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  1. The reason I didn't vote for Trump was that I knew who he was. He is an awful person who lies, cheats and has no morals. I just kind of assumed everyone else knew that too, yet they voted for him anyway. 2016 was a litmus test of the American electorate. Exceptionalism turned out to be a fairy tale. Trump is America.
  2. Maybe everyone should go back to their country and leave America to the actual indigenous people?
  3. Hard Eight is such a good movie. Probably not his signature role, but his best acting performance IMO.
  4. Same. I think I chose the "corpse" button.
  5. I'm liking the debut from LA band Goon, Heaven is Humming.
  6. The acceptance of Trumpism has unfortunately proven that civility, morality, honor and decency was just a facade. Trump is what America really is.
  7. I think I read that was going to happen and you were angling to be the chaperone, didn't hear how it went. Did you get to go?
  8. so cool that your kid is on this album. what an experience.
  9. Wide Awake is growing on me more and more after a year. Still think it's kinda uneven and has a couple of stinkers, but Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience>Freebird2 is one of my favorite things Parquet Courts has ever done.
  10. Beard hats and ugly Christmas sweaters just sell themselves.
  11. and believe that their freedom will only happen when others are oppressed.
  12. So let's say the Moral Majority was successful in their political ambitions of ending the civil rights movement, the women's movement, gay rights movement, and teaching of evolution. Looking back nearly 50 later, were these really "moral" positions? There are plenty of truly good, decent, moral religious people, but it seems like when religion and politics mix it is usually for regressive, hateful and bigoted beliefs that have nothing to do with the teachings of the Bible or morality for that matter.
  13. In early TE premium best ball drafts I've been in, Lacosse has been going in the 22+ rounds in the Josh Oliver, Blake Jarwin, Dawson Knox territory. Seems like a good roll of the dice in that area. Obviously can't expect Gronk level production, but I gotta think if he sticks on the roster he should have some productive games. They sure have a motley crew of TEs currently. What are the chances the Pats find a quality TE to add? Anyone of note available? Michael Roberts seemed like it could of been another speculative add like Lacosse, but the attempt to sign him I guess means they aren't settled at the position. I'm interested to see what the Pats do on offense this year. Kind of looks like it could be a run heavy team at this point.