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  1. Barr's possibly (and I emphasize possibly) one of the few guys who can tell Trump to shut up that Trump might listen to.
  2. Chuck D, Tom Morello, Mike Watt, John Doe (from X), Bill Walton. Had a chance with Ian MacKaye but didn't happen.
  3. You couldn't be more wrong about this. You probably honestly believe your side's #### doesn't stink.
  4. Battle of the Hyphenated Latina Last Names
  5. Telling that there's crickets from him regarding this. People start to use terms like "dictator" a lot more often when their guy isn't in charge.
  6. If you're my dad, there are WAYYYYYY too many tats.
  7. I don't know... the power of impeachment, perhaps?
  8. If it were a dictatorship, there would have been no possibility of impeachment. The Separation of Powers remain alive and well as long as there is a divided, hyper partisan Congress.