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  1. Baltimore would be an awesome landing spot from a fantasy perspective.
  2. What else is he supposed to say at this point. But when Houston offers him 3 years and 25 million, while New Orleans offers him 2 years and 7 million, suddenly it will be "Thanks for the memories New Orleans!". He will follow the money just like about 90% of the NFL players do. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  3. I think Connor will be a good performer while Bell is holding out. But he is not Leveon Bell so don't expect him to be a top 5 in the league type back. As far as being a three down back. He caught 6 passes in his last preseason game and looked pretty good doing it. I think the sneaky beneficiaries of a Bell holdout (especially in a PPR league) will be their WR's (Smith - Schuster and Brown) as they will have to throw the ball more to move the ball. Still think Bell's holdout will not go too deep in the season, but who knows what will really happen. Not that easy to give up 900k per game. All we know we with any level certainty is Connor is looking like the starter in week 1.
  4. Rumor has it Earl Thomas will report today but that Leveon Bell is a no show at Steeler Practice. Probably means he is a no go for week 1 even if he shows up in the next couple days.
  5. Some people like to swing for fences. Not a high percentage move though. I don't see the Steelers trading Bell and I don't see Bell sitting out very many games, if any. Smart money says he will show some time between now and Saturday. In which case, he will play little or no snaps on Sunday and play a more significant role in week 2. If he shows up today, Steelers will probably start Bell on Sunday. All just my humble opinion. Good luck with your Connor play. You may very well make me look silly.
  6. No one knows for sure if he will sit out or not. If I was a betting man, I would say he will come in the week before Game 1. For his sake, I hope any lack of conditioning does not result in him getting hurt the first couple weeks of the season.
  7. Yes 900k per game is a lot of money to you and me, but this year for Bell is all about getting the year of credit, and making it to next summer healthy. He is swapping 900k per game missed for 70-90 million over the next five years with 35-50% of that guaranteed. Ultimate High Stakes Poker. Leverage the longer this goes on shifts to him because Steelers need him near 100% effective to make a serious run at Super Bowl.
  8. Seems like an easy decision for a keeper. Not sure why you would even consider Gordon over Mckinnon with a last round pick price on both.
  9. This my read on the Skins and I watch a lot of Redskin Football!
  10. I think he will get a lot of targets. Its just a matter of how efficient he is and what he is able to do after he catches it.
  11. Hunt has hit the rookie wall. Time to look a different direction if you are making a push for the Fantasy Playoffs. Reid overused him.
  12. Looks like Sharks are bailing here; wonder what the Hawk move is? Screech!!!
  13. Serious answer. Josh Gordon is probably not concerned with your fantasy football team. If he did submit his reinstatement paperwork, I doubt he will hold a press conference to announce it. I suspect it will be submitted. Commissioner Goodell will take up to 60 days to review. Then an announcement will be made either reinstating or rejecting the application. Now info may leak out along the way, but we may hear nothing until the NFL makes their formal announcement announcing their decision.