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  1. Your goal is different from the app creator's goal.
  2. Cool
  3. This thread just took a sharp turn straight downhill.Who are all these noobs crawling out of the woodwork? Member #40,000, isn't that a bit much to trash-talk me?Says member 29,000. Good lord.Excellent Hipple-ing there, GB. Thanks GB GWB.
  4. This thread just took a sharp turn straight downhill.Who are all these noobs crawling out of the woodwork? Member #40,000, isn't that a bit much to trash-talk me?Says member 29,000. Good lord.
  5. Shuke, please post your paypal so we can raise money to get you a new video camera. This one is HD and only $179.
  6. This is incorrect.He has 9 wins against teams who ended the year with winning records over his career. Got me...should have qualified that the record was when they bad. Regardless, 2 wins or 9 for the best offensive coach ever is pretty laughable isn't it?It is pathetic.Not to argue the point but it is not possible he is 2 - 16 against teams with a winning record when they played, he beat 2 teams under that qualification this year alone (SDSU and Purdue). That stat is just a made up time frame. Basically 2 - 16 over the last 18 times he played a team that ended the year with a winning record. The problem is, ABC put up the stat during the BC game "Over the last 15 games he played against teams who ended the season with winning records, Weis is 1 - 14." and people ran with it and ignored the opening qualifier. But, yes, he is unable to win the big game. He held 2 score or more leads against North Carolina, Pitt and Syracuse and failed to close the deal. He almost did the same against Navy. I don't know how you fix that. Is is a killer instinct that is lacking or an unwillingness to go for the jugular when you have a guy down on the ground? I would be interested to hear who people think Notre Dame could hire to replace him. Although that conversation seems a bit premature at this point. Does Notre Dame still carry enough prestige that they could steal a very successful coach away from another BCS conference team? Would they have to go for a less experienced up and comer and would that up and comer be an improvement?
  7. Are you saying they should have kept Ty?Should they keep Charlie?No. But, they need to find a good coach to replace him. I don't think 30 year old former USC assistant coaches will cut it. I wonder who would be interested in the job. Weis has shown no head coaching abilities. I don't think they can wait one or two or three more years for him to figure out how to be a head coach. He doesn't seem to be using the experience of his staff and hires an inexperienced Ron Powlus to be the QB coach. Weis also clearly made a mistake in bringing in a bunch of recruiters instead of a bunch of coaches. Not to put words in his mouth but I think he thought he could bring in 25 "first round picks" every year and his coaching would take care of itself. The problem is a 5 star offensive lineman is a freak of nature coming out of high school after being 4 - 6 inches and 30 - 50 pounds more than the guys he was facing up to that point his technique is probably lacking. If you don't have a college coach to coach him on fundamentals beyond what he learned in Pop Warner and high school, he is going to get schooled in college (no pun intended). Bringing in top 10 classes is one thing. Coaching them to be top 10 college teams is another. Charlie appears to have the first part down. Scheme doesn't matter if you can't run block or can't run proper routes. At this point, what coaches are going to jump on the sinking ship? Sure they brought in Tenuta this year (the defense was much improved) but are they going to be able to bring in a top flight offensive line coach? Maybe someone from the displaced staffs will be willing to come in and make a name for himself as they guy that turned around the Irish o line but more likely people want more job security than that.The only good thing to keeping Weis is that the AD can have a jump on the coaching search and conduct a 12 month search instead of a 12 day search like he would have had to do this year. The AD is less than a year on the job and I think he was caught off guard by the rapid decline after the North Carolina game. Sadly, the people running Notre Dame continue to dilute the brand. The next coach better be a home run hire and it doesn't seem home run hires are happening this year.The bad news is the schedule next season is pathetic. Washington is still on and Washington State replaced Syracuse. Connecticut and Nevada replace SDSU and North Carolina. That and a LSU/Ohio State like 7 home games opens the door to the possibility the team is not much better but ends up with a better record which would make it harder to fire Weis. Then again, this team could go 2 - 10 next year.2009 Football Schedule--------------------------------------------------------------------------------S05 NEVADAS12 @ MichiganS19 MICHIGAN ST.S26 @ PurdueO03 WASHINGTONO17 SOUTHERN CALO24 BOSTON COLLEGEO31 Washington St. (SA)N07 NAVYN14 @ PittsburghN21 CONNECTICUTN28 @ Stanford
  8. This is incorrect.He has 9 wins against teams who ended the year with winning records over his career.
  9. Are you saying they should have kept Ty?Nope, just saying that their results have been pretty close to each others. Doubt Weis will get fired thoughHe will probably fire his coordinators. Corwin Brown - DC and Mike Haywood - OC
  10. Are you saying they should have kept Ty?
  11. Any idea what the "Joined 27-August 06" under your name means?
  12. How soon after this did you move out of state?
  13. The options appear below GM [ 140 ] [50.36%] shuke [ 138 ] [49.64%] Total Votes: 289
  14. Anyone have an update? Seems like if the kid really like the limelight that much he would have done something to get back in it. I think he is just a kid trying to please too many people.