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  1. Big fan. Especially the look on the mother's face at the end.
  2. Ooooo... Chuck. I'm going to not include that as a sitcom so I don't have to pick one of mine to replace.
  3. Still watch it every day. Granted after Michael left it went way downhill fast, we still love it.
  4. If I can only fit 4 on the mountain The Office King of Queens The Middle Friends Hard to leave Seinfeld, Roseanne and Cheers off the list, but if I could only watch 4 going forward it would be those 4 ETA: I noticed I'm the first/only one to list The Middle. If you haven't seen it... HIGHLY recommended.
  5. I like your child. She reminds me of my husband. Which part... the smirk? Sitting in the back seat? 5 y/o?
  6. $22 or $24?

    1. Keerock


      For you?  $10 per period.

    2. Jules Winnfield

      Jules Winnfield

      Cool. Sending now

    3. Jules Winnfield

      Jules Winnfield

      Sent $10 for now and $10 for next.

      In case we win the jackpot, keep the $10

  7. Hang in there on the wife's cancer Keerock.  

  8. I miss the Phoenix Cafe...

  9. I miss the free book room

  10. 5 stars for fighting back against rude people

  11. 7 stars. Guy has a handshake like a Highlander. :scurred: