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  1. I NEVER answer my work phone. No need to even have one on my desk. The ONLY time it rings it's a salesperson.
  2. I don't care if it's the NFL, corporate America or a lemonade stand... It's never OK to physically altercate with your boss (or anyone for that matter) IMO. That he is able to get away with it only adds to his entitled attitude. Disagree with him all you want, but you don't need to shove him. If I hit my boss every time I disagreed with him he'd be a bruised mess. And so would I if my direct reports hit me. How about a little respect?
  3. BTW I'm over 50 and I personally take umbrage with your premise. I'll put my "technical" skills up against any Millennial (including my kids). But, stay off my ####in' lawn!
  4. I was in the Apple store last week and saw a "class" going on. Maybe 20 people. Youngest was about 60. I was pleasantly surprised that they wanted to learn. My wife, on the other hand...
  5. Stores who restock the shelves during the day - blocking the aisles - instead of at night.
  6. Harbaugh at Michigan vs. teams with a winning record: 12-15
  7. Yeah, if you're too immoral to coach USC then he shouldn't be anywhere near Michigan for God's sake.
  8. The fact that you are a Michigan grad and would support Urban Meyer as the coach is embarrassing. You should be ashamed. I could argue against your other posts up there, but wanting Meyer as the coach is like the 13th chime on a clock. Not only is it wrong in and of itself, it calls into question the legitimacy of all your other points. Wait... HE should be ashamed??? I think UM/Harbaugh should be ashamed that a grad would resort to that!
  9. Yep, it's part of being a college coach for sure... but you have to admit the program history helps. YOU mentioned flukes two times in your arguments... I'm just saying you're making a lot of excuses for him. Listen, you can defend him and please do keep him on as a head coach forever as far as I'm concerned. My point is... he's not doing what he's being paid to do. It all falls on him and I'm afraid he's running out of lives. But I hope not.
  10. I am. UM has significantly more talent than MSU (and most teams). They should beat them. There are an awful lot of "flukes" in your argument. My point is that Harbaugh is the biggest fluke in your program.
  11. I agree... lifetime contracts for Harbaugh and Brown please...