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  1. Mannings body did give out. His neck was toast. Then he hurt his foot in 2015. He was terrible in the regular season and in the Super Bowl. Glad Von Miller could win it for him. Maybe Brees is hurt. Have no idea.
  2. Losing Thomas hurts but I find it hard to believe Brees lost it all in 10 months. He was smokin the final 6 weeks of 2019, only behind Lamar in points. Maybe it takes a while to get on track because of the lack of preseason or maybe this Saints team as a whole isn’t that great, but I have a hard time believing he could go from finishing last year with MVP stats to washed up in less than a years time.
  3. I have a position and holding. Read that they now have 40k pre-orders up from 27k last month. I have no idea where it goes from here, but willing to let it RIDE.
  4. Rivian is private, but last I read they have raised something like $8 billion in investment money over just the last 2 years. Granted they are backed by Amazon, but these EV plays are getting a ton of money thrown at them. If Rivian ever went public I can't imagine what their market cap would be; $30 bn?
  5. God I hope not. I can't wait to burn them and never think about this period of my life ever again.
  6. I'm interested to find out what Scott Turner is up to with the RBs in Washington. Excited to see this class of rookie WRs play. Could be one of the best of all time.
  7. I know the GMHI spac merging with Luminar has been mentioned here before. I'm fascinated by the Luminar CEO Austin Russell. 25 years old and started the company 8 years ago, damn. He's like a real life Richard Hendricks.
  8. No kidding. Pandemic continuing + Prime Day + no stores open for Black Friday = big numbers incoming. I'm not sure how wide spread their Amazon Fresh service is nationwide, but I never used it before the pandemic and now don't think I'll ever not use it; pandemic or not. Same day delivery, free over $35. Use it several times a week. Usually just order my dinner fixings and throw on a 6-pack of beer or bottle of something to get it over $35. So awesome to have beer to your doorstep in under 8 hours. I don't think they are pulling inventory from my local Whole Foods since I get Doritos and all sorts of junk food cravings too. Love it.
  9. I so want to believe. Took him late this year. His junior year at Memphis was so insane. Pinball numbers. Would love to see it translate at this level.
  10. Not sure I buy the rationale for rotating out of tech. Tons of articles being written about how the pandemic has killed Black Friday for brick and mortar and now is the time to rotate out of tech? I think I'll ride this one out a bit.
  11. I took Dalvin at 1.12 but got sniped on Mattison. The value at 12 was too good to pass up IMO. Got sniped on Mattison in the 9th, but that was too rich IMO. I had both last year and Mattison got hurt too. Just grabbed Boone as my last pick instead. I get people being risk adverse on the injury thing, but don't get being down on him regarding the contract impasse. The only leverage Cook has this year is to play 16 and ball out. Holding out, or milking an injury won't make him any $. IF he plays 16 and plays well he can write his own check, and from what I've read I think he knows that. If anything, this is the year to own Dalvin IMO. His future payday is dependent on him playing and performing well. Seems like huge incentive for him.
  12. I can't think of any, and is a reason I passed on him @ #12 in a dynasty draft. He went #13. I still have a hard time believing a player with 77 total touches in college and this raw at both WR and RB will be "the guy" for an NFL team, but looks like he'll have a chance to prove it. Can he pass block?