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  1. Or when my wife, with phone in hand, asks me what time it is
  2. Decidedly, yes. But it's mostly because, as I mentioned, it shows a lack of attention to detail.
  3. As someone who is currently/continuously going through the hiring process... I can tell you why I only contact 20% of the online applicants I recieve. It's because the other 80% are morons. These morons fall into several categories: Not even remotely qualified for the very specific job description posted online Poorly written resume in one of more category - all of which signify a lack of attention to detail, intelligence, or both Bad English, grammar, and/or ability to communicate in a written form No organization or flow Way too wordy, no summary of skills/experience/certifications/etc Not leaving any contact information (admittedly a flaw in our job posting system to not make this mandatory, but come on people) Just throwing their (usually very poorly written) resume out there hoping to find a sucker
  4. Market sucks in Detroit Metro. House I bought/built in 1999 still barely back to what I paid for it.
  5. I don't see why you can't offer to meet halfway. If she's that interested then that is fair. Until you know her better and you both like each other beyond your hotnesses, I wouldnt do the full drive over. SMH... she had second thoughts and used distance as an excuse. Move on.
  6. Includes 2 cars worth about $250K from what I heard
  7. Fred is the absolute best.
  8. :reported:
  9. I absolutely *hate* Robin. I think I've mentioned it in this thread before... the only redeeming thing she brings to the show are the parody songs that get sung about her. Other than that, she is a waste. I yell at her to shut up at least once per listen.
  10. I'm Kelly Clarkson
  11. It most certainly was not in response to your awesome website. If you send her there, she'll likely pay up (and then some).
  12. Or Kate bangs random guy. Or Kate has nanny-camera footage of NRJ finger blasting Stacy into an epileptic seizure.