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  1. Why would I think someone as obtuse as you would get sarcasm?
  2. WTF, why even put the movie on the service if you can't watch it for almost 2 years???
  3. What rule at the time did they break? Hitler didn't break any laws either.
  4. Yep, both my kids are older HS/college. If I weren't getting this free from Verizon I don't know that I'd keep it. Maybe when we get grandchildren? But then again we own every Disney movie either DVD/BluRay or digital so it would just be the new content. (and if I really want to see it I can "acquire" it if needed.)
  5. I expect the plush of that thing to sell like hotcakes for Xmas if they do it.
  6. Pretty soon Disney will own everything and we will just have 20% direct deposit from our check to Disney. I for one look forward to our Disney overlords.
  7. Of the ones on that list I'd go Blantons (good luck) first followed by: Henry MKenna Buffalo Trace (<$30) Elijah Craig small batch Clyde Mays (from Alabama I think, but good Under $40 bottle)
  8. "We're going to expedite this order!" Get the #### out of here with this ####, it's pizza.
  9. Cause they said so. Don't you EVER doubt the Budweiser marketing machine. Ever. This is the entity that brought you...Bud Light Lime-a-rita, and dilly dilly and watched America suck it up through a straw. Mmmmm, Beer