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  1. Usually if you can prove heat was maintained in the home/business or you prove you shut off and drained the water if you were away, it should be covered including the plumbing repairs, mitigation and building repairs.
  2. 1 pt PPR: McKinnon or Latavius (assuming favorable game flow) Thanks.
  3. 1 pt PPR flex and TE: -Gio Bernard vs Bears or -Goodwin at Texans - Witten at Giants - Anderson vs 49ers - Seferian-Jenkins at Broncos Thanks!
  4. 1 pt PPR - choose 2 Flex: - Goodwin at Texans - Shepard vs Cowboys - Bernard vs Bears - Alfred Morris at Giants thanks!
  5. Which QB for this week? - Dalton vs Browns - Brissett vs Titans - Tyrod at Chiefs Thanks.
  6. 1 pt PPR Diggs at Redskins or Shephard at 49ers? Thanks.
  7. 1 pt PPR flex - DeSean or Brate at the Saints? I would normally say Brate but would you take a shot with DeSean on the turf instead? Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know how well Prater kicks in cold temperatures? Wind speeds look low but it looks like it'll be around 32 degrees Monday night, not sure if that would sway you at all with him?
  9. Would you rather have Seattle ROS or continue to stream each week instead?
  10. - Palmer at Eagles or Watson vs Chiefs? - 1 pt PPR: Gallman vs Chargers or Alex Collins at Raiders? Thanks.
  11. I still miss Billy West and the Jackie Puppet.
  12. Which QB and RB for just this week - - Palmer at Colts (but without Brown and Johnson) - Alex Smith vs Eagles - Bradford at Steelers And (PPR): - James White at Saints or - Crowell at Ravens Thanks!
  13. I wonder how many more years Liberty Mutual is going to run the same car insurance commercials. No, I still don't think they expect me to drive 3/4 of a car.
  14. Novak still has a back issue but it doesn't appear to have affected him last week. Does the switch to Savage change your opinion either way - more TDs, more punts or still stalling in FG range? Stick with Novak or switch to Lutz?
  15. Yeah I stuck with Bailey but luckily still won. I wanted to keep him since he is at home indoors weeks 15 and 16 but now I'm considering either Novak or Forbath this week instead, both indoors with what appear to be good matchups. Bailey seems to be going in the wrong direction with opportunities.
  16. Would you stick with Bailey tonight in NY or go with Novak in the dome in Indy? Looks like snow and wind might not end up being an issue but is Bailey just as good in the cold as well? The Texans should be able to move the ball against the Colts D but I'm worried they could go down 21-0 quickly and not try to kick FGs.
  17. Would you consider dropping Prater for Santos? I just noticed that after the next 2 weeks, Prater has 9 games in a row indoors: vs Eagles, Rams, Redskins, at Texans, at Vikings, vs Jaguars, Vikings, at Saints, vs Bears. Does this make that much of a difference or just go with the better kicker regardless?
  18. They stop after each song to read a few quick comments about the album and the news break in the middle is only about 2 minutes long.
  19. Any weather concerns out there besides Green Bay and KC? I have Prater in as of now but weather seems better than normal for kicking for this time of year.
  20. Still having trouble deciding for this week: Prater - road but dome game, offense will move but may stall more? Boswell, Barth, Myers - possible shootouts Crosby, Bailey - safest? Unless rain will be a factor.
  21. Do you think this could be a situation like Hoyer against the Saints a few weeks ago? Everyone was all over him but once the Saints couldn't score points, Hoyer backed off and didn't go nuts like everyone had hoped. Could we be seeing the same out of Winston this week especially with Cooks and Ingram out?
  22. Great game last night. How do you think he'll be rest of season if they are out of playoff contention? Will Romo and Dez still go all out despite their injuries and having no shot at the playoffs or do you think they'll pack it in?