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  1. I shop at both. Guess that's why I went Gary johnson. I certainly don't fit this stereotype either.
  2. We've had seat belt laws for 30+ years. We've been telling people to wear masks for like 3 months. It takes a lot of people a while to get used to change. Plus, seatbelts protect the wearer, masks protect others. Most people are selfish, narcissistic dooshes. If I recall correctly though, there was quite an uproar over seatbelt laws. People simply don't like being told what to do.
  3. Well... there's no way to win $5. $4, $7, $100, $50,000... Last period I think we won $28...
  4. Thanks GB! Tix posted. Please do send $10 from slush to cover @uwfb
  5. Son trying to get a test. No clinics with open appointments for the next 2 days. Government testing facility (Nissan Stadium) has a literal 2 mile line.
  6. @uwfb hasn't been around since April 27... hope he's ok...
  7. Still need @uwfb and @Peak @uwfb is out of escrow, but I didn't realize that and sent @brun funds for him. If he doesn't pay up by midnight tonight, we'll take that $10 from slush to make the number of members even.
  8. This reads like a list of places you should wear a mask. My son thinks he has it. Can't smell or taste and has been around others who have tested positive. He says literally nobody in Nashville wears a mask (until today)
  9. Still waiting on: @Fear The Turtle @IC FBGCav @Peak @uwfb ** @Waingro @Widbil83
  10. 30... as chronicled in the spreadsheet
  11. belljr cannot receive messages. I have other options if you still want in.
  12. New period starts next week. Need payment from: @Angry Beavers @Fear The Turtle @IC FBGCav @McBokonon @Peak @ShaqAttaq @Socrates11 @Waingro @Widbil83 @Wildcat @belljr ** @Chemical X ** @uwfb ** @Wingnut ** ** On escrow and will be out if not paid up (escrow + next period) by Monday.
  13. How are you doing this without knowing my TShirt size?