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  1. There's a HUGE difference in zillow vs redfin estimates for my house. Zillow is 40% higher
  2. You may have mentioned before, but I'm too lazy to look back. What creatine supplement do you use/recommend? Any issues that you know of with using it while fat adapted?
  3. Glad to see you'll be working for my company!
  4. Week 13 Weigh In Starting Weight: 256.8 Last Week: 222.9 Current Weight: 221.1 Week Lost: 1.8 lbs Total Lost: 35.7 lbs (35.1 lbs fat) Total % Lost: 13.9% @fantasycurse42 @Sand
  5. I wouldn't disagree with Gilda as the choice. I'm actually in the "anybody but Wiig" camp.
  6. This, though that might just be our era. Belushi/Martin and gilda might be better but they're before I watched much. My first thought for male was Adam Sandler but that's definitely due to timing. I'm old. I picked those based on the OP requirement of "body of work". That original cast just wasn't around long enough.
  7. The correct answer is Hartman, Poehler, and JT.
  8. My son got cut from the HS baseball team for the first time this year as a Junior. Sucks. But life isn't fair sometimes. To his credit... he's taking it better than I am.
  9. Holy MF! For those of you on LCHF looking for a bread fix... just made these and they are AWESOME! 1.5 net carb per biscuit Cheese Biscuits