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  1. So my wife and I were watching tonight after Rick fights the gladiator zombie and yells up to Jadis tell us what you want and we will get it.I said she wants a shrubbery.My wife looks at me and says you really are a nerd.
  2. A face in the crowd.I thought was very good.Made in 1957 with Andy Griffith different from anything he has ever done. The Jack Bull was pretty good too.Western with John Cusazk,John Goodman.
  3. Guess I'm pulling for Carleigh now.But it doesn't look like she is going to last much longer.
  4. 给我一个灌木丛
  5. Being an old fart I am not sure how I feel about any of this.I want my family to be safe I would like my grand daughter to live in safety and raise her children in a safe place.There have always been wackos though and they come from everywhere so there are no guarantees for any of us.This country was founded by immigrants and we all come from an immigrant family somewhere down the line.So I really don't think what the Donald is trying to do is the right way to go about it.It seems we have never really been real kind to immigrants through the years Italians,Irish,Chinese.
  6. I believe the Tsarnaev brothers were immigrants.
  7. Dave is starting to look like a concentration camp survivor.
  8. He weighs the same as a duck.
  9. Looking golden to me.
  10. Tried the ol reverse voo doo jinx it almost worked.What a game.Well my fantasy season is over been a pretty good year.Good luck to everyone who still has a shot at this contest.
  11. Well it looks like I picked the wrong horse going with Dallas.Should move on to next week but no shot at doing anything.
  12. I really like these guys they are called the Mud Flappers.Of course my musical taste tends to be a little different from everyone else.
  13. I was really starting to like hippie chick more and more.I really think if it was not for the recluse bite she could have stayed out there forever.We have brown recluse spiders in Florida and their bite is serious business can send you to the hospital for an extended stay.Don't know if a Chilean recluse is more venomous than a brown but if it is then I don't hold out much hope for her.
  14. This is mine.Not sure I can make it through next week.Really don't have a lot of fire power in my non SB team players.