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  1. The only concern is the new contract he will be asking for.
  2. We seem to get caught up in the big dollar contracts where $1Mill more a year isn't as big a deal but when getting 3-5 million a year, a million more is a big deal. Ingram is almost getting 50% more than Murray per year, that is a big difference. How is the guaranteed money?
  3. I like Lawrence but 3 is high in a 1 QB league. Would have traded down if taking a QB, especially with guys like Tua, Hebert and Fromm eligible to come out next year and Fields joining Lawrence in 2021.
  4. He had a big game, but that was on 7 touches and 1 punt return. I like Clement but the SB supports the argument that will have limited usage.
  5. Love auction leagues, in a couple each year. My worst auctions were when I focused on chasing after bargains and didn't land any studs. Still look for bargains but need to bite the bullet on a few guys and pay the going rate.
  6. Has Bell signed the franchise tag? Wouldn't be fines unless under contract. But as steelers1080 said, would be giving up big game checks.
  7. If not Barkley, Mayfield is the best choice. Allen is too much of a wildcard and should be going late 1st round.
  8. Got to love the moxy of this offer. Not only will I take the Barkley and any hope of you improving this year, I also want your top 3 1st next year to rub it in your face.
  9. Marino was also under 60% for his career in the NFL.
  10. The fancy pants link was hilarious. I had to share it with buddies at work who aren't even into football.
  11. Agree. They better take a QB at 1 to at least give the impression that know what they are doing and have conviction he is their guy. Drafting a QB at 4 is saying we have know idea what we are doing and can't evaluate talent so going to take a shot on the leftovers of picks 2 and 3 and hope he works out.
  12. Crazy ask for 1.01 but sounds like he wanted to slam the door on further discussions. We all have done that at some point.
  13. If just considering Fournette & McCaffrey ... Fournette.
  14. Woodhead almost plays a different position than AP. Compare Peterson to Blount, who also isn't signed. From a fantasy perspective, I also would like Fournette to be more involved in the passing game, but if choosing between the better runner vs receiver as a RB, I will take the runner. Mixon is the most rounded of the RBs, if he didn't have the off field stuff, he is the only RB would take over Fournette.