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  1. I'm starting him over Cole and MVS in a standard league.
  2. No Conner, Snell, Jonuu, Gostkowski, or Titans Defense this week...I'll need a flex score from one of Scott, Moss, Preston Williams, or Chris Herndon 😐
  3. I traded M. Davis to the McCaffrey owner for Crowder.... 🤷‍♂️
  4. 14 team standard with 5 point bonus for 100yds rec need 2 from: D. Parker S. Sims B. Edwards J. Reagor (leaning Parker and Sims)
  5. Daniel Jones $13 Joe Burrow $11 Tua Tagovailoa $5 Yes, I know Tua has the same bye as Jones, but I just like the potential for a couple blow-up weeks later in the season thrown in there. Not worried about Jones early schedule as it's already been reported there's no cut line for week 1, and very shallow cut line week 2. Josh Jacobs $26 James Conner $23 Boston Scott $11 Zack Moss $10 Benny Snell $4 Risky RB selection, but I thought Jacobs was a great value, plus the early bye, and as of right now Snell is the backup to Conner. Even if Sanders stays healthy, I believe Philly will sprinkle in enough Scott to make him valuable. Same with Moss. D.J. Chark $17 Michael Gallup $16 Will Fuller $15 CeeDee Lamb $12 Deebo Samuel $12 Preston Williams $12 Steven Sims $7 Bryan Edwards $3 Big believer in Dallas passing game, but having both Gallup and Lamb could cost me. I just think one of them outshines Coop this year. Everyone has Edwards. I think Sims will double his value/cost ratio. Fuller is perfect for best ball. I think the Minshew/Chark combo is good for at least 4 50yd+ TD bombs this year. I think Samuel comes back and becomes target 1B to Kittle's 1A. T.J. Hockenson $14 Dallas Goedert $11 Jonnu Smith $9 Chris Herndon $7 More high risk/reward here, but I think I might sneak a flex score from the TE position at least every other week. Dustin Hopkins $2 Stephen Gostkowski $2 Sam Sloman $2 Meh, kickers..wanted 3, and I hope at least 2 keep their jobs. Tennessee Titans $3 Seattle Seahawks $3 I might be overreacting to the Clowney signing a bit, but he is from my home town (Football City, USA) and both Tennessee and Seattle have relatively early byes.
  6. No Hill? Both of these teams have him pretty much dead money on any other players.
  7. Balt/NO super bowl QB - Lamar Jackson - 40 QB - Drew Brees - 38 QB - Russell Wilson - 26 QB - Taysom Hill - 8 RB - Gus Edwards - 8 RB - Justice Hill - 4 WR - Michael Thomas - 34 WR - Mecole Hardman - 8 WR - Demarcus Robinson - 4 TE - Jared Cook - 24 TE - Mark Andrews - 18 TE - Jacob Hollister - 13 TD - Baltimore Ravens - 13 TD - New Orleans Saints - 12 will have 10 in the Super Bowl if I make it....counting on Seattle with a sprinkle of KC
  8. conflicting reports, but here's a mention of the entire coaching staff being fired....
  9. I’m out. Watson got me. Good luck to everyone still left!
  10. Daniel Jones came through for me (as well as Andrews and Jets D), and I'm at 157 with Carson, Brieda, Lockett and Gordon to go. At least two of those should improve on the 7.3 egg laid by Zeke....
  11. Absolutely correct assessment....however he already has two TDs before halftime so it Will probably depend on how my other guys do.
  12. Still in, but relying on Daniel Jones this week with Watson on bye. He’s playing the Jets so I’m cautiously optimistic. Quinn, who is useless, is my only other player on bye. Watson/Jones Zeke/Chubb/Carson/Breida Julio/Lockett/Samuel/Watkins/Hardman/Gordon/Quinn Engram/Andrews Boswell/Hauschka Seattle/Jets
  13. Danny Dimes out scores Watson again, and I’m on to week 9. Survived no Zeke/M.Andrews, but next week I’ll be without Julio. Good luck to all sweating the Turk!