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  1. Stern or Fantasy Sports Radio. Occasionally, music.
  2. I was coming back to Brooklyn from the Hudson Valley on Sunday evening which is always a nightmare and Waze kicked me off my normal route. I made the turn as it said it was 10 minutes faster. After about 10 minutes on that route I realized Waze was sending me to the west side of Manhattan. I don't need an algorithm to tell me that is bananas unless the East River is on fire and infested with car eating dragons. I couldn't turn around at that point and ended up having to cut across Manhattan on city streets in weekend return traffic. So stupid. Moral to the story is I find myself ignoring the suggested rounts a lot more than I did this time last year. I've also noticed increasing inconsistencies... I find myself constantly checking alternate routes and waze changes the "best" route all the time. No way conditions change that quickly. Right now it's really only beneficial to me for cop sightings and major backups (big accidents and/or construction)
  3. Last chance @Jules Winnfield Sadly, our GB @Jules Winnfield is out. Will post tix once scanned and sent to me by brun
  4. Might very well be... sucks for him.
  5. Last chance @Jules Winnfield
  6. No responses so it looks like @brun and I are running this... we'll go with this plan. Still owe for this period: @Chemical X @glvsav37 @JoeSteeler @Jules Winnfield ** @Widbil83 ** Out if not paid very soon
  7. Ooooof. Forgot about that. I would say do 29 tickets for 6 draws. We can then move the extra $ leftover from the period into slush. Then, we start the next period on 10/31, buying half as many tickets at $2 per for the full 10 draws. If we have an odd number of members, we can take $10 out of slush to get us to the next ticket. Thoughts?
  8. Time to pony up for the next period. Need $$ from: @brun @Chemical X @Demian @glvsav37 @JoeSteeler @Jules Winnfield** @SofaKings** @uwfb @Widbil83 ** On escrow and out if not paid by Monday
  9. Did that Hmmm... worked for me. Thanks for trying.
  10. Unclick "Share my opinion"
  11. Not required.
  12. FWIW, he was actually 5/5 FGs. Just got an offer from CMU last night to add to 4 other lesser knowns. He's hoping for a B1G offer... preferably Sparty or Wisc who have been schmoozing him.
  13. Kicker for my kids HS is a D1 prospect. Broke the MSHAA career FG record this weekend. Please vote for Jake Moody TIA