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  1. Sorry for your loss. As tough as losing my mom was, I realize she and my family were blessed not to have the extra burden of the pandemic to deal with.
  2. Does anyone know for real how these deaths at care facilities are counted? I've often wondered if my mom would've been considered a COVID fatality if she had lived. She died in 2018 after only 6 months in a care facility. She was admitted and placed in hospice as she was terminal with ovarian cancer. If she had contracted COVID before her death would've she be counted as a COVID death or ovarian cancer? My heart breaks for families who have loved ones in care facilities during this. It was so tough emotionally for me in 2018 that I simply can't imagine what it's like dealing with that same stress and heartache and not being able to see, hug, touch dying family members during this.
  3. It looks like Illinois just posted its lowest positive percentage of 5% today. In May, Illinois has tested over 25k 3 times. 5/12 (29k) was a 13% positive rate, 5/21 (29k) was 7% positive and today (26K) was 5% positive. In April they only tested over 15 k once, April 24 positive rate was 17%. Chicago and 3 or 4 collar counties have gotten the brunt of the epidemic. Statewide hospitalization rates looking good. 10% of hospital beds are COVID, while there are 33% open beds and over 4000 available ventilators. All good trends IMO.
  4. It's not news, it's an interesting, apolitical interview with an Oxford professor of epidemiology. Well worth watching IMO. I can't really do it justice, but the jist is that she believes that the virus has been circulating longer in the UK. That more have been exposed. That antibody testing and current data is poor, but we still need to be patient and compile more data. Her observation is that despite the different degrees in which countries implement lockdowns or no lockdowns, the virus has progressed in a similar way.
  5. She explains it in the interview.
  6. We signed up for the free trial just to watch it but ponied up the $12 a month to keep watching. Kind of forgot how many episodes of this thing there were.
  7. We're watching it on Hulu. I think I remember seeing it on Netflix at one point but we couldn't find it.
  8. My wife and I started re-watching this with our kids, 13 and 16, when our shelter in place started. It's been fun experiencing the kids react to it for the first time. Our youngest loves it and is hooked, while our 16 year old is kind of bored as we finish season 3. Our youngest likes the mystery and trying to figure it out and actually kind of nailed the ending 2 episodes in. I forgot a bunch of stuff and didn't even remember some of the characters (Nikki and Paulo? Painful.). It's been a great family quarantine show for us since we all feel we've been in a hatch for 2 months.
  9. Our SBA EIDL loan was funded today. Really surprised. Will help us immensely to weather this. Applied late March.
  10. I guess that is what is confusing to me about stuff like the Worldmeter data; what metric actually shows improvement of the situation on country by country or state by state basis? In my mind it seems like in addition to hospitalization rates that percent positives is most valid, yet most charts go by new cases. IL had the most ever new cases today, 4k, but they had the most tests ever with almost 30k. Positive rate around 13%, which is about where it has been the past week or so. 20% was the norm 2 weeks ago. So the more a state or country tests the worse the numbers can appear. The 4k of new cases just destroyed the the downward trajectory of the case chart for IL and i guarantee people will be freaking out by the case number and not even think about the amount of tests or the percent positive. In the end, I'm not sure what the data accomplishes.
  11. What was the positive percentages you were getting 2 weeks ago? Based on the 10647 tests since yesterday, the new cases present a 5% positive rate. That seems low.
  12. All great. So many classic songs. Boxer is my favorite from the list but Bookends holds a special place in my heart.
  13. If anyone applied for the SBA EIDL loan, it looks like that process is moving again. I applied late March and other than receiving the grant mid April, I hadn't heard anything. I kind of thought it was a lost cause, however I finally received a portal invite yesterday which allowed me to accept my loan amount. The next step is receiving signing docs and funding. I'm not sure how long that will take or if funding will happen, but it was a nice surprise to finally see movement. I have a feeling processing PPP took priority over EIDL for several weeks.
  14. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have simply unplugged from all "news" for my well being. I just assume most of the doom, score boarding and death porn here is a reflection of the national media, not just CNN. Could be wrong.