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  1. Help me pick my WR #2 for my Championship playoffs WR#1 is Robby Anderson...Lost Beckham Cortland Sutton vs Raiders- Good Matchup but he has not produced last 5 games Robert Foster vs NE- High Risk but has done well 90 ys/game and 2 TD/5games Josh Reynolds vs Arizona Jordy Nelson vs Denver Leave a link and I'll answer yours Thanks
  2. I am in dire straits at WR for my first week of the Playoffs. Odell Beckham is out. I need to pick 2 WR to start out of this group. Cortland Sutton vs Browns- has done nothing last 3 weeks. Josh Reynolds vs Eagles- should be a good matchup, but he is the 3rd WR option on that team Robby Anderson vs Texans-Enunwa out and pretty much only WR for Darnold-low score expected John Ross vs Raiders- Not very high volume, gets short TD's good matchup Jordy Nelson vs Bengals-good matchup, Jordys been good last 2 weeks with lots of targets-no TDs Thanks in advance for your help-leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  3. I have been offered a trade of Odell Beckham for Keenan Allen and Isiah Crowell, Seems a little tempting. I have for my RB Kamara, Ingram and Phillip Lindsey so I feel I can afford to loose Crowell My WR are John Brown, Marquis Goodwin, and Cortland Sutton...I think Beckham would be an upgrade. I am a little worried about the Giant offense and the Charger offense looks great. Allen is not getting TD looks and Beckham does even though Beckham only has 2 TD to Allens 1 TD Should I do the trade Thanks Leave a link and I will answer yours.
  4. Help me with my TE t start. I have C J Uzomah as my current TE and he plays against Tampa Bay who is the worst team vs TE. I could pick up Jared Cook Raiders TE who play against the Colts. Cooper is gone and I am thinking he would get more targets. Leave a link and I will answer yours Thanks
  5. Fuller against Buffalo or John Brown vs titans
  6. I would do the deal, You have Ingram which still give you a piece of Brees, and Hopkins is 1st round stud. Could try to sub Rivers, even if you need to use Rivers he is not much below Brees. Please answer mine
  7. I would do Clement and McCoy. Please answer mine
  8. I would not do the trade and keep Connor. I think Bell will be traded and even if not I believe they will play Connor at least 50:50 as Bell is gone after this year. Please answer mine
  9. Help! I a stuggling at WR. Goladay on bye. Pick 2 WR to start. Leave a link and I'll respond to yours Sterling Shepherd vs Eagles Mohammed Sanu vs Tampa Dede Westbrook vsDallas Keke Coutee vs buffalo Taylor Gabriel vs Miami Chris Godwin vs Falcons Thanks!
  10. Who do I start at QB Drew Brees vs Redskins or Patrick Mahommes vs Jags Leave a link and I'll answer yours
  11. Which 2wide recievers do I start Dede Westbrook vs KC Sterling Shepherd vs Panthers Kenny Golladay vs Packers Pick two of the 3
  12. I have a good problem, as drafted Brees as my #1QB and Still got Mahommes. This week I play a team with Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. Brees plays the Giants and if I play Mahomes he would be throwing to Kelce and Hill. I like Mahomes a little better but Brees is close also. Who should I start this week Thanks
  13. Should I start Marquis Goodwin who is active after a quadricep strain in what should be a shootout vs KC or Randall Cobb in the rain vs Redskins Thanks
  14. I am in a 16 team league, and we start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR 1TE, 1ST/D 1K onlt 11 roster spots. I currently have Crabtree, Marquis Goodwin, and Randall Cobb on my team and not feeling great about them. I could pick up any of Kenny Golladay, Kelan Cole, and John Brown. My first week I had injuries to Fournette, MargquisGoodwin and Gregg Olson who I hae since dropped. Which if any waiver WR should I pick and who should I drop Thanks