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  1. If you look into it a little more you will find that the man who was executed was misidentified by people with an agenda as someone who had ties to the group's you mentioned. Not that it would matter to some of you. I get why some are labeling this board Antifaguys now. Not that I would agree with that but I can see why.
  2. Doesn't fit the narrative. Dems and the media thinks we are too stupid to see the truth.
  3. Try going to youtubetv on your phone or laptop. In the right hand corner there is icon for your account. Click on that then go to settings to live tv then check all channels you want to see. That might solve it. It is wierd though.
  4. Yea sounds like the alt right guy did the world a favor taking that guy out if what I just read is true. Seems like the guy killed first was a convicted child abuser.
  5. I support this much more than kneeling during the Anthem. They are actually willing to sacrifice their income for something they believe in. Good for them.
  6. Pretty much continues throughout still pretty entertaining. What surprised me is some of those folks look like me ( not in the least athletic). I expected more iron man types. Pretty interesting the time difference between the front and the back.
  7. Yea that took a lot of guts. It is a devastating disease. My MiL passed from it last weekend. Can't imagine how tough that must be to participate in that race with that disease.
  8. Yes it's pretty good. Says this race eats iron men up. I believe it.
  9. World's toughest race seems pretty good 2 episodes in. New show on prime by Mark Burnett.. It has a Survivor feel to it.
  10. I think he is only looking at it from his own perspective. The fans have a right to voice their displeasure as much as he and his teammates have a right to protest. If I understood correctly it was only a few fans. I think the best option is just to quit playing the Anthem before games that's what they did before each MLS is back games. Personally and I know I will get a lot of flack for this I am against the kneeling during the Anthem. Why can't they kneel right before the game starts and after the Anthem is played they would still get their point across. I am hopeing that OCSC does not protest during the Anthem. I really love that team I would hate to have to quit following them but I will. Just really tired of getting all these protests getting crammed down my throat. Guess I will have to limit my sports viewership to golf and bass masters.
  11. I'm going to have to put down our 13 year old shih tzu today. His kidneys are shutting down. Today is his last treatment of 3. We were really hopeing to give him a few more months but the treatments don't seem to be working. Bad thing is we also have his mom and she is 14 so we will be going through this again soon. It seems so unfair that dogs lifes are so short with all the joy and love they give you. In the past 13 years I have barely changed but Gator has lived his whole life their time is just too short.
  12. I don't think there is a history between them. I think it's a case of the truth hurts and Scott doesn't like it.
  13. Youtubetv. All the cable channels for the most part. Also unlimited DVR. Price did go up to 65 bucks though.
  14. You guys do realize that a high school education is an education. It's just not higher education.
  15. @timschochet I hope you keep it up. I find this to be very interesting. I'm a big history guy and I really appreciate it when I can learn something new Lost cause is an example. Civil War, both World Wars and Texas history my favorites. Somehow I missed your thread on the Civil War. I'm going to search that and read today. Thanks for an interesting read.
  16. Started reading Black Autumn. I really like post apocalyptic books. Enjoy books like Alas Babylon One Second after Failsafe and On the beach. So I thought I would give this one a try. 55 pages in I notice that the authors are the main characters never read a book that that's happened. I'm going to keep reading for a bit but thinking this might be one I never finish.
  17. The anti mask people are going to find it hard to buy groceries without a mask down here as all the major retailers are requiring masks now.
  18. What's Colby have against Amos? He seems to ignore him during the questions and answers.
  19. If you like to suffer you could go with Orlando City. Front office has not been able to get out of it's own way. Just like a few NFL teams. We do have new manager of operations Muzzi and a new manager in Pareja both from Dallas so there is hope. Atmosphere and the stadium is great. Fanbase is outstanding. Not a real bad trip if you wanted to do a little get away see some soccer and visit the theme parks or do a little fishing. It's just a little hard to be a OCSC fan we seem to be the butt of a lot of jokes directed at us from other teams in the league. We did win last night but people will be sure to remind us that's only our 12 th win in the last 63 games. I never would have believed I would be a soccer fan if you had told me I would 10 years ago. I'm glad I gave it a shot I really enjoy it especially when I go see them live nothing like it.
  20. Really like what you said about not sticking their nose in it. I never could understand why people do that. The dog doesn't understand what your doing and probably thinks why the hell is my human sticking my nose in this. I mean when there pups it's the same as a human baby they are going to go to the bathroom you just have to recognize the signs. Dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than they do negative.