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  1. We all know Trump isn't a wordsmith, but a 73 year old grandpa using "Oh well" and "they suck"? That has to be Baron, or a teenage girl in control of his account, right? It's like when Poochie showed up on the Itchy & Scratchy Show to up the shows street cred; “Catch you on the flip side, dudemeisters! NOT!”
  2. MNF used to be the crown jewel of NFL viewing. I find it hard to believe that this is the best crew they could find to do this. The biggest problem is that they are all boring, which is an issue since MNF games haven’t been the best matchups.
  3. Minshew plays fantasy football....and he's on the ww in his own league. lol. Minshew doesn't have a good explanation for his mental acuity; football plays, and football players, just unspool in his mind. It happens in fantasy sports too: Tre Polk, who is one of Minshew's closest friends from Brandon, says Minshew stunned their dynasty league this past summer when he opted to redraft nearly his entire team (which is named Trust the Process) and start from scratch. "It was ridiculous," Polk says. "He must have known something about Melvin Gordon, and he worked out with Josh Jacobs and liked what he saw so he took him, and he took the Patriots defense, and he grabbed Austin Ekeler ..." Polk goes on for a few minutes like this before putting on the bow. "Bottom line: He redrafted, like, his whole team, and he's tied for first place. He just sees the game in a different way." I ask the obvious follow-up: Who is Minshew's quarterback? "That's the thing," Polk says. "I keep waiting for him to pick himself up, but no one took him. Gardner Minshew is available in Gardner Minshew's fantasy league." Polk laughs. "Gardner actually took Kyler Murray."
  4. He doesn't have a howitzer, but he throws a very catchable ball. He has nice touch and is able to vary speeds situationally. I think losing O'Shaughnessy will hurt. He had a nice thing going with him.
  5. The epitome of a 1st world problem. I'm glad that I'm disconnected enough from social media that I had zero clue until now that this is a burning issue.
  6. Other than the fumbles, he's not playing like a rookie. Out playing the #1 pick. The guy is accurate, makes good reads and plays with confidence. The fumbles aren't good, but should be something he can clean up. The only interception he has is one that bounced off of Fournette into the air. Jags fans have to be happy about him.
  7. "The plan was to engage covert allies around the world, use the most powerful office in the land for illegal spying, entrap a few random nobodies, cripple the Clinton campaign, and enrich Biden so that when Trump won he would be mired in fake oversight investigations. The intel community was going to stop Trump by getting him elected and then making his life miserable. Because it’s the last thing anyone would be looking for." I did a lot of drugs in my youth and luckily my brain isn't addled enough to come up with something like this. I have to keep hoping Trump Co. are just awful people whose lust for power and money is so strong they continually lie and manufacture BS knowing their marks will eat it up no questions asked. Because if they really believes this stuff, whoa, scary. Mental patient level psychosis at the highest levels of government.
  8. He's kind of like Hardman. He's going to get 3-4 chances to make a big play. Boom or bust. I have DK in a distance league so he's perfect for that, but I'd imagine tough to start in PPR.
  9. Made me nervous the 2 or 3 times he looked at his left knee after a play. He rolled up his pants a few times to have a look. He kept playing so I guess all was fine.