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  1. rustycolts

    Terrarium TV

    I was having problems with buffering on Cinema but I switched from default player to Yes and it seems to have solved the issue.
  2. I think UCF would jump at the chance to play them. It might happen New Years day if both teams win out.
  3. Rubio is a little shady if you look at some of his dealings while in the Florida legislature. In 2010 I voted for the libertarian candidate Alex Snitker In the 2016 election I voted for Patrick Murphy I just can't get behind Rubio. Stephanie Murphy is a blue dog democrat so she might not sit well with some Dems. If she runs she has my vote and I think she could run well here among moderate conservatives and NPAs.
  4. rustycolts

    Terrarium TV

    So is this the one to use to replace Terrarium?
  5. She is an elected official from the Democratic party. Probably not a good look to suspend her.
  6. rustycolts

    My Top 25,000 Songs

    yea but the other one I found had a bunch of roadkill did not want to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities.
  7. rustycolts

    My Top 25,000 Songs

    Or maybe this one.
  8. rustycolts

    My Top 25,000 Songs

    This is my 24999 ranked song.
  9. So do the Dems have anyone like Scoop Jackson? Would the views he had be to far to the right now? I really liked him back in the day the only stain on his legacy was his stance on Japanese U.S. citizens during and after WW 2. I could get behind a Dem like him.
  10. The python problem is starting to get really bad in South Florida. Yesterday they caught almost a 20 footer. They cut it open to see what it had been feeding on. They found 3 more boxes of uncounted election ballots.
  11. I love it when two of the smartest guys on the board discuss things. Come to find out I am an ape. My wife has been right all this time.
  12. rustycolts

    Happy Veterans Day

    Just found out Walgreens offers a discount to vets. I was wearing my ARMY cap cashier asked me if I was a vet? She said you get a discount. Didn't need any ID. I guess you could always use your DD-214.
  13. Arrested once charges were dropped. He refused to take breath test so he should have had his license suspended for a year and it was not. Another example of if you have money or have influential parents and friends then the laws don't apply the same. Like Orwell said some pigs are more equal than others.