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  1. I was thinking more for a business casual setting
  2. What kind of shoes are you wearing white these?
  3. The gym I work at is on the 3rd floor of a 20ish story building. Today in my hour we went to the 15th floor and back four separate times (along with squats, reverse lunges, burpees, and some other leggy stuff.) My legs feel like two sticks of pure ache attached to my torso. Getting it back is horrible. Remind me not to lose it again this time. May sound dumb... but I'm jealous of you guys. My knees are so bad I can't really do any legwork. I WISH I could work them out to the point of them aching... Otis... can you represent me in a suit against my college baseball coach for ruining my knees?
  4. While JD, culeus and I differ on the theories around thermo (CICO), there are still limits to how much you can (safely) lose.
  5. Breath ketone meter didn't kick out a very good reading. I'm going to try a few times over the next couple days and see if it shows something different. I've cut booze out, dropped my calories by a decent amount, started going to the gym, and I'm sitting on the same weight I was on Sunday. I know this ebbs and flows in theory, but in practice I want this to happen fast. Dude. You've lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks... expecting more than that is futile IMO... and if you do lose more than that, you're losing muscle. KCKO GB
  6. Huh. I've been comfortably inside of that. I had read .6-.8x LBM, and 128 is right at the top end of that, I've increased lately because I've been more active. Maybe I need a blood test so I don't overthink myself. What makes you think you need to change?
  7. No. If you're doing keto, prevailing wisdom says <20g Carbs, protein .8-1XLBM, fat to satiation
  8. Never go home. If the friggin' sun would ever come out in SLC I might be more tempted to stay... but clouds, rain and a high of 50... I'm eager to get out.
  9. Traveling this week... scale in the hotel gym has me down 4.5lbs and 2.5% BF. Guessing when I step on my home scale I won't be as giddy...
  11. Vito unwich, double meat, no onion, light mayo, extra peppers.
  12. 17,909 profile views I think most of them are from my mom though
  13. Osteoarthritis... sucks getting old. Fat and old only makes it worse. Fat, old and a history of knee surgeries is a no-parole sentence.