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  1. Yep thats what I am worried about too.Game tomorrow could be really high scoring.
  2. So do you guys think 161.40 will be enough to save my bacon this week?
  3. Looks like I am really short for the contest this year.Peterson,Foster,Greene,all out and Marshall probably going to be on a snap count if he plays at all.I think you can probably stick a fork in my team.
  4. The last game last week cutline only moved a point I think.Of course that was the 49ers and Rams.
  5. I think you made it buddy.
  6. 9.45 above the cutline.Its moved by less than half a point for the half.Hope to wake up in the morning and still be in this thing.
  7. to quit playing f.f.
  8. go here
  9. don't think its going to move much so there is still a chance.
  10. I hope so. Cut line moved 4.6 points this half. Hopefully the outlaw can ice it for me.
  11. 21.25 above the cutline with Jessie James (-8.8) left.Never left the 1st week before. Hope for some low scoring games tonight.
  12. Round 11 dang I might get my bell rung in round 1.
  14. It's fun to keep tabs on these guys,but I have never understood why so many folks don't take the contest seriously.I guess I should be glad there are so many junk entries .Guess I shouldn't wonder I think I went out before quite a few of the junk entries last year.
  15. Yea same thing for me on PKs. You think they are trying to tell us something?