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  1. My daughter just had her second child 18 years after the first one. She was a baby (15) when she had the first one so we basically raised our grand daughter for the first 6 years. We were in our 40s then and it really did not seem difficult or at least I don't remember it being that way. So now we are in our 60s and we volunteered to go to their house and baby sit to save them money. I have to say it seems much harder. As a matter of fact it is kind of kickin my ### and he is not even a toddler yet. Do you think it is because we are in our 60s or am I just being a wuss?
  2. Yea I will be voting for him unless Tulsi runs as a third party candidate. Changed my party affilate from npa to Dem so I could vote for her in the primary if she lasts that long. I just don't see Sanders as a viable candidate here for it to be close. I could very well be wrong though. Times have changed and so has the population of Fl. I just can't see Sanders doing as well in S. Florida with Hispanics and African Americans as some of the other Dem candidates would. The reason Fl elections were so close in the past had a lot to do with the way S. Florida voted.
  3. Yes I think the Dems my age or just a little younger vote for Trump. I think some of the youth vote still votes for Sanders but their turnout will be even lower than usual. If Sanders is the nominee then for the first time in years the race in Fl will not be close and Trump wins hands down imo.
  4. WFTV Orlando just tweeted Ryan Newman awake talking to family members and doctors. That has to be good news.
  5. So technically all the people posting derogatory remarks or trolling trying to get people banned should be suspended. I mean it is off topic correct?
  6. So it looks like this has turned into another Trump bashing thread. I thought we had enough of those.
  7. Thank goodness. The delay in any news really had me worried reminded me of what happened with Dale.
  8. Channel 2 news in Orlando saying Newman is in stable condition.
  9. Yea it was a long time ago but I remember. I think I started counting at 365 days. You are what we called a 2 digit midgit. Thanks again for your service . Keep your head down and stay safe.
  10. Short timer. Your so short I bet you need a ladder to get into bed
  11. Yes there has been about 4 seasons since they rebooted it. Really good it looks like their allstar season which is going now is going to smoke our Winners at War season if the episodes I have watched so far are any indication.
  12. Mine is named Bo but I don't use the word no. What I use isn't a word actually it's more of long aaannnnkkkk real loud almost like a growl they know to stop whatever they are doing.
  13. Here is my guy he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed kind of like his owner. Watch it from the beginning. oh got a new door but still have to keep it propped open with a chair or he goes skitzo
  14. Hand feeding is good you really wouldn't have to hand feed whole meal. Hand feeding helps some with food aggression towards you later on really a good idea with larger dogs.
  15. I really only used the warm towel for the first few days and the clock probably for a week or so. The warm towel was to simulate the warmth the puppy would get from its litter mates. I guess you could use the heating pad for an extended period but probably not needed as the warmth is just to reassure at the beginning.
  16. I have always loved blue grass and really have been getting into string bands lately like Old Crow and the Dead South. So when I saw this thread I thought to myself I want to do that. I went today to check out banjos and there was a dobro right next to them. I was scoping it out when the sales guy started talking to me. I asked him what would be easier to learn the dobro or the banjo, he replied the dobro. He stated one of the best reasons to choose the dobro was if you learned that you would be basically learning two instruments the guitar and dobro. Really nice guy but it turns out he would be giving the lessons on the dobro but didn't do the banjo. So I guess my question is would it actually be easier to learn the dobro or was he just trying to get a new student.
  17. @offdeeI have owned dogs my whole life and I'm an old guy so there has been a lot of pups. I have always used the alarm clock and it seems to help it is supposed to remind them of there mother's heart beat. I have even warmed a towel and put it around the clock then put the pup next to the towel. Between the warmth of the towel and the ticking it sooths the pup. As far as crate training my bloodhound was the first time I ever tried it but having it close to the bed and me seemed to help Bocephus.