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  1. Are those Mark Jackson-Menendez brothers cards still going fir that much? I literally have thousands of 1989 Hoops cards in a box in the garage, including several unopened packs (back when you could figure out the pattern to get the David Robinson RCs).
  2. Burping and Farting - MC Paul Barman
  3. That's a huuuuuugge assumption with Biden at the helm, but to each his own.
  4. Neither party cares about debt while they hold power. Nothing will change until economic collapse and a great reset.
  5. Plus I'm a sucker for stories about the little things that contribute to greatness.
  6. Got one of those recently. I felt so ashamed.
  7. If I remember correctly, Joe Dumars offered congratulations. I could be wrong but he was usually the class act of the Pistons.
  8. Doing its job in firmly cementing Lebron James as the second greatest of all time.
  9. Guac needs to be cold to serve as a counterpoint to the heat of the nachos. Treat it like you would sour cream (throw a dollop on after heating up the nachos). Any other way is Neanderthal behavior, IMO.