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  1. My youngest son is a big Bengals fan and would like to take in the Thursday, Sept 14th game against the Texans (my other son’s favorite team). Anyone have any leads on any tix before I take to stubhub? Would like 4 if possible. TIA
  2. 16.01 - Rodg12 - Philadelphia Eagles, D/ST 16.02 - Corporation - Njoku, TE CLE 16.03 - Keerock - Kenny Stills, WR Mia 16.04 - @Nathan R. Jessep
  3. D Allen TE NE @Corporation
  4. Tracking shows that @whoknew package was delivered this morning.
  5. You'll have to blow @bananafish for him
  6. 14.3 Allen Hurns - WR JAX @Nathan R. Jessep
  7. 13.10 Keerock - Marvin Jones, WR Det 13.11. @Corporation 13.12. rodg12 -
  8. Initial (unofficial) word from our NP is that the CT and MRI are "much improved" Don't want to count my chickens... but that put a big smile on my face.
  9. Thanks... they are being awesome so far.
  10. School starts back up after Labor day. Working with his counselor on what he can do. Technically he only needs one English and one Math to graduate, but he/we want his senior year to be as "normal" as possible. He'll likely only be able to go to classes 2 days per week at most first semester so we're trying to get a schedule that will accommodate that.
  11. Update: Jack spent 12 hours yesterday and is back again today for the full battery of scans and tests... Bone marrow biopsies, CTs, MRIs, PET. Plus also had his normal chemo yesterday as well. Praying that the tests will all come back very favorable. Next step will likely be radiation. He's still tolerating the chemo well... except that one of the side effects is neuropathy, which is causing severe pain in one of his feet. Trying to get that under control with meds and PT. Thanks again everyone for your continued T&Ps... expecting the results from these tests to be very encouraging!