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  1. New Kindergartners this year: And let me go on record that I like all these names. Girls: Aurelly Eden Woods (yes, a girl - I checked her records) Willow Maelo Kaydence Maydee Jasleen Carsyn Boys: Bodhi Lincoln (x2) Deeyan Brogan Barrett Nash (we are 20ish miles south of Nashville)
  2. "Convenient Slot" That's my wife's nickname.
  3. This one I assume? It's been on my Wish List since 2012.
  4. I enjoyed this quite a bit. It did get dusty while I was watching some of it though.
  5. In reading article they make of just one flight log so it appears Trump on there once and Clinton 20 something times if I remember correctly. . Can't they both be pieces of #### who obviously knew what he was into?
  6. Oldboy (Korean version - have never seen the re-make)
  7. Don't know if I need a spoiler for this, but just in case:
  8. Just enjoy the Bromance. It is one for the ages.
  9. That's just like your opinion, man. I'd watch Brad Pitt do odd jobs and feed his dog all night.
  10. Probably some Hondas here, so I apologize in advance.
  11. He's going to end up dead from "suicide". Shame.