the other day to visit with us for a couple days. We don't have any of the game systems but she sat in front of the tv and watched you tube videos of other people playing games. She did this for hours is that a thing now?
  12. LOL never been a cool kid. I was in the band so that should pretty well describe me. But if the cool kids are the majority on the board then I don't think so. I do have some good one time at band camp stories though.
  13. If it is me your talking about. All I thought about is how I could help. Donated blood and money if I had of been 20 years younger I would have re-enlisted. I sure hope I haven't come across like that.
  14. 98-2 Sanders and Paul voted against.