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  1. As Kramer would say I'M OUT. Not the master of my domain.
  2. 3.2 below the cut with only Marshall (-6.5) to go.Need a good game from him to get me another week in this thing.
  3. No it sounds like the truth.
  4. If the people who voted in the Republican primaries had any sense he would have been the nominee and there would have been a chance they we would actually been able to elect a capable President.Instead of what we are going to end up with now.
  5. Rand Paul
  6. This week I will probably make my exit between injuries and bi weeks not looking to good for me.Really going to miss it love keeping track of the scores.Here's hoping for a miracle.One consolation is that my what if team was put out the first week. That was the team that I was going with at first so I got 3 more weeks out of my team that I ended up with.
  7. Yea it's not over just thankful that it has stayed offshore.I consider it a hit when no damage or lives are lost.So for me it is not a bust.I'm going to be a little inconveinienced but it could have been a lot worse.
  8. Yea at least it wasn't the house.So far the two oaks I was really worried about still standing knock on wood.
  9. Well I just lost a tree.At least it fell away from the house missed the power lines too.However it did take out my fence my neighbors fence and his shed.Going to be a pain in the butt letting my Bloodhound out for the next few days.
  10. Like Direct TV but it sucks during a hurricane early feeder bands coming through and already losing reception.
  11. I am about 60 miles north west of where it looks like it may make land fall.Lost two oaks when Charlie came through one of them took out my roof.I only have two oaks left sure hope they can take the wind sure don't want to have to replace another roof.I can deal with the power outage but a hole in the roof is a major pain in the butt.
  12. I have worked for Publix for 25 years it happens every time.Always amazes me what people buy. Yogurt,Ice Cream all kinds of perishables they don't think about the power thing.Most of the time Publix will send out extra trucks so shelves should be restocked but that won't last long should probably get what you need early tomorrow or it may be too late.
  13. Do not like that one that's directly east of me.
  14. I live about 45 miles inland from you.I'm worried about all the very old huge oak trees that surround my house sustained tropical force winds not a good thing in that regard.
  15. I think the last couple of weeks its only moved a few points for the last game.I dont think I would worry if your 10 points above.