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  1. A few months ago one of these ran across the street in front of me early in the morning as I was heading to work, and I had to ask my friend at Dept. of Fish and Wildlife what it could have been. He said people import them illegally and keep them as pets.
  2. Another out-of-left-field possibility: maybe a fossa that escaped from a zoo.
  3. Its body shape looks a little too thick and elongate to be a fisher and it's definitely not a marten. Where are you? Anywhere near water? It could be a river otter.
  4. How close is his place to the greater Bakersfield-Atascadero metro area?
  5. Lots of boring matchups this season so far, and burnout on the same old Alabama/Clemson ####. At least Wisconsin is interesting.
  6. Not from New Orleans but I completely agree.
  7. Frankly, I'm surprised the ball-gargling media has decided to call Lebron out on this. Good for them (for once).
  8. In defense of Capella, he can be dooshy, but he's definitely not a douchhe. Freaking language filter.
  9. They could end the series with this episode and it would be perfect. That said, I'm glad there's going to be a third season.
  10. Love them as long as they're at someone else's house.
  11. And Shiv in a one-piece? Such a waste.