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  1. Bird brain humor for a brain dead hoax. Cutting fossil fuels right on time for a major cooling. NASA says CO2 a coolant not the Prez. Any reason take an unwarranted shot at a republican is the norm for you though.
  2. They did the same to me on here when I said I voted O show in 2008 nothing 2016 and now going Trump. I would have to be Just an ugly old troll to post that! Oh and my low post count cost me points with them too lol. Been here close to 20 years just not a heavy poster.
  3. You want another link from NASA? You gonna love this one. They say CO2 is a coolant! Yeah in the 70s it was cooling then it was warming. I think we’re back to cooling now lol! That’s Crap shoot science. We gonna make it past 12 years despite the alarmist hysteria bro. I posted many other links and opinions. You just don’t agree with them. Betting on the climate changing and why it is changing is like betting on football you don’t know if you will be correct in either situation. Bonus link bro Finnish study debunks IPCC anthropogenic climate change scaremongering theory
  4. But others disagree. It’s often difficult to pinpoint climate and weather outcomes isn’t it? It would be just like the government to get it completely bass ackwards wouldn’t it? The cycles point to 20-50 years of cold as a potential outcome. Just like football outliers exist and are unpredictable. Thank you for the discussion.
  5. The science they wrote about emphatically states that less sun spot activity is coming Others are going so far to say it’s a grand solar minimum. How hard is that to understand? Global cooling is coming not warming. But good night to you too my man. All good.
  6. The summary sentence means nothin the science is what counts. And they are saying global coolin with less sun. Perfect time to shut down all of our fossil fuels and baseload power. We can all freeze yay!
  7. You should be worried. If the world leaders are preparing for warming and we get a grand solar minimum we are all going to wish we had spent the money and time on the effects of the Muander minimum potential for reality.
  8. Yes it does prove it. When everyone is screaming about the rising temperatures and climate disasters the NASA people are thinking we will have a grand solar minimum as a very likely outcome. This debunks the entire anthropgenous climate change BS and correctly assigns climate change to sunspot cycles. Case closed. We can all go back to working on things that aren’t socialism scams.
  9. Nice contribution. Others are posting links from NASA and such and you call it fishing. Move along please
  10. With all due respect are you even looking at the graph showing the coming dip in temps. There is no global warming from man on cyclical temperature change due to sunspot activity. You don’t have to be very smart to get that out of the links.
  11. I saw it and have read it before it talks about low sun spots. It mostly confirms what I am saying. You are behind on the three NASA links I posted since.
  12. Maybe this link to NASA research is ok? Does it pass the ministry of truth test lol? Says exactly the same thing all the other links say. Gore is a scammer. We are going into a cold period with no fossil fuels allowed. What joke!
  13. Liar
  14. What about this link from NASA as well supporting my thesis Sorry you fell for the scam man
  15. So they quoted NASA research I provided. Nobody cares about your ministry of truth. Just another technotyrant. I forgot you guys need communist news network cnn propaganda for it to be real news. Is NOAA acceptable or do they poop on that too? Shocker your tecnotyrant fact checker is wrong and the climate alarmist conspiracy theory is failing.