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  1. Thoughts with you and your family.
  2. Chalk with KC/NO, although I don’t have enough Saints. Took big risk with just a few players going in first round but so far Indy looking good... QB - Patrick Mahomes II - 40 QB - Drew Brees - 38 QB - Mitchell Trubisky - 26 QB - Andrew Luck - 21 RB - Damien Williams - 22 WR - Michael Thomas - 28 WR - Tyreek Hill - 27 WR - Ted Ginn Jr - 10 WR - Chester Rogers - 3 WR - Zach Pascal - 3 TE - Travis Kelce - 29 TE - Adam Shaheen - 3 Total value: 250
  3. I didn't drop Marvin (perhaps I should) yet, but I am starting Smith over Jones in a non-PPR with bonus for long TDs and/or going over 100yds rec.
  4. Love my TEs, as Burton, Njoku, and OJ come thru for me again. Amendola and Gallup decide to show up this week. Winston gives me enough at QB, but still have both Ryan and Mahomes to improve. I doubt Ross or Rosas will change anything. Where you at McCaffrey/Elliott?
  5. Chubb over Collins, Fuller, and Tre'Quan at the flex....NON PPR
  6. ....wondering who at FBG will be the first to adjust their rankings/projections for Hyde/Chubb/Duke/Yeldon....
  7. After making it by less than 1pt last week, I’m on to week 7 with a 177. TD TE Trifecta of Njoku, OJ, and Burton all counted for me. Could be more if Mahomes improves on Winston, but I’m fine with him saving himself for the stretch run....
  8. I squeaked through with a 150.25 this week. Outlook going forward: Ryan, Mahomes, Winston----really like this trio, assuming Winston doesn't muck it up Zeke, McCaffrey, Freeman, Clement----now past McCaffrey's bye week, hoping to get a small boost from Clement now that Ajayi is on IR Diggs,Goodwin, Godwin,Cole,Amendola, Gallup, Allison, Ross, Dorsett----holy crapfast! at least I have 9 to cobble together 2 or 3 scores each week Burton, Njoku, Howard, Griffin----Griffin literally saved my bacon this week; glad Burton's bye is over; hopefully OJ will become viable again at some point Parkey,Fairbairn,Rosas---Parkey now through the bye and Rosas suprisingly doesn't suck Bears,Steelers--Steelers came thru big on the Bears bye week Conclusion---again, not nearly enough horses to do any real damage but it's fun to hang on while it lasts
  9. QB Ryan, Mahomes, Winston Love the first two combo, and now looks like getting Winston back after bye RB Elliott, McCaffrey, Freeman, Clement McCaffrey just had his bye week, need Freeman to pick it up; not expecting much from Clement WR Diggs,Goodwin,Cole,Allison,Gallup,Amendola,Godwin,Ross, Dorsett Ugh...really expected to have more success with the volume approach TE Burton, Njoku, Howard, Griffin Glad I went 4 TE, even though Griffin barely adds anything, now with the injury to OJ K Fairburn,Parkey, Rosas No swing/misses so far...all that matters D Bears, Steelers Come on, Steelers! I definitely don't have the necessary horses to win, unless more WR somehow step up their game. Mahomes/Elliott/McCaffrey can only do so much.
  10. On to next week Tks to Ryan, Zeke, Diggs, Allison, Ross, Dorsett, Burton, Parkey, Chicago D with a couple to go...
  11. Not Quite as good of a showing this week (1448 overall), but still moving forward. This week Ryan,Zeke, McCaffrey, Royce, Godwin, Allison, Godwin, OJ howard, Fairburn, and Steeler D counted for me. I think Fitz keeps the job for of his INTs was a deflection.I'll only be missing McCaffrey this week but week 5 i'll have 6 players out.
  12. I did this exact same thing on waivers this week, and that was before news came out that Doyle was injured.
  13. #886 overall this week so far, with Chicago D, Burton, and Parkey to go. Key contributors this week: Mahomes (backup of Ryan did pretty good too, but starting to question my #3 QB selection of Winston) McCaffrey Zeke Clement Diggs Cole OJ Howard
  14. 14 team, standard, redraft...start 1 RB, 3 WR, and one Flex WR/RB Conner was my waiver wire pickup last week. He was my 5th RB. I traded Conner to the Bell owner and received Golden Tate in return. I asked for Diggs (of course always ask for more than you think you're going to get), he countered with Garcon, and we settled on Tate. Tate will now be my #2 WR (unless you think Corey Davis or Kupp are better.) Could I have held out for more? Sure....but if Bell reports tomorrow or Saturday, my leverage drops immediately. I'm pretty happy with the trade.
  15. Matt Ryan $13 Mahomes $11 Winston $10 I believe Ryan will have a better year. Not a career year...but more like 28 TDs instead of the 20 he had last year. Mahomes I like for huge weeks here and there. Winston is a big reach, but after his suspension and bye week I think he will be ready to roll. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zeke $35 McCaffrey $26 Royce Freeman $16 Clement $10 I'm not worried about Dallas OL. I'm not worried about defense stacking the box. Lots of people have the other three for obvious reasons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diggs $22 Marquis Goodwin $13 Cole $7 Gallup $6 Amendola $6 Chris Godwin $6 Geronimo $6 John Ross $6 Dorsett $2 Shotgun approach at WR just like others. I think Allison overtakes Cobb for WR2 in Green Bay, one way or the other. Cousins seems to favor Diggs over Theilan so far, plus I already liked him at the price point. Thought about adding Patterson (NE) but I decided to go with Griffin (TE) instead. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Burton $14 Njoku $12 OJ Howard $11 Griffin $3 Burton and Njoku are pretty heavily owned. I think OJ separates himself from Brate a bit this year. Griffin is a cheap dart throw as a safety outlet in Houston. I didn't like any TE priced higher than Burton, other than Gronk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fairburn $2 Rosas $2 Parkey $2 3 cheap kickers, as always...hopefully at least 2 keep their jobs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bears $5 Steelers $5 Added Bears after the Mack trade. Seemed like a no brainer with the early bye. Always had the Steelers.
  16. I'm expecting big things from Collins this year. I plan on starting him week 1 at home vs. Buffalo over Freeman (@Philly) in my non-PPR league. And no, this isn't a thinly veiled WDIS post. I've already made up my mind...=) just giving an example of conviction from an owner with other good options.
  17. We also used David's back in 2016 for the week of Thanksgiving, and got a much better price for Bay Lake Tower than if we went through Disney. Everything went very smoothly.
  18. Same here. I got very little from My Fournette-Lambo combo. Now I need like 50+ from Kamara to make it to next round. I have 9 total Steelers/Vikings.
  19. Well yeah, if I had the Steelers I might reconsider. My decision was picking up the Bills or keeping Tennessee.
  20. I picked up the Bills. Agreed that Stats for dome teams on the road in cold weather are encouraging (someone posted a link earlier.) Peterman starting is a little concerning, however Indy Pass D is nowhere near as good as Chargers, which is the infamous 5 INT game.
  21. Standard league, plus 5+ bonus for 100yds rushing (receiving yards not included for bonus ) I’m the “underdog” by 15 projected. starting Morris. Pick one to go with him. Collins Hunt Gio (now with Mixon out)
  22. Starting over Sanders and Davis in standard...