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  1. “I don't want to read your riddle no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries
  2. Not sure I like the idea of them changing the format of the show. I guess as long as they are still out in the wilderness somewhere and the producers are staying out of it and the teams are still recording themselves I guess it could lead to some interesting situations.Just don't want it to turn into Survivor.Don't get me wrong I like Survivor but for a whole different reason.
  3. Season 4 starts in June can't wait love this show.Looks like they may be changing things up some.
  4. This one just started.
  5. Yea its been there a long time.You should really give it a try.I think you would enjoy it.Here is a brief article that gives a little history.
  6. Its fantastic not a bad seat in the house.Very very loud.Place went nuts when Kaka came into the game.From what I could tell on TV Atlanta has a pretty loud crowd too.
  7. Went to the Orlando City game yesterday man it was almost unbearably hot.I guess that will be an advantage for us going forward.I was glad to see Rivas get his first goal of the season it sure was pretty.
  8. Man you must be having a hell of a time getting back and forth to work with them closing 520 and the Beeline as much as they have cause of all the fires.
  9. Yep use to go there all the time before we moved to Eustis .Great place cool atmosphere.We use to skip school and head over to the east coast to go fishing we always stopped there on the way back.That was over 40 years ago lots of great memories there.
  10. Lone Cabbage is pretty good but its probably 30 minutes away too.Its different though you might enjoy it.
  11. Does anyone know if the next generation of Firesticks will be able to be programmed to get Kodi . I would like to purchase one and set it up for my daughter.
  12. Big ol Gator
  13. with the updated Kodi,I can't seem to find away to store favorites on Exodus.I was able to do it on the old set up is there a way on the updated version?
  14. Orlando's new soccer stadium was initially supposed to be publicly financed but that hit some snags.So the owner privately financed it along with investors.It is a beautiful stadium and the owner and his investors will probably come out smelling like a rose.So private financing can be done.Tax payers don't always have to get bent over.