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  1. 12 Team Dynasty Standard Scoring Non PPR. Current Receivers are: Edelman, Coleman, D Adams, Nelson (AZ), Lockett, Williams (SD), J Gordon Current QBS: Winston, Marriota, Goff Recently made this trade: Give: Goff and Gronkowski Get: Beckham, Thielen, Ertz I think I made out great! Thoughts?
  2. Just added one to my cart. Was shocked to see it come up at $12.95 instead of $9.95. I guess the economy has hit dkeato especially hard as well.
  3. Bumped again for the those drafting this weekend! Love this thread!
  4. Surprisingly, Gilbert went for a lot of racist humor, especially the N word, and was continually interrupting the news. Artie jumped in and was perhaps even more to blame, but Robin couldn't even get through a sentence during the news and she and Howard were none too pleased.I thought it was funny though, and the only problem for Howard and Robin was that they couldn't blast through the pointless news like usual. fixed, I'm guessing.In the past, Howard would've been right there with them. Listen to Gilbert sitting on the news from 3/7/01 (mammary lane yesterday) and he and howard going off on camille grammer's IBS. Robin could barely get through a sentence, but it was all good then. Very different. I've heard the Mr. Blackswell interview twice now and cried laughing at Billy West. Man, I miss him on the show.....
  5. I actually wouldn't mind if Howard let Artie rip into her like you know he wants to. That would be good radio!I was actually kidding when I wrote that because she has been on like 5 times in the last two months. Who cares about her?I agree with one of the other posters who said that Gary is really dropping the ball on the guests that are coming in. Last week was BRUTAL!!! Charlie Murphy? Give me a break! I can see letting him come in once, but this was the second time. It also seems like the guests that they are getting are also the same guests that other stations on Sirius are getting. IT could be that they are just on their press junkets and come in on Sirius day. Throw in the contest that they are having now for "Do Gary's Job" and you get an feeling that he is having a hard time getting top notch guests. Over the years, I have been a HUGE Howard supporter, but this thing is going downhill.....and FAST!!!
  6. I heard that Joan Rivers will be back on again next week!
  7. Who even says that he will be used as a RB? I have heard a lot of things about him lining up as a WR. I can easily see the Titans using him much like the Eagles do with Westbrook where gets lined up as a WR and teams need to keep an eye on him at all times. Lendale can still pound it, but Johnson gives them a dangerous added dimension.
  8. This may have already been covered, but I am new to the thread. Are there any good books that you would recommend for someone who is interested in starting out in real estate investing? There are a lot of people out there who have written books, but I defer to you as to which one would be most beneficial and helpful. TIA