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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned,but I thought Janis little girl blue was excellent.A lot of live footage of Janis.I hadn't listened to her in a long while forgot how great she was.
  2. Also wanted to try something a little different this year by going all in with the Jax air game.I think it was Coots I was in a league with a few years ago that tried this with Denver and he was pretty successful if I remember correctly.I think he won the league ( I might not be remembering right I have a terrible case of CRS )not sure how he did in the champ round.I know that Bortles is no Peyton but I think he can repeat what he did last year.I watched him a lot when he was at UCF and he was always a gamer.
  3. Tate,Decker,Matthews and Maclin were all available.I decided that since everyone else is going WR heavy in the early rounds this year I would try to grab 4 quality RBs in the first four rounds since I was drafting at the 12 spot.Peterson went 2 picks before me or I would have went 4 rbs out of first 4 picks.Elliot was still there but just a little gun shy with him.So settled on 3 rbs out of 1st 4 picks.
  4. This is my 2nd and final team.I think I did a little better this time.From the 12 spot. QB- Bortles ( 9 ), Dalton ( 12 ) RBs- Miller ( 2 ), L.Murray ( 3 ), Martin ( 4 ), M.Gordon ( 8 ), Blount ( 15 ) WRs- Robinson ( 1 ), Fitz ( 5 ), Hurns ( 6 ), T.Benjamin ( 7 ), R.Matthews ( 13 ), T.Williams ( 14 ), TE- Barnidge ( 10 ), Ebron ( 11 ), Brate ( 16 ) k- Santos ( 17 ), Gano ( 18 ) D- Bills ( 19 ), Jets ( 20 ) All in on the Jax air attack.
  5. Wonder what the prize breakdown is.Does runner up get anything?
  7. Simple song but always my favorite.
  8. I think season finale is tonight.I think I'm pulling for Larry he cracks me up.
  9. If you like to fish there are plenty of charters for both deep sea and inshore fishing.
  10. I was really pulling for Nichole,I think missing her kids did her in more than anything else.
  11. You can go to the History channels web site and watch season 1
  12. Yea really looking forward to attending some games there next year.It sounds like it's really going to be nice.Might be a little tougher to get tickets than it is now.May have to break down and get season tickets.
  13. Here are some images of Orlando's new Soccer stadium.Completely privately funded.
  14. So Nichole is so full she is letting fish go,while some of the others are damn near starving.I wonder how its decided who gets what camp.They had to know some would be more conducive for food than others.
  15. Wish more people thought that way.