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  1. Wonder what the prize breakdown is.Does runner up get anything?
  3. Simple song but always my favorite.
  4. I think season finale is tonight.I think I'm pulling for Larry he cracks me up.
  5. If you like to fish there are plenty of charters for both deep sea and inshore fishing.
  6. I was really pulling for Nichole,I think missing her kids did her in more than anything else.
  7. You can go to the History channels web site and watch season 1
  8. Yea really looking forward to attending some games there next year.It sounds like it's really going to be nice.Might be a little tougher to get tickets than it is now.May have to break down and get season tickets.
  9. Here are some images of Orlando's new Soccer stadium.Completely privately funded.
  10. So Nichole is so full she is letting fish go,while some of the others are damn near starving.I wonder how its decided who gets what camp.They had to know some would be more conducive for food than others.
  11. Wish more people thought that way.
  12. I think the highest elevation in Florida is a little over 300 feet.Pretty flat down here kind of hard to be a hillbilly.
  13. This is the type sign they have posted around Mt.Dora lakes.
  14. The toddler was in inches of water,so he wasn't really swimming.A lot of the lakes around here have signs posted about gators,so folks are aware even if they are tourist.The thing about gators are they are extremely fast so even if the child was just on the beach near the water the gator possibly could have snatched him.It happens to dogs down here all the time.Terrible tragedy for the family what a horrible thing to happen.Prayers go out to them.Orlando area really having some bad things happen can't ever remember this much bad news happening at once.
  15. Orlando is my hometown,I live 40 miles north of there now.I am just in total shock,I can't believe something like that happened there.I'm just so sorry for the victims and their families.There is a go fund me page to help the victims in case anyone is interested.