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  1. Depends. Is the real ribeye, from a cow, invoking a detrimental insulin response? Apples and oranges IMO (no pun intended). There are plenty of "real" foods you can eat that are just as bad for you (or worse) than many "artificial" foods.
  2. Sorry GB... T&P
  3. Pro tip when at a steakhouse on LCHF: Get the 28 oz ribeye, 3 orders of asparagus, and a side salad with bleu cheese (no croutons). IIFYM
  4. We suck at this... Still need next period $ from: @Jules Winnfield @Pigskin Fanatic @Socrates11
  5. ~$5M each after taxes if we win it alone tonight.
  6. Slush tickets for tonight Still too many not paid up to do a special drawing tonight... if it rolls over to Saturday, we'll try it then.
  7. #######it I love reading Maurile posts in here. Awesome. I bought a rice cooker a month ago and used it twice. Rice diet sounds awesome. And all my Japanese friends are skinny (they hate fat Americans). Tried the rice diet once. Once. Lasted maybe 10 days. I won't eat rice to this day unless it's smothered in tai brown sauce or masked in a burrito by meat, beans, veggies and cheese.
  8. $10 as usual. We do everything in $10 increments to keep it easy. Will get us 150 tickets.