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  1. My 12 year old proudly wore an "I ❤️ TOXIC WASTE" shirt on the first day of school! None of his classmates had a clue...
  2. OMFG I'm crying and my wife thinks I'm nuts cuz I can barely get words out to remotely explain any of this
  3. Really?when ESPN does the first 2 rounds of the U.S.Open Golf have you ever heard him?.......his crap does not translate to the golf course
  4. anybody catch the LOST based commercial? Didn't get to hear it, but could tell it was based on the show...
  5. Couple things I noticed about the TV's...1. When they were watching the orientation video, it was on the center screen. The Swan TV was on the upper right, but there was also one more TV on the left that wasn't static/snow, but a solid glow and the rest of them were off. or ?2. Again during the video, Locke looked back at the Swan TV and it was showing a different camera angle. Multiple cameras that cycle?