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  1. He's got to catch up on those 7 picks. Gonna take a while to update his cheat sheets.
  2. Just post it in this thread so we can all help him out. Oh, and... @higgins
  3. Money sent to @brun for picks starting tonight. Still waiting on $$ from: @Demian @glvsav37 @JoeSteeler
  4. Good to know that the rate at which we draft has remained constant year over year. ~3 picks per day sound about right?
  5. Sure. If everyone can remind me whose is what. I can figure yours out. Higgins and YankeeFan are pretty easy. Code Reds self explanatory. Flint = Henry Ford. Rock Hammers is a given. The rest I'm shuked.
  6. Sorry for missing a few weeks... we'll get it going again starting with next Tuesday's drawing. Need $$ from: @Angry Beavers @Chemical X @Demian @eoMMan @glvsav37 @huskers15 @JoeSteeler @Waingro
  7. You will appreciate this... MSU has been absolutely incredible. They made Jack's time there as comfortable as possible by getting him a room centrally located on campus (Case) is a suite with friends from High School. Customized his schedule to accommodate his treatments. Set up transportation to classes if he needed (which I don't think he ever used). The folks in the RCPD office (especially one guy who Jack made an impact on) sent him care packages with Sparty swag. Actually drove one down to our house when Jack was home not feeling well. That guy and his family were also at Jack's funeral. They arranged to get Jack an honorary degree. To top it off... at Jack's visitation, the MSU VP of Student Affairs showed up, seeked out me, my wife and each of my other two boys to tell us that they will be planting a tree on campus for Jack with a plaque with his name that reads "Spartan Forever". It will be dedicated at a special ceremony in the spring. We will get a sapling from that tree to plant at our home. We've always bled Green and White, but man, what an unbelievable show of support from an awesome university.