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  1. If my kids were missing for this long I would have been arrested, right? So the police must know where they are and legally are worried about doing anything, right?
  2. Would the best XFL team (I have no idea who that would be) beat the best College team (LSU, Clemson, Ohio State)?
  3. Ah yes, MLB's greatest misogynistic incel is precisely the guy I'd listen to for the adjustment of our moral compass. Be that as it may, what did he say that you disagree with?
  4. @NREC34 and @TheIronSheik Do you two think the more you post about this not being a big deal the more people will accept it's not a big deal? Because I think it's having the opposite effect.
  5. I've said the same thing about the NFL (make the field wider). Guys are just so much bigger and faster than 40 years ago, yet the field is the same size. It would cut down on injuries and increase offense. Win/Win for the NFL.
  6. Who will be the first team to have "Trash Can Day" when the Astros come to town.
  7. I drink and I know things. So wherever that is?