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  1. Cowarded out with UC Irvine and Gardner-Webb. Thought no way could Virginia possibly lose a second 1 v 16 in a row, right?
  2. For the love of God for the umpteenth time I'm not selling any of this - it's for fun only.
  3. 5. Have billions and billions of dollars!
  4. Per the rules: • All entries must be free of previous labeling. Bottle caps should be plain, with no labeling on the submittal that would result in entrant identification. Doesn't seem to disallow placing a label on the bottle unless my name is also on the label, right? I'll probably end up sending two bottles - one with label and one without, and package them creatively so that I wouldn't be automatically disqualified.
  5. Yeah, I'm going to ask about that. If I can't actually place it on the contest submittal bottles I'll just put them on bottles I'm sharing with family and friends.
  6. Even better if they could do this without having to tell us about it using social media.