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  1. Drafted Lacy and L.Murray as two of my RBs and Olsen as TE any guesses as how my season is going so far?
  2. I don't know maybe because it's our National Anthem.I served our country and respect our flag and the Anthem I'm a very patriotic person,but that's just me.Different things are important to different generations. Lutherman may be correct though maybe they don't play it during the regular season and I was just not remembering correctly.That's what happens when you get old.
  3. I know they played it for last Thursdays game.Number 23 for the Chiefs sat on his helmet.Maybe your correct though.
  4. They did not show the National Anthem being played in the games broadcast in Florida today.Was that just Florida or was it everywhere.If it was everywhere how do you guys feel about that?
  5. They did not show the National Anthem being played for the Buc Bears game or the Dolphin Charger game.I guess this is how the NFL and the networks are going to solve the controversy of sitting for the Anthem.I think that aggravates me more than these jerk offs disrespecting me as a veteran and our country by sitting during the Anthem.
  6. Dream Catcher is a great fishing charter.1st day we went both my wife and I went did real good.Talked my wife into letting me go a 2nd day and the owner took me out.Told him I had always wanted to catch a huge Tarpon that it was on my bucket list.He found me not one but two in the first 45 minutes I highly recommend them.
  7. Power came back on at 3.So much to my daughters happiness me and the Bloodhound are now back home.
  8. Well still without power but my daughter just got hers up so we are heading over there 120 pound Bloodhound and all.
  9. Well lights are flickering getting ready do lose power and since 1 live in the 18th century no Smart Phone or even a cell phone. Just don't like phones that are smarter than me.So probably going to be knocked off pretty quick
  10. If it gets into the Atlantic it will be after it hits Georgia.Probably be TS then.
  11. Some dumb ### friends of ours stayed in their mobile home in Mims. Tornado did a Wizard of Oz on them picked the trailer up and then threw it down none of them hurt seriously.Probably had to change shorts I imagine.
  12. Next town over from us in Umatilla tornadoes.
  13. Starting to get a little worse here and storm is still pretty far away.Of course I have no TV reception.I am done with Directv after this.Tired of losing signal everytime there is a spring shower.