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  1. 1979 Fiat Strada Sounds cooler than it was...
  2. Just checked for yesterday... 187... not as bad as I thought. Yesterday... 327. Some of that is of course due to me continuing the conversation, which I would most likely not do if I were out.
  3. Forgot to mention... Jack is being granted a trip to Italy for him and the family in August. This is from a local "make a wish" type organization... pretty cool!
  4. Going with the Cumma So Loudly cake from a local bakery.
  5. Jack Update: Followup radiation complete on lungs, pelvis and foot. CT indicates some spots in lungs that are being attributed to radiation related inflammation. Baseline MRI today before his next 4+ month chemo protocol begins next week. He will graduate HS next weekend Summa Cum Laude. Planning to attend MSU in the fall. They are being awesome about accommodating Jack and his situation by giving him is own room in a centrally located dorm with 2 HS buddies as his suite-mates. Hoping and praying it all works out for him. Headed to Dana-Farber in Boston in a couple weeks for a 2nd Opinion/clinical trial options visit. They've already indicated that his current protocol is what they would likely recommend, but want to make sure we have all our bases covered. Thanks for continued prayers... really appreciate you guys!
  6. Just checked for yesterday... 187... not as bad as I thought.
  7. Probably close to 250. I hate my life.
  8. WIfe flushed her car keys (fob) down the toilet at a hotel. She flushed, and then as she was pulling up her pants, they fell out of her pocket. This was 3 years ago and we still only have the one set.... $250 to replace
  9. Translation: give her a hug...
  10. Any women worth having their inputs solicited on said team?
  11. I'm shocked... I've had 3 people notice already. They all 3 responded with a lol/haha. Nobody from IT Security though, and they have been on several of my emails.
  12. My dad always told me... if you can't make fun of someone else, who can you make fun of?
  13. I'm adding the following to my email signature... just to see how long it takes for someone from IT Security to call me: Username: [my real username] Password: Gumbo4Lunch!
  14. Headed to Dallas next week to onboard a new employee. Never been to our office there before (Westlake/Trophy Club area)... any recommendations for lunch/dinner places?
  15. If you send $$ now... we'll just put the $10 we used for your spot back in slush. All good!