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  1. Mowing my lawn is like meditation for me...
  2. I never plan to nap, but will often doze off watching TV for 15-30 minutes. This happens a couple times a week and I love it.
  3. 98/56... a little low for him, but not by much. We even called them on it. Seemed like we knew more than they did (turns out we did)
  4. Hopefully that's not too far for you. If you need housing for any reason, check out 25 miles, so we're good. Thanks brother...
  5. Where are you doing it? Is it a six week treatment? Beaumont Royal Oak (MI). Not sure on treatment duration, once plan is in place based on sim, we'll know more.
  6. More of a bearded seal (without the beard)
  7. Re: the long story about him getting worse when we took him in... He was having some chest pain while coughing so we called to see what the on-call thought. Told us to go to ER to be safe. We took him in and they immediately thought he had sepsis. They came to that conclusion without all the facts. He had no temperature, white blood counts were high because he just had neulasta that day (typical after chemo treatment). So they pump him full of fluids (3L in 45 minutes ) The fluids caused his breathing and heart function to suffer further and it took a week to get the fluids back out - scans confirmed effusion on both his lungs and heart We are out of those woods now and need to get this mass in his chest resolved which the radiation will do. Thanks much for the prayers and well wishes.
  8. Thanks... getting sim’ed for proton radiation right now...
  9. Hate to keep asking, but please say an extra prayer or two for Jack. Spent the last week in the hospital with breathing trouble and they only made things worse (long story ). He's home now and we're getting him in tomorrow to start another round of radiation to target the mass in his chest. But any extra prayers you have would be appreciated.
  10. Her role in The Handmaid's Tale was quite a departure
  11. I wonder if there was ever a point where Yvonne said "No way, no way in hell I am wearing that" It appears not, thankfully!
  12. Like this?  Yes. It's not just Sarah either... there are multiple scenes in each show where they are blatantly focusing on a hot woman and her goods.
  13. As a Spartan fan, I'm happy to see him go. I respect him a lot and think he is a big reason UM has been relevant the last few years. Not sure he has what it takes to coach millionaire adults, but he was great with the kids (including recruiting).
  14. Just rewatched again myself. Loved this show. Even though it’s <10 years old, they’d never be able to “objectify” like that today. There was some serious eye candy in that show.