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  1. If Trump whips out an AK-47 and squeezes off several rounds Idiocracy will have come true. #Brawndo
  2. First round is in the home park of the top 4 seeds. Then I think they go to the bubble, I think?
  3. Yeah, I don’t think I can watch 6 more episodes of Jessica’s scowl. I kinda liked it up until then and now I would only watch to see if the villain can rack up a John Wick level body count. Stick with it. It starts to come together. I wish there was a way to watch the UK version. I've heard it is better.
  4. This Salem Cruise Lite 171RBXL We wanted something under/around 4000 lbs - we are towing it with my wife's Honda Pilot (max 5000 lbs). We are staying about 2 hours out and avoiding very hilly places and so far the Pilot has done a great job (about 11 mpg though). We travel light and sometimes take a 2nd car (my Jeep Wrangler) and load it down with bikes and other stuff. The plan is to eventually get a truck (maybe a Gladiator) so that we can go further. Oh and this time we are storing it in a way more credible place and have a better ball lock and this on it:
  5. Just got back from a long weekend camping. We had our 32 foot travel trailer stolen about 5 years ago so that ended our camping 5 to 7 times a year. The kids and I went tent camping a few times, but even on a cot I'm too old for that kind of sleeping. Recently bought a smaller travel trailer (about 22 feet) and love it (just me and the wife). Have been 4 times since we bought it in April. Anyway, one thing we didn't have before that we have now and is amazing: Blackstone Griddle Totally replaced our portable grill. Have done burgers, steak, breakfast and grill cheese. But our favorite is fajitas. As good as in a restaurant. Going to try fried rice on our next trip. Pretty easy to clean once you do it a few times. Just season it when you get it and watch lots of youtube for ideas on how/what to cook.
  6. How are Defensive linemen that stupid? Serious question.
  7. I was told there would be no math.
  8. Stole this from reddit, but it sums up how I feel about Zimmer. Count me in fans that hate.
  9. do you know why I don't go to bars or restaurants that allow smoking? they smoke there - and I don't want to deal with it I don't demand that they all conform to how I want things done, I simply don't go there. See how easy it is ? A bar is a choice, a grocery store is not. See how easy it is?