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  1. Any update on the cutline since the Henery FG? I'm hoping to squeak through with 154.75.It went from 147.25 to 152.55 with the score 21-13 only one more TD was scored so I hope it doesn't move much.
  2. With that Graham TD, I'm over 250 now.Where do we see the top scorers for the week?Think you have to wait until tomorrow for that.
  3. Looks like this is my last week don't think 157 is going to do the trick.Fun while it lasted this is my favorite contest of the season.Good luck to everyone who escapes the turk this week.
  4. Cutline at 147.25.I'm at 157 with Henderson (10.7)to go.I am going to be sweating it tonight.I need a stinker by both teams.
  5. A few hours after I posted that, the power went out. It's still out. Yea being without power sucks last time a hurricane blew through here we were without for 2 weeks.Other than the power being out hope everything else is ok with you and your family.
  6. 157 After early games.Hopefully cutline is below that so I can enjoy my last week in contest.Next week I'm gone.
  7. I have a spreadsheet with all the rosters and pull the scores from OC's site to calculate the cutoff.Sure appreciate it.I sure couldn't do it I'm so low tech I'm lucky I can even turn a computer on.
  8. Thanks Kardplayer OC has it at 114.80 thats lower than I expected with some of the scores posted.
  9. Thank you McCluster sitting at 164 and some change now pretty sure that will be enough.I'm not looking good for Rodgers bye now though with Tannehill being hurt today so my days are probably numbered.
  10. Starting to worry a little bit with all these high scores being posted.Plus 2 times this year cut line was higher than the score I have right now.
  11. Sitting at 152.8 after early games.I have McCluster,Henderson,and Manningham to go.Not really expecting them to add anything significant to my score.So I hope cut line is low again this week.Anyone have any idea what it might be.
  12. I got 15 out of my kicker and I think I'm really going to need it.
  13. 1207 in total points not bad I guess.Rather have the good weeks come after the final cut anyway.
  14. If I can get past Fosters and Rodgers bye then maybe I can finish a little higher than I did last year. but I'm afraid I used up all my luck for this contest last year when I beat the cut by less than a point the last 3 weeks before the cut for the final 250.So I think I am probably on borrowed time.Good luck to everyone going forward.
  15. A lot of good teams fall by the wayside this week.I'll probably be joining them next week not that I have a good team mind you.
  16. The scores from the Thursday night game aren't showing up in my lineup, so I'm assuming he didn't include them in the cutoff. Not sure how much of an impact it would have, but the actual cutline is probably somewhat higher than this figure.Don't see it making that big of a difference Gore was the only one with a significant score maybe 5 points.
  17. OC usually has it posted on live scoring pretty quickly after the afternoon games.I really hope its low hate to see some of the guys who post frequently eliminated this early.Those guys make this thread really interesting.Pulling for ya Iggy,Q.G.and all the others who make this the best contest I enter all year.