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  1. Daniel Jones came through for me (as well as Andrews and Jets D), and I'm at 157 with Carson, Brieda, Lockett and Gordon to go. At least two of those should improve on the 7.3 egg laid by Zeke....
  2. Absolutely correct assessment....however he already has two TDs before halftime so it Will probably depend on how my other guys do.
  3. Still in, but relying on Daniel Jones this week with Watson on bye. He’s playing the Jets so I’m cautiously optimistic. Quinn, who is useless, is my only other player on bye. Watson/Jones Zeke/Chubb/Carson/Breida Julio/Lockett/Samuel/Watkins/Hardman/Gordon/Quinn Engram/Andrews Boswell/Hauschka Seattle/Jets
  4. Danny Dimes out scores Watson again, and I’m on to week 9. Survived no Zeke/M.Andrews, but next week I’ll be without Julio. Good luck to all sweating the Turk!
  5. I dropped him. Meaning Williams. Standard league though. I just couldn't justify holding him any longer.
  6. If calcomatic is correct at 125.95 cutoff, then I survived by less than one point, and only because of the one INT by the Jets Def 😳
  7. Yesssss Williams. Sorry for the lack of clarity. . It is the Williams thread 🤷‍♂️
  8. If he’s out three weeks, that means he’s back week 11. My expectation, and I’ve read others that believe the same thing, is since week 12 is KC bye, they hold him out until week 13.
  9. If Mahomes truly is out until week 13, I think he’s droppable in redraft. There are other lottery tickets I’d rather have on my bench.
  10. 169 with Brieda and Chubb to go @-10.90 for flex spot. D. Watson carried me this week. Good luck to those near the cut!
  11. Sleeperbot, perAdam Schefter, just reported they are signing Mike Nugent.
  12. 150.85 with Boswell (-5.6) left. Unless JuJu or Boyd completely kill it, I don't see cutline going up 10+ points.
  13. Sorry. My mistake. Colts. That was a post midnight alcohol influenced post 😊
  14. Darius Leonard is out this week, For those of you considering the Lions.