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  1. I have been watching the current season on cat mouse. It seems both Cinema and catmouse are having problems getting links now so I went back to Kodi. Slow and clunkier as hell but at least it works.
  2. I was using cinema or cat mouse but been having trouble with those. So now using kodi exodus redux addon
  3. Saw a political commercial today where they basically blamed the virus on Trump. That is really going to backfire on the Dems. Most of us have more than a half a brain and even the ones with half a brain ( like me) will see through this idiotic commercial.
  4. Yea I long for the days of a Dem leader like Tip O'Neil.
  5. Most people born after 1950 have not experienced really hard times like some of our parents or grand parents. Sure some of us have had it tough at some point or another but I would venture to say most of us climbed our way out. If we let this completely shut us down our economy will tank and it could lead to a depression. We do have safe guards in place S.S. for one but thats only for old folks like me. I think people would panic. In 1929 based on stats there were 26,629 deaths by suicide if you used the same capita per 100,000 now as 1929 the suicide toll would be 69,510 that is scary. Not to mention the misery everyone would go through. So yea I agree we can't just shut down.
  6. She is as far from a hero as a person can get.
  7. Thanks. That was on my phone the whole time wasn't it. Sometimes all this new stuff makes me feel really stupid not that my front porch light doesn't burn a little dim anyway.
  8. Could someone pm me and explain to me how to do the face to face thing on a Samsung 50. My wife's oncologist is no longer doing office visits but doing it face to face on the phone. I have absolutely no clue how to do this. I have until tomorrow to figure it out.
  9. So we have been baby sitting my daughter's newborn to help save them money. Our son in law just texted us that someone he works with has had close contact with someone who has been tested positive for the virus. I guess we should quarenteen ourselves now? But I wonder about the baby should he stay with us at our house if his dad is positive. But what happens if we get it. Really a little worried now.
  10. Kind of wished I hadn't listened to all the experts about having all your eggs in one basket now. When I had all my money in Publix stock it weathered the fluctuations in the market better becuase it was evaluated and a price set once every 3 months because it was not traded publicly. If everything was still in Publix my retirement funds wouldn't be worth 30% less now.
  11. I have a memory like an elephant and I can hold a grudge with the best of them. I am going to remember this as I'm sure most will. I absolutely will not be voting for any incumbent that is in Congress now. Hopefully most Americans will remember this sorry display by both sides. So no vote for Scott, Rubio, and especially Waltz for me.
  12. The answer maybe to vote all incumbents out of Congress.
  13. Just saw on local News that Microgen has away to test 1000s of samples an hour. Plus non invasive just spit in a cup. Sounds promising. I don't know how to post link on cell phone because I am extremely low tech. But you can go to scroll down to Lake Nona Genetic company testing to read about it.
  14. I just took two of my wife's medical marijuana capsules really calmed me down.
  15. Ex Publix guy here. I was told by some of my friends still employed there that the raises were across the board and they were giving associates $100 gift cards too. Its always been a pretty good company to work for. I used to feel a little guilty for what I made as a Produce Manager when I thought about what stating pay was for cops and teachers. All my buddies told me if folks would just go back to there normal shopping habits the supply chain could catch back up in a matter of days. I remember what it was like when ever there was a hurricane lurking. This is like that but people are buying everything and its like the hurricane never leaves. I bought the team at my Publix 20 pizzas and had them delivered from the Dominos next door to show my appreciation. Lot of folks don't realize how hard retail grocery is especially in times like these.
  16. Dang guess the wife and I are considered elderly. Never really considered us like that but I guess our young neighbors think so. They just brought us over a flat of eggs milk and 2 loafs of bread. Really really nice of them really touched me my wife started bawling. People really are basically good.
  17. So she should stop? I had her stop last week because of side effects and was not sure about what it did to immune system. She has had all her female plumbing out because of cancer she had before breast cancer. She is supposed to see doc next week if they don't cancel hope to get answers then.
  18. maybe the Gov could hit the pause button for everyone in a time of national emergency. No payments of any debts rent mortgage or anyother until emergency is over.
  19. We also probably be under a dictatorship. Just posting that so some of our friends can see how silly that sounds.
  20. People need to remember these names come reelection time. My Rep Waltz voted against the house bill. I wrote his office let him know that I supported him last election but because he doesn't feel the American people need help in a situation like this. I will vote for whoever is running against him even if it means I have to vote for a Democrat. I haven't recieved a response .
  21. Same here please. Don't get the backlash for keep the tank topped off. Pretty standard for Floridians during hurricane season. Folks who aren't use to that might need the reminder.