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  1. Damn sorry to hear that Max. Lori and I are thinking of you and praying you get safely home soon.
  2. Looks like it is getting closer to both of us. Church in Deland closed because parishoner tested positive.
  3. Well guess that's good news. Not real concerned for myself I have the constitution of a mule. I am concerned for my wife though as she is recovering from her treatments for breast cancer.
  4. Governor has declared a state of emergency for Florida. I know what that means for a hurricane not sure what it means for this though.
  5. Liam and Ryan McPoyle.
  6. Johnny and Edgar
  7. Elvin Bishop Callin all cows.
  8. Whipping post
  9. Went bass fishing today. We bought 2 dozen wild shiners and hit the lake all optimistic. That soon changed. Anyway imaginable to miss a fish we did. Lose one in the lilly pads got that done. Lose one while untangling a rats nest due to a backlash check. Lose another in saw grass one around tree stump yep. The worst of course is the one I missed because I spazzed when the fish hit. I did manage to land one its the only one we got in the boat pretty expensive bass.
  10. Mmm yea that's true. Bought a 2018 with 23000 miles paid probably half the list price of a new one.
  11. Cadillac CTS. I got one about a month ago love it. I had a Challenger and my wife a Charger. I liked the way they drove and designed but inside were put together cheaply had problems with both.
  12. Just watched both US and Aussie latest episodes the challenges do seem to be getting a little extreme. The one on the Aussie version reminded me more of torture than anything else.
  13. All the experts have us finishing at the bottom again. Some are even saying we will finish behind Cinncinati. With our new coach I just don't believe the experts are correct.
  14. Yep gonna be watching that one. Hope Nashville can pull out a surprise. My two favorite teams are OCSC and who ever is playing Atlanta. Orlando's game is sold out too should be a great atmosphere. I'm being optimistic again this year only to get crushed again probably. Both Nani and Dom out so probably going to be tough going. Hopeing for the best though.
  15. Yes privately held. Stock that is given to employees as part of profit sharing usually 8 to 10% of their annual gross earnings cannot be sold until departing the company. Stock purchased individually can be sold at anytime. It has been awhile since I retired but I believe they no longer allow you to have more than 25% of Publix stock in your 401k. The new rule is not real popular with the associates but probably in their best interest.
  16. If you had told me when I started with Publix back in the 80s that they would be part of a conversation about socialism I would have laughed. Shortly after George Jenkins founded the company in 1930 he decided that he wanted his associates to have a vested interest in the success of the company so he started the stock ownership plan for his associates. It worked really well the company became very successful and most people who stayed with the company 20 to 30 years were able to retire with financial security. Some of the most successful companies are employee owned. Stock was given to the associates as part of profit sharing plan. You could also buy it on your own. If I am not mistaken in their 401ks now associates cannot have more than 25 percent invested in Publix stock. It worked for Publix and their associates many people retired with over a million in Publix stock.
  17. Daycare is definitely expensive but they had planned on it. It's just we wanted to save them some money. I just didn't realize how much a 3 month old could take out of you made me feel old. Guess you need to be closer to a spring chicken than an old fart when it comes to taking care of a baby.
  18. Yes that's the reason we are doing it. We will get a little trade off though her husband is real handy. We need some stuff done around the house that involves the use of a ladder. Which I am definitely to old to be climbing up on.
  19. Yea I think your right about my judgment. It's just daycare was going to cost them damn near a grand a month. So I guess this proves the older I get the less judgment I have and that I'm thinking the older you get the harder it is to deal with a 3 month old baby.
  20. My daughter just had her second child 18 years after the first one. She was a baby (15) when she had the first one so we basically raised our grand daughter for the first 6 years. We were in our 40s then and it really did not seem difficult or at least I don't remember it being that way. So now we are in our 60s and we volunteered to go to their house and baby sit to save them money. I have to say it seems much harder. As a matter of fact it is kind of kickin my ### and he is not even a toddler yet. Do you think it is because we are in our 60s or am I just being a wuss?
  21. Yea I will be voting for him unless Tulsi runs as a third party candidate. Changed my party affilate from npa to Dem so I could vote for her in the primary if she lasts that long. I just don't see Sanders as a viable candidate here for it to be close. I could very well be wrong though. Times have changed and so has the population of Fl. I just can't see Sanders doing as well in S. Florida with Hispanics and African Americans as some of the other Dem candidates would. The reason Fl elections were so close in the past had a lot to do with the way S. Florida voted.