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  1. 4 hours ago, Joe Mammy said:

    Belle Glade FL led the world in aids in 1985! 

    Now it just became a COVID hotspot. It is smalltown, mostly minority.

    I can remember watching the Bobby Bowden show and he would be commenting last week's game, "and there goes Sammy Smith, Belle Glade FL superstar."

    Steve Spurrier on Fred Taylor maybe?

  2. 11 hours ago, Ron Swanson said:

    I see watcha did there. Nice bass! I'm gonna have to try freshwater one of these days.

    I am more of a  inshore saltwater guy. Usually just go freshwater maybe a dozen times a year to restock my speck supply. Bass fishing pretty fun though. 

    If you decide to go give Rodman a try it's probably only a couple of hours from you. It might pay to hire a guide though so you don't tear up your boat. Lots of trees under the water and other hidden objects have to be careful.

    I have the number of a great guide up that way if your interested.

  3. 10 hours ago, Cowboysfan8 said:

    The fish in the first link looks like 7 lbs +


    I thought he was bigger he sure fought like it but 5.1. Fished basically all my life and have never caught a trophy bass. One got away from me that may have been close to trophy size.

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  4. Just got hit with my first random act of kindness. Guy in front of me paid for my Wendies.

    Thanks Trump you have made America great again. I am going to start thanking Trump for everything good that happens to me. Kind of the opposite of what some on the left do.

    #orangeman good

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  5. 4 hours ago, Travis the Chimp said:

    You’re extremely difficult to discuss anything with. Everything you say or post is fact and legit. Everything someone opposing you posts or says is illegitimate or not true. 

    Sho is the only one I have on ignore and it helps a lot. Makes for much more enjoyable reading

     I have even kept squiz on even though he can be quite annoying he does post something helpful once in a blue moon.

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  6. It's gotten so bad I rarely go to any other thread because it's just the same thing over and over. When I do venture into another thread I find myself just scrolling past most posts without really reading because I know what's there as it's been repeated so often. I have even started scrolling past Saints posts who I used to find at least informative because even he has become redundant.