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  1. I love Crystal river we put in at Macraes when ever we go. Nice red and Snooki those reds are beautiful there.
  2. Never tried one of those might give it a try next time we go.
  3. Yes I figured that was coming lol. I posted the laughing thingy because I did laugh at the comparison because yes he probably does have a high opinion of himself.
  4. Hey Saints I do like reading your posts. For the most part they are usually pretty informative. Your opinions on some things are on the opposite end of the spectrum than mine but believe it or not we do agree on some. What I like most about your posts is 99.9% of the time they are not snarky and you don't seem to take yourself so seriously as some others around here.
  5. Yea some of the challenges in Australian survivor remind me of torture techniques used on POWs.
  6. It amazes me how self important and all knowing some people are. It seems some folks have an overly high opinion of themselves.
  7. Here is an article on him being relieved. Sounds like he may have not followed chain of command. I feel for him because he was obviously concerned for his men. Probably never get another command like the Roosevelt so I'm sure to him his career is all but over. Still its a stretch to blame this on Trump.
  8. Was it the Trump admin or the Navy. I don't think fired is the right term for when the military reassighns someone. Now maybe if he was getting court martialed that would seem excessive.
  9. I am wondering if the buff I wear when I go fishing would work as a mask? I use it a lot to cover mouth when it's cold and were hauling butt in the boat.
  10. I don't know why did Pennsylvania wait? Maybe things are different in different parts of the country. Maybe in different parts of the same state.
  11. It's not under control but he is trying. What is considered essential is baffling me. My daughter does paper work for a car dealership and she told me that is considered essential. Also like you mentioned churches not only here but in many states considered essential. New York and New Jersey both considered them essential as of about 10 days ago. That might have changed since though. I think any religious leader worth his salt would cancel gatherings right now and figure another way to get their message out.
  12. Nope. He is doing a great job under the circumstances. Just thankful that he won the election and not the guy who was found drunk and unresponsive with meth in a hotel room down in S. Beach. And I almost voted for that guy jeez.
  13. I am trying to refi using VA. Right now I am thinking of using one of two companies. I have paid for one VA apprasial who is coming tomorrow. My question is can I use the one apprasial for both refi places instead of having to pay for two.
  14. Rodman reservoir going to catch me a trophy bass.
  15. Maddow is a special kind of something. Watched her show last night she made it sound like Florida is wide open and ready to party. Which is so far from the truth. Won't be watching anymore. I can get my misinformation in some of the threads here.
  16. May get some blowback for this but I have had both big and small dogs all my life. I have found when they start nipping if you immediately grab their top lip and press it against their teeth just enough to cause discomfort and say no sternly seems to help break them of it.
  17. I have been watching the current season on cat mouse. It seems both Cinema and catmouse are having problems getting links now so I went back to Kodi. Slow and clunkier as hell but at least it works.
  18. I was using cinema or cat mouse but been having trouble with those. So now using kodi exodus redux addon
  19. Saw a political commercial today where they basically blamed the virus on Trump. That is really going to backfire on the Dems. Most of us have more than a half a brain and even the ones with half a brain ( like me) will see through this idiotic commercial.
  20. Yea I long for the days of a Dem leader like Tip O'Neil.
  21. Most people born after 1950 have not experienced really hard times like some of our parents or grand parents. Sure some of us have had it tough at some point or another but I would venture to say most of us climbed our way out. If we let this completely shut us down our economy will tank and it could lead to a depression. We do have safe guards in place S.S. for one but thats only for old folks like me. I think people would panic. In 1929 based on stats there were 26,629 deaths by suicide if you used the same capita per 100,000 now as 1929 the suicide toll would be 69,510 that is scary. Not to mention the misery everyone would go through. So yea I agree we can't just shut down.
  22. She is as far from a hero as a person can get.