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  1. Thanks for your replies also for not getting snarky I value reading good discussions. Some folks get off the rail here against her especially in the debate thread. She is the Dem that I could get behind she is closest to my beliefs on the issues. War and abortion the main two. I had changed my voters reg so I could vote for her in the primary down here, but it does not look like she will make it that far. Anyway thanks again for trying to have a civil conversation. I think you and @Maurile Tremblay are the only ones who try. Others are like go away Tulsi or Trump bad Tulsi bad everyone who doesn't believe the way I do is bad.
  2. Yes the presence of US diplomats had been sanctioned. But the official policy was one of isolating Syria. Bush was not happy with the visit. Seems to me it is just a never ending circle. 2007 was no different than it is now if your guy does it its bad if my guy does its good. Both sides its a shame really.
  3. I thought these were closed hearings. Where can I read Hills testimony?
  4. Disney MK is great plenty to do as an adult. Another plus is your going in Feb. weather should be pleasant you won't bake in the sun and should be less crowded.
  5. Huh what? lol you say your old school I have no idea what you just said.
  6. The White House has condemned Pelosi’s plans to visit Syria and meet Assad, who the United States has accused of helping destabilise the region, saying it sent the wrong message to the Syrian leader. The U.S. embassy hosted a big reception for Pelosi on Tuesday night that was attended by three Syrian government officials as well as dissidents who said they were not allowed enough access to Pelosi, who championed the cause of human rights in China. Pelosi has shrugged off the White House’s criticism of the trip, saying it was a good opportunity to gather the facts and build confidence. This is from a Reuters article from 2007 seems the White House wasn't to pleased with the visit. Sounds like she was trying to do the same thing as Tulsi.
  7. Get a firestick then add the firefox app.
  8. Lol how is she not an actual Democrat. Look at her stance on the issues she is about as Democrat as you can get. I am willing to let all of that go because of her stance on never ending wars. I believe her when she says she would bring our troops home. The Dems have a candidate in Tulsi who could actually take conservative, independent, and libertarian leaning voters to her side and defeat Trump. Instead they will just nominate the same old same old. Oh and Pelosi met with Assad too back in 2007, but I'm sure that was ok.
  9. I think you may need to investigate a little more, instead of just repeating what the NY Times and CNN have misreported.
  10. I was fighting the cutline all day finally was able to get ahead of it. Thank you Matty ice and Freeman. One more week thank goodness this contest is all I have left for this season all the rest of my teams are suckin hind ###. Really censored ###. ### is such a friendly word.
  11. Smear tactics business as usual.
  12. Yep using it to watch the Buc game right now. No NFL network no problem.
  13. Before I got my Bloodhound I had always owned Coonhounds. I would sure of felt weird calling them raccoon hounds so you were also right.
  14. Next to the n word coon is probably one of the most offensive racial slurs. It was used mostly in the South. So if you hear coon and not the ### part or if your not from Louisiana and not familiar with their slang then it could be misconstrued.
  15. Tony normally I agree with you, but I would say it would be pretty easy.