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  1. Not sure and yes. Mrs Keerock OTOH, probably not.
  2. Jack had an ultrasound this morning that showed the mass has shrunk by about 1/3. Doctor seemed pleased about the reaction. Hopefully the last of the 5 day infusion protocol starts on Monday. After that it should just be one day a week. He has tolerated the heavy chemo well, for the most part. Only experiencing some fatigue and a little nausea. He is having trouble eating enough (just never feels hungry)... need to put some meat on his bones. Continued T&Ps please...
  3. What I don't get is why can't Jimmy help her with all the office work (research, etc) and just let her do the face-to-face lawyering? Is that not allowed while not recognized by the bar?
  4. This makes me tingle in naughty places. Big Mark Sisson fan.
  5. sodomy means oral or can also refer to ####### an animal My money is on all three...
  7. Oh, and these folks still owe for this period: @Chemical X @Demian @ditka...mike ditka @DrJ @East Coast Bias @JoeSteeler
  8. Sorry we missed a week. I will get tix for next period (starting tomorrow) and post ASAP. We have a new member... all welcome @uwfb
  9. Yeah... diet Dr Pepper is a weakness of mine. Some in the keto community say it triggers an insulin response in some people, but I don't care as it's something I enjoy and things are working. Plus I love the caffeine...
  10. Or, it's the Kit Kats...
  11. Well... besides the fact that he has cancer... His kidney function was compromised during the crisis period, but it's recovering nicely.
  12. Jack came home yesterday and got to sleep in his own bed for the first time in almost 2 weeks He's tolerating chemo very well so far. Just some fatigue. Hope this means he'll be able to power through with few side effects. His protocol currently calls for 3 different chemo drug combinations... he's already been through 2. The third is still several weeks off. He lost about 10 lbs while in the hospital, mostly due to a couple days of not being able to eat because of scheduled surgeries/procedures. The catheter has been removed which will make his quality of life significantly better. He is much more mobile now and I'm going to start working out with him (light cardio, body weight exercises, etc) to get him back on track. Continued Thoprawishes please...
  13. Week 10 Weigh In Starting Weight: 221.0 Last Week: 203.9 Current Weight: 202.6 Week Lost: 1.3 lbs Total Lost: 18.4 lbs Total % Lost: 8.33% Overall Starting Weight: 256.8 Current Weight: 202.6 Total Lost: 54.2 lbs Total % Lost: 21.11% @The Gator
  14. I think @culdeus had opinions on this General consensus in the keto community is that they are useless for monitoring nutritional ketosis. While they do measure excess ketones in your urine, even a carbed up blotis could register on the ketostix after fasting for 12 hours or so. Don't waste your time, money, or anxiety.